December 30, 2015

Happy New Year! Thanks for 2015

Howdy & Happy New Year

 Well- here we are at another changing of the calendar year.... I do believe '15 has gone faster than any other! Last weekend I unloaded the last bit of the framework from Barn Sale- yes- a month a half later...... weekends and weekdays have been Full since the Barn Sale (that and Cattleman didn't need that specific trailer....) so we are unloaded and now to re-organize!  Seems like that is never ending- moving certain pieces here and there to work better for different projects..... on and on

I thought I would take this time to......

GIVE THANKS to each of you!  Rusted Gingham would not be what it is without the dedication, support and love of SO many!  This little venture has turned into something that is such a treat and honor to share with thousands!  Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to share a bit of our life with you. Psalm 143:8 says 'Show me the way I should go for to You I lift up my soul.' We fully have Christ in charge of what goes on around here- it is our prayer that you see that in what we do.

I want to take the time and show you some of the 'backstage' photos....A lot of what we give thanks for..... This is how the Barn Sale happens (and these are just the day before and of.... none of the pics of months previous.....and missing a lot of the people at work on these two days even.......)

 Burlap- and LOTS of it come into play to decorate the barn...... I am amazed at the friends that show up with smiles on their faces ready to do whatever needs to be done!
 More burlap- and a little bit of Gingham!!!

 Caught these 3 judging whether the burlap curtains were just right- they were- but the 'Sandwich Shed' wasn't - so it had to be moved- just a little they said!

I told these two guys to be sure and eat a hefty breakfast before coming.... they worked non-stop!!!

No Barn Sale would be complete without PuMpKiNS!!!!  Super duper Thankful for my Dad- he loaded that entire trailer of pumpkins by himself!  We also had a vendor supply some gorgeous Cinderella pumpkins this year----- it just wouldn't be a sale without the pumpkins!!!

Sweet precious Mr. Ploetz and his famous orange truck- Such a joy- he really does smile!  I think I have pics with him almost all the years he has brought out his truck!

 This banner was quite a bit more complicated than normal- thank goodness for friends that know where to buy H-E-A-V-Y duty magnets!!!!  IF you happened to come Saturday you didn't get to see this pretty display- it was moved Friday night when we left and Thank Goodness..... Rain showed up for Saturday that was completely unexpected!  We are very thankful that there is more than one entrance into the barn- we moved it down the hall for Saturday to keep the rain from blowing in the barn--- quite an exciting morning for all of us!!!!
 I'm thankful for sweet vendors that bring sweet little girls to our booth to select a special sweet treat! Yes - I used the word sweet 3 times in one sentence- hopefully it got the point across!

 I'm always thankful for Photographi by Shelli as she comes at the end of the Barn Sale and grabs us to make sure we get our annual photo!  We never know what to expect- the kids always crack me up! I also cherish being able to catch Cattleman in a Fun Pic- he works so hard right alongside me the week of the sale (my 'yes' man) and is where needed when needed! Being able to host this annual vintage sale with family and friends is the highlight of my year- we see so many and hug and catch up.....from near and far. And, needless to say- this sale would not happen without the help of so many family and friends!!! We have pics of some of these reunions in this Facebook Album- (click on the link- you don't have to have Facebook to see the pics!)

 I'm Extremely Thankful for these 2!  Cattleman and I's greatest blessings- Psalm 32:8 says- 'I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go; I will counsel you with My eye upon you.' God is constantly teaching me still the way which I should go- and Cattleman and I are instructing these two... in Bible, in family, in lifestyle, in farming, in business, in junkin' and whatever else we need to guide them in!  These two just might be my biggest supporters - from September on most conversations at some point come around to using the words Barn Sale and I pray that their memories of these Barn Sales travel with them throughout their lives as great experiences!
 And I'm thankful for pics like this- Through this Barn Sale I've met some of the most amazing people- A Lot of them ladies- Fellow Believers, Fellow do'ers, Fellow dreamers, Fellow make it happen'ers and All around Fabulous People! This sweet lady is Tara from Royer's Pie Haven who has had a Sweet booth right across from mine the past 2 years.  This sweet lady has been a stronghold for so many- and we've come to be friends building each other up as the Spirit leads us. Whether slingin pies or sellin junk *upcycled dignified junk of course* there is a magnet as to why certain people are in the Barn- I know for sure and certain that Prov 3:6 is in full force-' In all thy ways acknowledge God and He shall direct my paths.' I have no doubt that this Barn Sale is successful and I have a tremendous 'Tribe' of Amazing friends because of my love for Jesus Christ and letting Him direct my paths.
Thank you for traveling and crossing our path- at the Barn, in the fields, on the road, in town and on social media- May 2016 bring blessings to you!

