September 17, 2014

Piddlin Junk n Bent Nails Bunkhouses and Birdies

Here comes another week of Great Vendor Sneak Peeks!!!!  We are just 7 Weeks away from the Best Vintage Sale south of I-10!  Vendors are stashing, painting, buffing, hammering, spinning, painting and you name it to get the GoOdS ready for their booths!  I have to admit- we have been doing almost all of the above ourselves......

So Here we go with vendors from Albany, Austin, La Vernia, San Antonio x2, and San Marcos!

This vendor is so excited to be with us- She told a friend- 'I finally got in!'  When you own a vintage store for a few years you manage to have enough things and habits to create great displays!  We are happy to welcome Janie of Piddlin Pooh's to the Barn!

 The next one I was bound and determined to get some of her Awesome pics in this post- but my lack of computer skills are not allowing it to happen.... SO- Trust me when I say if you dig things like doors, deer mounts, suitcases and cool colors- then you will want to find Karen of Junk N Treasure!! 

Next up is a repeat vendor- Birdie Vintage Home Market.  Their display from photos last year was beautiful- and their booth was just as beautiful!  We hope you enjoy the treats they have in store!  Here are some recent pics of their booth from Gatherings in Georgetown. If you live in that area or pass through- make time to stop in......

Joining us for the first time from San Marcos is Becca of  Bent Nail Redesigns  
I have enjoyed her ever creative mind when she posts new photos!  I cannot wait to see what she brings to the Barn!

Disco anyone????

Next is beautiful Lisa from Adornments by Lisa- you will find this beautiful lady giving out free smiles the whole time!  I have never been by her booth when she wasn't smiling!  She absolutely loves what she does- her treasures include handmade 'shabby chic' items like journals, tote bags, wall hangings, altered books and cards- along with other goodies that you will have to come see for yourselves....

A book of quotes- perfect for card making or scrapbooking!
This was part of her beautiful display from last year!

 And lastly for this week coming back for her 3rd year all the way from Albany, Texas- is Leesa from Bunkhouse Divas!  She was one of the first clothing vendors we allowed- and the Barn Sale shoppers have loved her- so back she comes!!!  I am only showing one picture - as you will have to come see the clothes for yourself.... If any of you want to get me something really cute for a gift- here is an idea..... wink wink ha ha- but it is VERY fitting for me!!!

Pretty Darn cute if you ask me!

Just a heads up- a few exciting things coming up..... The Biggest Antique/Junk Fair in the state is rolling it's way in to Warrenton and Round Top, Texas!!!  Vendors are setting up as I type this- eeekkksss makes my heart race!  Rusted Gingham will be there a few times roaming the fields, visiting with friends, making new friends, and just enjoying the pleasantries of others J-U-N-K!!  Shout a Howdy if you see us!

Exciting something coming to Gonzales- stay tuned........

Till next week---


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September 09, 2014

Tin, Terra Cotta, Steel Magnolias, Moonpie, JuJu, The Bag Lady and Glitzi

 This is a great group of gals we have up for you this week!

Each has something unique and stylish.  If you want a style all your own- see these ladies in the barn! 
Here we go.....
JuJu Crafts spends her 'spare' time keeping her hands busy- these were some of last year's GoOdS- wait till you see what she has been up to now....

 Check out these boots and chaps- I can just see a newborn  baby picture....

I can hardly Stand It- This is SOOOOO Cute!!

Ok- these are by far the most adorable baby shoes and look at that hat!

 From down the road in Yoakum, Texas the sweet smiling ladies of The Tin Shed will be with us again for their 5th trip to the barn!  They came and shopped with us when it was still at our barn in the country and enjoyed it so much they wanted to be part of it!  You can find them directly behind us this year- here is an idea of them and just one of their pretty displays!

Yes-those pillows would look great in my house...... these gals get the 'quickest' set up award in my book.  Every year it seems like they pull up to the barn and 'wha-la' gorgeous space ready to go.  I think they may have their own Mary Poppins way about them! So happy to have Naomi and Mandy with us! Refinished furniture, Hand painted signs, Stepping stones, Sookie Sookie jewelry and gorgeous Richard Schmidt Jewelry handmade in La Grange,Texas can be found in their bright and beautiful booth.

Back this year after being off for some serious surgery last year is Judy Spencer the Terracotta Clay lady!  Y'all loved her before and her things are just as vibrant and pretty!  Find her on Instagram @Terracottagirl and a Picture Trail for her too!  Her work is stylish for the yard, the flower garden or just as great little gifts.

