December 09, 2015

Surveying the Crowd

Whew! It's been a whirlwind around here since the Barn Sale! We would love for you to take a minute to relive some moments with us through these gorgeous photos! We will be posting more and also plan to have a link so you can share and view with your family and friends!

Love the be.YOU.tiful- what a neat little clutch to carry as a sweet remembrance of who we should all be- the person God created us to be!!!

Oh my- I can only imagine the story my dad was telling based on the look of sweet Judy's face- she just might not be trusting him on this one......
           Hey y'all- Thanks from our barn to yours!!! 
This was a favorite new thing at the barn for me this year- Just love the sentiment of the saying! Y'all have no idea how overwhelmed we as the curators of the Barn Sale are blown away each year by the enthusiasm of the shoppers and how blown away the vendors are at the amount of shoppers that enjoy the venue so much!  So Truly Truly Truly- Thanks- From our Barn to Yours!!!
Ok- This was one of the best pics that I saw of a 'shopper group!'- I am so very thankful that Lori caught this one on Her Camera!!!  The neater part-this group of ladies has had their photo taken at every barn sale..... at least 5!!!  Yes- we have their photo on the rusty truck as well- we will show that later- and I love that a new generation is in this photo- I think they are up to 4 generations of shoppers now!
Such a stunning photo- I obviously missed that gorgeous wine coat with the colorful stitching on it... I hope someone bought the scarf on Saturday- it was the perfect weather for it!!

Oh my- classic little black dress....
            Elegant ticking stripe pillows-
Nice Mexico inspired side cabinet- very vintage flair!

AND--we'd love even more if you'd take a moment to answer a few short questions for us! If you shopped the 2015 Barn Sale, just give this link a click, answer, and ta-da!  We appreciate you taking the time to help us out- Seriously- We appreciate you!

Many thanks!
The Barn Sale Crew!!!

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