November 18, 2015

The Barn Sale through April's eyes

Hey y'all- Wow- What - a - whirlwind.....  The Barn Sale came and went in the blink of an eye!

It was amazing- and we will have a lot more on it in the weeks to come.

We are here still unpacking getting settled/re-settled from the l-o-a-d-s of items we take to make the Barn Sale what it is.... (we have a pic of that too..for another post.)

Right now we want to share with you the blessing of a Photographer.
Through the lens of a photographer we can see so much more than we might have seen ourselves- and sometimes as in the case for some of you- you will be transported to the Barn through April's eyes.

In our case- we as a family viewed this post and these photos together - Y'all I was brought to tears.
I did not ask for her to write what she did- this is all truly from April- I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

We were delighted to have 2 photographers with us on Friday night of Barn Sale this year- this post and photography is from April Pizana

 In case you missed it- WE had a Band this year
Living Room
almost Zach Brown- but better
Ain't No Grave
they had feet stomping, hands clappin and hearts dancin

get a nice beverage of choice

sit back

Let the photos load-
 Every. single. one

(click on above link to see what we are talking about.....)


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November 04, 2015

Texas or Beyond-- Where are you coming from?

 Texas or Beyond..... Where are you coming from??? 
We've had people from Georgia and Germany in the past--- shout out where you are coming from!


Thought we would let you know that Rusted Gingham will have vintage school lockers for sale this year!!!  They are all cream color- but we Know you will want to paint them all your favorite colors so we left them plain..... I snagged this pic from Holly Mathis interiors to give you a fun idea of one thing you could do with them- and Yes- we will have Cool Old Books for sale too!

 This year we have been scouting license plates again...
This is a sampling of the upcycled license plate art we will have.

 Cutting these is not for the faint of heart.... nor finding digging for them in all sorts of weird places.  We hope one of these will match your style!

 And..... since we've heard you love them, crave them, hoard them from your kids......
Sugar Cookies- but not plain ones........
These Boho Owls are a new design making an appearance in the Barn this year! In addition to them we have Mason Jars, Pumpkins, Candy corn, deer/buck actually (It will be deer season you know...), Fall tags and these cute guys down below-- Scarecrows. 
The kitchen has been busy- and is still with more goodies being made over the next few days! 
Come hungry-  Tamales, Frito Pie, Royer's Pie, Cookies, Crispies, cupcakes, Chicken Salad, Spinach Salad, Pimento Cheese, Chips, snack mix-- and drinks as well-- there will be something to fill your tummy!

 Sending smiles your way as we prep the final touches to bring you the Best Barn Sale yet!!!

Don't forget--- Friday night we will have a debut performance from Ain't no Grave--- this will be an acoustic set using a banjo, mandolin, melodica, harmonica, guitars and maybe a dobro!  This family group will be very pleased with any tips they could receive in their open cases (hint hint wink wink).

Some have asked about the weather--- We know The meteorologist and the chances for rain are diminishing by the moment... however- Rain and certainly shine we will be in the Showbarn at JB Wells Park this Friday Nov 6th from 4pm-8pm and Saturday the 7th from 9am-4pm!!!!  Come One Come All for the Best Vintage, Antique, Unique, Upcycled, Recycled, Handmade and Re-made Goods show South of I-10!  

Gettin our GoOds ready......
Suzanne @ Rusted Gingham


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November 01, 2015

Little peeks and Big press

Oh my- Today is November 1st!  As we were headed to church this morning my little guy announced that it was the first day of November... Well, yes it is- and that means we are just 5 days away from the Best Barn Sale ever!!!

If you need ANY info about the Sale, Gonzales, sleeping accommodations,  restaurants, things to see after the Barn Sale... check out the Home page of this site- We have a lot of things listed!!

So last time I mentioned sweet girl was working on something pretty cool- well I managed to snag a picture to give y'all a little sneak peek... I have a feeling these are going to go like hot cakes...

Leather drop earrings- They are Stunning!!!  She has almost every color you can imagine- and there are plenty of solid ones and another set that are accessorized as the ones shown below. ( I have seriously asked her to make me 1 pair to wear... just one- that's all I'm asking for...) Hopefully when you see me at Barn Sale I will have a pair on!
 These also come in 2 sizes- so you can do a Mommy and Me match kind of thing... or some people just like their earrings a bit smaller while others (me) want them to show!!

 She has also been working on these popular beaded/tassel bracelets- in assorted colors!!!