 Steel Magnolias- if you are anything like me that name automatically conjures up several memorable movie lines in your mind.  That is one of my ALL Time Fav-o-rite movies!!!  Our next vendor will be bringing the "Glamper" to the barn- a 1976 Airstream converted into a traveling boutique! Steel Magnolias Boutique will be at the back of the barn in all it's shimmer!

 God Made, Texas Raised, Jesus Saved is one of her new shirts- sorry if you weren't raised in Texas (maybe she can get other states?!) We are All made by God- and Jesus died to save every one of Us no matter where we were raised- Amen! You will find costume jewelry, boutique clothing, metal decor and jersey t-shirts with fun sayings in the Glamper!

For a little more style and Totally unique jewelry you can meet Moonpie & Felicity Rose coming to us from Katy. They will be 2 booths behind us and unique is what she specializes in!
So many possibilities.....
Moonpie & Felicity Rose ( I cannot wait to get the story behind that name...) is self produced trend fashion jewelry- all One of a Kind!

Another unique one that I cannot get the pictures to load from the file are a mother daughter duo coming to be vendors for the first time- Glitzi Girlz from Edna, Texas.  Look for more fashion in this booth. Handmade gypsy/boho style bracelets, leather cuff bracelets, boot cuffs and a line of shirts where you will be able to pick your own print to have heat pressed on!  In addition to all the fashion will be treasures for your home as well- so be sure to find them in the middle isle of the barn!

This little bit of fashion is a bit of 'barn style' if I might say so.....The Bag Lady from Victoria, Texas recycles Feed sacks to make these great totes!  If you do not use recyclable bags- here is your chance!  Cattle, Horse, Rabbit, Deer, Chicken, Bird, Dog or Cat- any style can be yours!  These would make great gift bags -especially for those 'guy' gifts that you never want to put in a cute frilly gift bag!  

 Besides the cool bags- she has shot gun shell light strands- Oh Yeah!  Hunting season all the way!!!  I think anyone with a deer camp might just need to buy a few strands of these- just because!

Start making your list.....

Friday Nov 7th- 4-8pm
Saturday Nov 8th 9am-4pm

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September 02, 2014

Silver, Red Rocks, Mesquite, Barrels N Roses, and Retro Repurposed!

 What an interesting six pack there!  Just so you know- there isn't any rhyme or reason to the order these vendors are going up on the post.  It is quite fun though to group all these unique names together each time!  Over the years our show photographer has been very good about getting pictures of the booth names, to which we are always impressed with how thought out some of them are!

Again this week we only have one 'newbie' in the group- the rest are returning vendors! 

Let's get started with Terry's Texas Mesquite. 
Terry takes old ugly pieces of mesquite and turns them into exquisite usable functional pieces.  We have enjoyed his work and his smiles over the past few years.  This is one of those booths you are sure to find something for the guy on your list!

 Next is another Man- Now this is another one of those 'man making man toys' kind of thing.  The first show that D&S Metal Works was with us they were a hit!  Everyone was talking about the barrel chair guy.....  Then last year he added to it- using old tail gates to make benches. That is right up the Rusted Gingham alley!!!


This one here enjoyed a bit of use Friday evening- I'm not sure that it made it through the sale before it found a new home!

Red Rock Porch is back for their 3rd year!  Camille and Buddy are very creative and I'm showing a pic from last year along with a new creation- I don't want to give away all the neat things they have been working on... you will have to come see for yourself! Red Rock Porch delightfully works at 'Bringing the Past into the Present'- which we highly agree with!  Find them on FB too Red Rock Porch

 This sign is Perfect for our next vendor!
SILVERLICIOUS offers hammered pure silver wire with a touch of a bit of funk and a little elegance made just for you!  I have some of her pieces and I LOVE them!!!!  We are happy she is returning for a 3rd year!

 If any of you read our Facebook page you might just remember that I commented on an application having a line of 'We turn Crappy into Happy.' Well, when something like that sticks out and makes me giggle- it is worth looking into for a new vendor!  So here we have Retro Repurposed coming to us for their first time!  They are not new to this type of business though....  they will be at Texas Antiques Week and frequent City Wide in Austin too. I think both of the following photos are of pretty happy furniture now!!

 Then on to the 'Roses' part of our post title for this week- Rose Sisters from Wharton is coming back for their second trip. You can find them on Instagram @weehamarek

I thought that punch cup chandelier was beautiful!!!

Speaking of beautiful- isn't this lady!  She just happens to be part of one of the vendors highlighted this week- come meet her at the Barn!

Here is a glimpse of what you will see when you are coming in from the south to JB Wells Park- Handmades was one of the words up in lights last year. When you see this sign you need to be in the right hand lane to veer onto Hwy 97 W. The first road to the right will take you to the park entrance!  Watch for signs and maybe a few cars with their blinkers on too.....

