Meet Rusted Gingham

Howdy! We are a group of friends and family who enjoy finding new purposes for old things and displaying all these vintage finds and creations in a magical way...under the canopy of the Barn! Every year, we gather all our GoOds together for our Barn Sale. Rusted Gingham is the creative genius of Suzanne Sexton.

Meet Suzanne. She's the inspiration behind Rusted Gingham - she's the one who made her barn sale dream come to life over 10 years ago... when she hosted the first ever Barn Sale in her own barn outside Gonzales, Texas.

With several great friends and a supportive family, Suzanne began hosting what has now become a nationally recognized Annual Barn Sale! (listed in Flea Market Style Magazine in 2012 and Flea Market Style Weddings in 2013.)

Suzanne loves creating and bringing creative people together. Each year she has invited many new vintage junkers, crafters, and artisans to show off their handiwork at the Barn Sale in Gonzales, Texas

Her whole family participates, including parents and kiddos!

One year, her little cowboy set up his shop right in the back of the rusty old pick up. He sold his own handmade PB&J sandwiches and iced cold milk. (Except for when he was busy running with a friend or roping something that moved!) It's always fun to see the whole family working together.


Suzanne is a TEXAN through and through, so you can be sure if she's involved with something, it will be BIG! Her love for all things vintage, antique, unique, handmade, remade, or otherwise made has grown into a great BIG family business she is proud of.

We are honored to have been featured in the Spring/Summer 2017 edition of Flea Market Style Magazine! 

Thanks for stopping by! Glad to meet you!