Thanks for riding along with us!
Suzanne @ Rusted Gingham
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December 09, 2015

Surveying the Crowd

Whew! It's been a whirlwind around here since the Barn Sale! We would love for you to take a minute to relive some moments with us through these gorgeous photos! We will be posting more and also plan to have a link so you can share and view with your family and friends!

Love the be.YOU.tiful- what a neat little clutch to carry as a sweet remembrance of who we should all be- the person God created us to be!!!

Oh my- I can only imagine the story my dad was telling based on the look of sweet Judy's face- she just might not be trusting him on this one......
           Hey y'all- Thanks from our barn to yours!!! 
This was a favorite new thing at the barn for me this year- Just love the sentiment of the saying! Y'all have no idea how overwhelmed we as the curators of the Barn Sale are blown away each year by the enthusiasm of the shoppers and how blown away the vendors are at the amount of shoppers that enjoy the venue so much!  So Truly Truly Truly- Thanks- From our Barn to Yours!!!
Ok- This was one of the best pics that I saw of a 'shopper group!'- I am so very thankful that Lori caught this one on Her Camera!!!  The neater part-this group of ladies has had their photo taken at every barn sale..... at least 5!!!  Yes- we have their photo on the rusty truck as well- we will show that later- and I love that a new generation is in this photo- I think they are up to 4 generations of shoppers now!
Such a stunning photo- I obviously missed that gorgeous wine coat with the colorful stitching on it... I hope someone bought the scarf on Saturday- it was the perfect weather for it!!

Oh my- classic little black dress....
            Elegant ticking stripe pillows-
Nice Mexico inspired side cabinet- very vintage flair!

AND--we'd love even more if you'd take a moment to answer a few short questions for us! If you shopped the 2015 Barn Sale, just give this link a click, answer, and ta-da!  We appreciate you taking the time to help us out- Seriously- We appreciate you!

Many thanks!
The Barn Sale Crew!!!

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November 18, 2015

The Barn Sale through April's eyes

Hey y'all- Wow- What - a - whirlwind.....  The Barn Sale came and went in the blink of an eye!

It was amazing- and we will have a lot more on it in the weeks to come.

We are here still unpacking getting settled/re-settled from the l-o-a-d-s of items we take to make the Barn Sale what it is.... (we have a pic of that too..for another post.)

Right now we want to share with you the blessing of a Photographer.
Through the lens of a photographer we can see so much more than we might have seen ourselves- and sometimes as in the case for some of you- you will be transported to the Barn through April's eyes.

In our case- we as a family viewed this post and these photos together - Y'all I was brought to tears.
I did not ask for her to write what she did- this is all truly from April- I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

We were delighted to have 2 photographers with us on Friday night of Barn Sale this year- this post and photography is from April Pizana

 In case you missed it- WE had a Band this year
Living Room
almost Zach Brown- but better
Ain't No Grave
they had feet stomping, hands clappin and hearts dancin

get a nice beverage of choice

sit back

Let the photos load-
 Every. single. one

(click on above link to see what we are talking about.....)


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November 04, 2015

Texas or Beyond-- Where are you coming from?

 Texas or Beyond..... Where are you coming from??? 
We've had people from Georgia and Germany in the past--- shout out where you are coming from!


Thought we would let you know that Rusted Gingham will have vintage school lockers for sale this year!!!  They are all cream color- but we Know you will want to paint them all your favorite colors so we left them plain..... I snagged this pic from Holly Mathis interiors to give you a fun idea of one thing you could do with them- and Yes- we will have Cool Old Books for sale too!

 This year we have been scouting license plates again...
This is a sampling of the upcycled license plate art we will have.

 Cutting these is not for the faint of heart.... nor finding digging for them in all sorts of weird places.  We hope one of these will match your style!

 And..... since we've heard you love them, crave them, hoard them from your kids......
Sugar Cookies- but not plain ones........
These Boho Owls are a new design making an appearance in the Barn this year! In addition to them we have Mason Jars, Pumpkins, Candy corn, deer/buck actually (It will be deer season you know...), Fall tags and these cute guys down below-- Scarecrows. 
The kitchen has been busy- and is still with more goodies being made over the next few days! 
Come hungry-  Tamales, Frito Pie, Royer's Pie, Cookies, Crispies, cupcakes, Chicken Salad, Spinach Salad, Pimento Cheese, Chips, snack mix-- and drinks as well-- there will be something to fill your tummy!

 Sending smiles your way as we prep the final touches to bring you the Best Barn Sale yet!!!

Don't forget--- Friday night we will have a debut performance from Ain't no Grave--- this will be an acoustic set using a banjo, mandolin, melodica, harmonica, guitars and maybe a dobro!  This family group will be very pleased with any tips they could receive in their open cases (hint hint wink wink).