Sweet girl is getting older and has been working to make sure she still has a lot of choices for the little girls that come in her booth (she has a lot of things for them to choose from) yet she wants to appeal to a teenager, young lady crowd too!  I will certainly be wearing some of her work - even though I don't fit in either of those categories.... so you can too! ;-)

In addition to her booth she will also have a table for Sole Hope 
Here you can help trace or cut denim to be used to make shoes for children in Africa.  There will be a jug for 'donations' that will assist in the fair wages of those making the shoes in Africa! This project is a huge effort- we hope you can join in blessing children across the ocean.

This next photo makes me happy- Cattleman found my stash of old hinges all by himself.... 'why' you ask?  Well- what they are hiding is a pretty cool project that our little guy and one very special Aunt will be using at the barn sale... You will have to come to the barn for the big reveal!

 Big Press- We say Yes!!!

 The tourism committee of Gonzales ran a FULL page ad in Texas Highways magazine... y'all- that turquoise spot in the middle- Yep- Barn Sale advertising!  The lady that designed the ad called me a few weeks ago and told me to be watching the newsstands.... We are Extremely Thankful that the Tourism Committee wants to help promote this very unique & special venue that we host!

WE are Thankful for all of YOU that come from miles away and enjoy your stay here in Gonzales.  WE cannot begin to stress how important Small Business is to the lives of a huge majority of Texans- by you driving or flying in- you are supporting Small Business which is still the backbone of our towns!  So come for the sale and stay for the hospitality- we have fabulous Inn's and B&B's here in Gonzales along with several restaurants that rival any big town eateries!  (Again- check our home page for that info...)

These two- they will each have their own booth at the Barn Sale- Yes, I am one proud Momma.... But beyond that, they are my biggest supporters and helpers. On this day several weeks ago they both learned how to use a t post driver.... this was after Mom had the first one in the ground and the second almost finished.... and they did a Great Job!!!  Not sure if you can tell- but they are both smiling amongst the loud clanging of the driver.

And this is what they helped with- not just this banner but another one as well! We have three of these banners out and about...
One is located at the office of our Vendor Sponsor State Farm Agent Scott Dierlam
this one photographed is just across from JB Wells at the Circle G/Willie's Grill at the intersection of Hwy 183 South and Hwy 97 South, and another one at the intersection of Hwy 80 South and Hwy 90 West in Belmont at the soon to be Goss gas station!  We are thankful all 3 places let us promote the Barn Sale on their property!

If you are headed to the Barn Sale on Saturday be sure you......

  Texas Revolution Team Roping  
will be happening at the Arena on Saturday and Sunday (but we won't be in the barn Sunday......)
So watch out for horse trailers and Cowboys on horses....  We are very happy to share the JB Wells park with this crowd and hope they come and enjoy the Barn Sale in between rounds!!! 

Ok... that's all for now!  I might try to get in another post with a few pics of what you will find in Rusted Gingham's booth.....  back to my 'to-do' list.........

Happy Day to you!!
Suzanne @ Rusted Gingham

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October 29, 2015

9 is fine- and the last Roundup!

Did I really just type that?  The last vendor Roundup for 2015---- Woweeee.. that means we are just 1 W-E-E-K away!!!!  Y'all, I cannot get over these vendors.  There is some amazing talent coming to the Barn and we sure hope you enjoy them as much as we've enjoyed selecting them!

Well, let's get started with this last group.......

Linda Taylor Designs will be with us for her first time from Houston- her handcrafted jewelry and gifts are exquisitely designed, beautifully affordable and uniquely displayed in a vintage inspired boutique setting- Gorgeous - I cannot wait to see them in person!!!

Another new vendor this year is NaNaw's Barn Quilts- Oh my goodness...   If you like wood, paint, quilt blocks (on wood), upcycled-   then you will find that here!  Ann has been a shopper with us and has loved the Barn Sale, so now she 'upgraded' to vendor status.... although now she won't have as much shopping time!  We are delighted to have her handwork in the barn- Not your normal quilting going on here!

Southshore Decor will be back for their 2nd year - however she too has shopped with us for many years before 'upgrading' to vendor status!  This lady loves to upcycle! She has been known to do demolition work and take parts from those projects to create lovely furniture! You will never know what you will find in her booth- vintage, 'project' pieces, frames, and furniture!  We are very happy to welcome this sweet lady back!

WE know that men like to come and 'tour' the barn with their wives or girlfriends.... this next booth might keep them occupied for a little while-

It seems that booths run by guys can entertain the men a little longer.... This is a first time vendor Market Street Antiques- they've only been in Texas for a little over 2 years- so we welcome them to the Barn! They carry a wide variety of antiques & collectibles including primitives, industrial, mid century, cameras, pottery and who knows what else!

