October 18, 2017

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

The TeNTH annual Barn Sale is near! Tell your friends, load up the truck, and come on down to JB Wells Park in Gonzales, Texas, November 3rd and 4th! 

See you in the barn!

November 3rd, 4:00pm-9:00pm
November 4th, 9:00am-4:00pm

If you haven't already, place your pre-sale tamale order to make sure you have plenty of tamales to take home as well! Shoot an email to place your order by October 26th. $12 per dozen; proceeds fund scholarships.

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October 10, 2017

Another Peek Into the Barn

The Barn Sale is a-comin' soon! Just twenty-four days, to be exact. Vendors, volunteers, and shoppers alike are planning and preparing for Rusted Gingham's 10th Annual Barn Sale!

Junktion Alley

Junktion Alley

Join us at JB Wells Park, 2301 CR 197, Gonzales, Texas on November 3rd and 4th for the best selection of vintage, unique, handmade, remade GoOds in south Texas!

Between the Lines Vinyl Designs
Mason Chix 

We can taste the Delicious Tamales, chili, sweets and treats already! (Place pre-sale tamale order to make sure you have plenty of tamales to take home as well! Shoot an email to place your order by October 26th. $12 per dozen; proceeds fund scholarships.)

Vintage Market

Call all your girlfriends (or text them if that's more your fancy), make your plans, and meet us at the barn!

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October 04, 2017

Doing the Faithful Thing

 Hey There!!!!  It's Oct 5th- 

Here we are less than a month away from the Barn Sale and I'm so excited that Y-O-U can finally get your hands on (or if you pre-ordered) already have in your hands Melanie Shankle's Church of the Small Things! 

 This book was a companion many days at lunch and many late nights- until it was finished.  

As with her other books Melanie invites you into her day to day life- shares stories that so many of us can relate to; we laugh, we cry, we laugh louder and we Amen some moments!

 I was absolutely delighted to be part of the Launch Team to share 'nuggets' of the book with my closest friends and 'followers!'

 “You know what we all do when we sit around thinking about our Fantasy Someday? We miss the holiness of this moment we’re living right now. There will never be another one like it. And even if that makes you think “THANK GOD, BECAUSE MY LIFE CURRENTLY STINKS,” there are still lessons to be learned, character to be built, and stories that will be told about where you are right now. God takes all of it- the mundane and the ugly, the clean couch and the wine spills, the ordinary and the occasional extraordinary- and when we allow him to add his grace, his mercy, and his outrageous love, he adds a brushstroke there and some color here and so paints it all into one glorious work of art, one that only he can achieve through us where we are right in that moment- in our homes, in our neighborhoods, in our classrooms, in our communities and world.”- Church of the Small Things, Melanie Shankle

 Y'all- We are ALL at different places in our lives- there is Not a single One- zip- zero of us that is Perfect or has a 'perfect' life according to Worldly standards.  I've learned well over the years to not 'worry' about Worldly standards because they won't get me to Heaven.

I'm more concerned with where my future is for the long haul than where I will be next year at this time.  I've never been one to compare myself with the Hollywood type- I don't want to be a 'type' - I want to be who God created me to BE and where he wants me to BE!

One part of this book spoke to me and I've talked to my kids about it a lot---
" be the same person at home that you are out in the world"

I had a Really hard time at one point this summer when someone who has never met me spoke to me in a way that I've never been spoken to- and let's just say it wasn't complimentary.  I had offered my 'skills' learned from participating and serving in clubs and organizations over the years for an event and it was taken and heard in a completely different tone than the one I gave it in.  I cried and struggled with the words lashed at me for a while- but a very special person in my life that was at this event told me that they knew my heart.  Y'all- those words lifted me up- filled my cup.  Let me tell you- I did not offer help to get credit, be glamorous, get recognized or anything that the world might say to do- I did it to be Faithful to a group that my family has been part of for a V-e-r-y long time. My family and friends know my heart and how I love to help and serve when I can, Yet someone tried to take that from me. I want my kids and others around me to see my heart and know my character- one of servitude, grace, leadership, love, compassion and most importantly Truth.-Whether at home or in public-  My kids hear me talk on the phone, see me interact in public places, watch me serve in our church, our 4-H Club, attend Board and Commission meetings with me, hang out with family and friends together and most importantly- spend all day with me every day-and see and hear that I am striving who God created me to be- My character cannot be stripped from me- no matter how disrespectful someone speaks to me. I continued on the Faithful path the rest of that event- still offering my services to help- because it's about doing the Faithful thing.  I value what others see in me and know of me, because I am a child of God and all the little things that I do everyday will add up to be Big things to my kids (and maybe others that I've influenced) some day!