Some have asked about the weather--- We know The meteorologist and the chances for rain are diminishing by the moment... however- Rain and certainly shine we will be in the Showbarn at JB Wells Park this Friday Nov 6th from 4pm-8pm and Saturday the 7th from 9am-4pm!!!!  Come One Come All for the Best Vintage, Antique, Unique, Upcycled, Recycled, Handmade and Re-made Goods show South of I-10!  

Gettin our GoOds ready......
Suzanne @ Rusted Gingham


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November 01, 2015

Little peeks and Big press

Oh my- Today is November 1st!  As we were headed to church this morning my little guy announced that it was the first day of November... Well, yes it is- and that means we are just 5 days away from the Best Barn Sale ever!!!

If you need ANY info about the Sale, Gonzales, sleeping accommodations,  restaurants, things to see after the Barn Sale... check out the Home page of this site- We have a lot of things listed!!

So last time I mentioned sweet girl was working on something pretty cool- well I managed to snag a picture to give y'all a little sneak peek... I have a feeling these are going to go like hot cakes...

Leather drop earrings- They are Stunning!!!  She has almost every color you can imagine- and there are plenty of solid ones and another set that are accessorized as the ones shown below. ( I have seriously asked her to make me 1 pair to wear... just one- that's all I'm asking for...) Hopefully when you see me at Barn Sale I will have a pair on!
 These also come in 2 sizes- so you can do a Mommy and Me match kind of thing... or some people just like their earrings a bit smaller while others (me) want them to show!!

 She has also been working on these popular beaded/tassel bracelets- in assorted colors!!!

Sweet girl is getting older and has been working to make sure she still has a lot of choices for the little girls that come in her booth (she has a lot of things for them to choose from) yet she wants to appeal to a teenager, young lady crowd too!  I will certainly be wearing some of her work - even though I don't fit in either of those categories.... so you can too! ;-)

In addition to her booth she will also have a table for Sole Hope 
Here you can help trace or cut denim to be used to make shoes for children in Africa.  There will be a jug for 'donations' that will assist in the fair wages of those making the shoes in Africa! This project is a huge effort- we hope you can join in blessing children across the ocean.

This next photo makes me happy- Cattleman found my stash of old hinges all by himself.... 'why' you ask?  Well- what they are hiding is a pretty cool project that our little guy and one very special Aunt will be using at the barn sale... You will have to come to the barn for the big reveal!

 Big Press- We say Yes!!!

 The tourism committee of Gonzales ran a FULL page ad in Texas Highways magazine... y'all- that turquoise spot in the middle- Yep- Barn Sale advertising!  The lady that designed the ad called me a few weeks ago and told me to be watching the newsstands.... We are Extremely Thankful that the Tourism Committee wants to help promote this very unique & special venue that we host!

WE are Thankful for all of YOU that come from miles away and enjoy your stay here in Gonzales.  WE cannot begin to stress how important Small Business is to the lives of a huge majority of Texans- by you driving or flying in- you are supporting Small Business which is still the backbone of our towns!  So come for the sale and stay for the hospitality- we have fabulous Inn's and B&B's here in Gonzales along with several restaurants that rival any big town eateries!  (Again- check our home page for that info...)

These two- they will each have their own booth at the Barn Sale- Yes, I am one proud Momma.... But beyond that, they are my biggest supporters and helpers. On this day several weeks ago they both learned how to use a t post driver.... this was after Mom had the first one in the ground and the second almost finished.... and they did a Great Job!!!  Not sure if you can tell- but they are both smiling amongst the loud clanging of the driver.

And this is what they helped with- not just this banner but another one as well! We have three of these banners out and about...
One is located at the office of our Vendor Sponsor State Farm Agent Scott Dierlam
this one photographed is just across from JB Wells at the Circle G/Willie's Grill at the intersection of Hwy 183 South and Hwy 97 South, and another one at the intersection of Hwy 80 South and Hwy 90 West in Belmont at the soon to be Goss gas station!  We are thankful all 3 places let us promote the Barn Sale on their property!

If you are headed to the Barn Sale on Saturday be sure you......

  Texas Revolution Team Roping  
will be happening at the Arena on Saturday and Sunday (but we won't be in the barn Sunday......)
So watch out for horse trailers and Cowboys on horses....  We are very happy to share the JB Wells park with this crowd and hope they come and enjoy the Barn Sale in between rounds!!! 

Ok... that's all for now!  I might try to get in another post with a few pics of what you will find in Rusted Gingham's booth.....  back to my 'to-do' list.........

Happy Day to you!!
Suzanne @ Rusted Gingham

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