 WE (Rusted Gingham and ALL the vendors)  look forward to seeing you Nov 7th - 8th at JB Wells Park in Gonzales, Texas. Friday hours 4pm-8pm. Saturday hours 9am-4pm. $3 admission. Tell a friend or two or ten........

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August 26, 2014

Cherishing bottles & hardware while gleaning at Owl Creek

Well, If you are in this world then you have noticed that 95% of K-12 schools are back in session.
That number includes us- we have made it through the first two days very successfully! I find our time spent so focused (which tends to help me in the few remaining months pre Barn Sale!) and really keeping up with tasks.  I am glad to be back in the 'routine' of school- did I just say that?!

I am excited to share a peek at 5 Vendors- Only one of whom is new!

There won't always be huge descriptions of each vendor that is highlighted, but enough that you will be anticipating them! So, Howdy! Welcome back to the Barn!

Cherished comes back to us this year after having been off for the birth of a new baby last year!  We are so excited to have them again- their 2012 display was fun and the projects they have been working on will not disappoint!
Next is the 'newbie' as I will call him. We had more new men vendors apply this year which is always fun to see what they 'do' with their spare time.... @jaydorrough will find this one on instagram. I think he is using his spare time wisely... using old whiskey barrels!

The next vendor has been with us the past few years and comes all the way from Farmer's Branch!  You will find her with a smile and beautiful glass all around her booth.  Monika uses bottles to create wind chimes and upcycled functional glassware. She absolutely loves our small town show- so be sure to smile and enjoy her creations.

gLeaNinGs will be back from lovely Lufkin, Texas!  I was so impressed with their photos a few years ago I could not wait to have them as vendors! Their wares and displays have not disappointed either!  I have a few vintage Christmas goodies that I pull out each year that were purchased from gLeaNinGs.

*see- her booth name is with capital and lowercase letters- it's not just me!
This photo makes me smile every time I see it......

 And, since all the shoppers that come to the barn (well certainly 90%) are in the mode of thinking about decorating for Christmas at some point in the month following barn sale we will bring Owl Creek back for their 7th trip!  Yes- they have been at ALL the previous Barn Sales!  If you want to hear stories about it under my barn- ask them......
Love their western inspired decor that can be Christmas or anytime!
I know it is really hard to think about Fall and even Christmas when it is still 100° outside (at least for those of you 'round Central Texas)... but we are one day closer to cooler weather and one day closer to it raining!  So, while we wait for the weather to cool off we will continue to show you beautiful inspiring vendors that will fill the JB Wells Showbarn in Gonzales, Texas November 7th and 8th! 

Hope to see you at the Barn!

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August 20, 2014

Soul Sentiments on the Blacktop Junkies singing Lala

(It appears I accidentally hit a button that sent this post out blank... please forgive me!)

Now that we have that out of the way- Howdy!!!
I was just out to the mailbox and thinking about the saying 'the dog days of summer' which made me ponder easy days, warm temperatures and kids running around playing quick pick up games outside.  Right now in our area and most of Texas we are not in warm temperatures- it's plain Hot!  Open the door and it feels like an oven- we are dry and need Rain! WE are praying for a good soaking here!

Thinking of it being Hot- hitting the blacktop... We are doing a little round about with our vendors this week. From Comal, Fayette, Tyler and Atascosa Counties.

First up are these two adorable gals better known as Black Top Junkies they make me smile every time I see them!  They have a unique assortment of GoOds- Custom window screen photos, lamps, vintage goodness, women's clothing and accessories (many handmade) and more!!!   So happy they are back with us again!

Next is Soul Sentiments joining us for a second year.  She has been Busy, Busy and then Busy getting great things made to fill her booth this year!  Hand painted signs and furniture, home decor and shabby chic girls clothes (that I wish could fit me...) are coming to her booth.  Here is a glimpse of her work!!

*Precious girl nor spotted dog available for sale*  Cute clothes- Yes!

Next we have the super talented and super sweet (are you starting to figure out how much I love and appreciate our vendors that I have come to know over the past few years???) LaLa Designs. She found us via Flea Market Style Spring 2012 issue where the Barn Sale was listed in the top vintage sales in Texas.  So we knew that she had good style just because she reads a cool magazine! Her work is so unique and creative- I have a few pieces in my collection!

And a totally different look for this post is custom built barn wood furniture. The Mross' booth will have it and so much more!!!  They are packing a Big trailer of furniture, home decor and western accents for their spot in the barn!

Do you know there are only 11- Eleven- XI, once, elf, undici, jedenascie, onze, elva- any other language... it all means 11- More Friday's till Barn Sale 2014!!!!!!!

See you soon.....
Suzanne @ Rusted Gingham

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