We met this next vendor at our friend Kate's how- Vintage in Verdi.  Casa Verde- she specializes in vintage garden, vintage Christmas and a lot of rust- Well, she had us at Vintage and then she added in the Christmas- and then RuSt!  Oh yes- she is a Must!

A friend of mine has a Husman's Potato Chips can in their pantry... wondering if they bought this one from her since I've received this photo..... We are so excited to Welcome Ms Martin to the barn for her first time!

Next up is the beautiful and sweet and talented (I can say all of these things because this is her 3rd year with us and I've watched her grace and beauty the last two years...) Ms Debra of I love Indigo.
Debra will be in a different spot in the barn- but it will still be filled with her beautiful hand work! We are so happy to welcome her back!!

And lastly- We have another yummy one for you.... Taste of Texsa Peanut Brittle... Between Pie, cookies, cupcakes, tamales, chicken salad and this- I should stay well fed during the show (albeit on a sugar high) and be smiling the whole time!  We are excited to have them as first time vendors- she too has been an annual Barn Sale shopper and will now be selling her GoOds!
I'm hungry now just thinking of all the deliciousness that will be in the Barn!  Come hungry-- there will be plenty of people ready to sell you delicious sweet treats like this Peanut or Pecan Brittle- Peanuts from Floresville and Pecans from Seguin - a True Texas made product here!  This makes great neighbor gifts!!

Oh--- We are SO Excited!!! 

Friday- 4pm-8pm
Saturday- 9am-4pm
$3 admission (correct cash is much appreciated- gets you in quicker!)
Free Parking
Food, Drink and Bathrooms
Covered shopping
Friendly Faces
GoOds Galore!!!!!!!!
Links on site give directions and all the important info you need!

See you soooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnn..... Oh- there might be a few Rusted Gingham photos in the next few days- or some of Sweet Girls work that I am drooling over (she won't let me buy any yet... we must wait till it is photographed by the show photographer so I don't mess up her CraZy Cool Display!)

Suzanne @ Rusted Gingham

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October 28, 2015

A little Gypsy Flair is in the Air.......

This year, our sweet friend, Shelli, of Photographi by Shelli will once again be set up behind her camera with a fun photo booth! This is her seventh year in the Barn, and she has been dreamin' and schemin' about the perfect theme: Little Gypsy Wagon Flair! Doesn't it just sound fun?  We look forward to taking our annual family and friends pic with her- Can't wait to see it all put together!!

Speaking of fun, I bought some Junk Gypsy™ paint several months ago, and fell in love! It's a great consistency, the colors are bold and vibrant, and I knew it would be a perfect addition to the GoOds we have been painting to bring to the Barn! So.... I've been painting up a few things in some pretty cool colors......
The neat part about buying this paint is that I had a conversation Y-e-A-r-S ago with my friend Jolie waaaaay before they moved to a little spot called Round Top and opened their dream - Gypsyville as I lovingly refer to it- their Dream Retail store- their warehouse-their homes- all in one locale....... Her and I were visiting and I told her that one day they should have their own paint line and that HGTV or someone Big would pick it up and promote it--- I knew she was thinking and hoping for the same thing.  It's weird that I remember telling her that- maybe it's because I told her all their colors they chose were 'perfect' and others would love to use the same bright, vivid, bold colors they do! 

WELL.... Since the girls have come up with all those fabulous, perfect, bright, bold, vivid colors...... Rusted Gingham decided they needed to be able to share those same colors with all of you!!!!  That's right, Rusted Gingham is a Junk Gypsy™ authorized retailer, and Junk Gypsy™ paint will be in the Barn November 6th and 7th!  WE are SO Excited to bring this to all our Barn Sale shoppers!!!

Come find all the colors in our booth- We know you will think they are as grand as we do!! This paint goes on so smooth, does NOT smell (a biggie for me) dries beautifully and a little goes a long way.   There are 19 Fabulous colors to choose from- come pick one or two or 10 for your projects at home!!

Join us for a little (or a lotta) gypsy life at JB Wells Park in Gonzales, Texas, from 4:00 to 8:00pm Friday, November 6th and 9:00am to 4:00pm Saturday, November 7th! Entry fee is $3--and cute kids (12 & under) are FREE! So is parking, so bring your pick-up truck or SUV to load with all your Barn Sale treasures!

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