November 18, 2015

The Barn Sale through April's eyes

Hey y'all- Wow- What - a - whirlwind.....  The Barn Sale came and went in the blink of an eye!

It was amazing- and we will have a lot more on it in the weeks to come.

We are here still unpacking getting settled/re-settled from the l-o-a-d-s of items we take to make the Barn Sale what it is.... (we have a pic of that too..for another post.)

Right now we want to share with you the blessing of a Photographer.
Through the lens of a photographer we can see so much more than we might have seen ourselves- and sometimes as in the case for some of you- you will be transported to the Barn through April's eyes.

In our case- we as a family viewed this post and these photos together - Y'all I was brought to tears.
I did not ask for her to write what she did- this is all truly from April- I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

We were delighted to have 2 photographers with us on Friday night of Barn Sale this year- this post and photography is from April Pizana

 In case you missed it- WE had a Band this year
Living Room
almost Zach Brown- but better
Ain't No Grave
they had feet stomping, hands clappin and hearts dancin

get a nice beverage of choice

sit back

Let the photos load-
 Every. single. one

(click on above link to see what we are talking about.....)


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