I absolutely L-O-V-E having my kids with me Every single day.  There are SO many Little things that happen with them Every- Single- Day and I have to remind myself that these days are fleeting and one day I'll look back on Life and Realize- They were the Big Things! So see it works both ways-  they watch me make choices and I watch and teach them about making choices. Making a Difference Right where I am, Day in and Day Out....... it's not always easy, but it's worth it.

From Melanie "we are called to be the light of the world, a city on a hill. In the days when Jesus spoke those words, a city lit up on a hill would have been a haven for weary travelers, a welcome sight and an indication that they were nearing a good meal and a warm bed to sustain them for the rest of their journey. I want our kids to be a city on a hill, a safe harbor for those who need refuge in the midst of life's storms. The only way I know to accomplish that is to allow the love of Christ to take hold of our hearts and the hearts of our children so we can show each other how to find a way home when we are lost, to hold out hope when we see someone is hurting, and to celebrate how our differences enable each of us to shine our own unique ray of light in the midst of a dark night."

We are trying to teach our kids these values by living them ourselves.  I've had the love of Christ shown to me multiple times- and it's with pleasure that I try to be that light on a daily basis.

Please take time for yourself- get a copy of this book (several retailers have it!)- and maybe even the Video Study with Guide which I plan to do with some neighbor gals that all attend churches of different denominations- and some that don't even attend Church. While you are at it- grab Melanie's other books too- you will be glad you did if you like to laugh, cry and AMEN at true life stories!

The Million Little Pieces that Make Up a Life

Click this link below to get a glimpse into Melanie's other books!
Quotes from Melanie's other books 

See you in a Month- At the Barn!
Hopefully I will have met Melanie by then-


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September 29, 2017

Friday Countdown and First Vendor Peeks!

Can you believe that in just FiVe Fridays we will be in the barn for the TeNTH annual Barn Sale?

Vendor: Happy Threads

T E N.

Vendor: Happy Threads


Vendor: Vintage Ruffles

We can't wait to have friends from all over the state dropping by to shop, eat, and enjoy! 

Vendor: Vintage Ruffles

Vendors old and new are prepping their wares and ready to bring them all to JB Wells Park November 3rd and 4th! 

Vendor: Vintage on Main

If you haven't booked your room or planned your stops in Gonzales, be sure to check out our info page full of ideas for the weekend. 

See you at the barn!

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August 31, 2017

A bathroom reno

I'm finishing typing this as the rains from hurricane Harvey start up again.  I've not seen so much rain over a 2 day period ever.  Two hours one direction is complete devastation and one hour the other direction has had barely an inch of rain.  I started on this post over a week ago- and well- Life happens.  Please don't think this post trivial in light of everything that is happening around us- I ask that you cover the eastern half of Texas in prayer- We are showing a transformation here- and I know in the worst of times we see the best come out of people.  God has a way of working in us to transform us- in all situations.

Have you ever seen how a door knob can make a hole in a sheet-rocked wall- kind of like it got punched?? I have this first photo to show you... it's taken from a little bit of a distance... but none the less- a hole in the wall..

So a while back I had the cutest client ask about updating a bathroom- hard to say no to this one.

A Bathroom Reno/update was much needed for this room- according to the homeowner it was only 1 of 2 rooms that had not had Any paint put on it's walls since purchasing the home 17 years ago!!!  Meaning the rest of the house has had color put on the walls!

This tiny bathroom has 5 Doors in it---- 5!!!!!  Roughly 36 sq feet with a door on every wall and 2 on one of the walls!

From these pics you can see that new trim was about to go up- that was a must! The owner wanted a bit of a 'farmhouse' feel like what she had grown up with at her grandparents home.
The wall with 2 doors...
As you can see- tone on tone- very very plain... Not very indicative of this homeowner.  The above photo gives you peek of the next room with turquoise/green paint on the wall.
Little bit dated here- giant mirror taking up the entire wall- and a random vanity top that was angled to the corner of the wall.... Not sure what the builder was thinking on this one.

Nothing had been painted- but the homeowner did have some neat silver custom drawer/cabinet pulls. Mirrored back 3 light above the mirror- not very farmhouse feel going on.....

Since all the door and baseboard trim was out- next......Down comes the mirror- actually kind of popped of... little scary! And bye bye vanity top!!!

Now- here come the goods.....

 Brand spankin new Shiplap..... Plain pine..... Left over from a job a contractor in town finished.  I spoke for it, a cast iron sink and an unused light fixture! Then I got in touch with it, or a hold of - and

stained it.... Dark Walnut and grey and pecan... I was mixing stain all over the boards!

Next came a dry scraping on of paint.... the antique white color...  Enough to cover the board- but not to cover all of it... There must be some of the dark color left to give it a good aged feel.

I cannot resist color- so 2 were scraped with Junk Gypsy Paint in Granny's Cornbread, Wanderlust and Free Range. Not really the customers idea though.......

So after some sanding and another layer you only catch a 'hint' of those pretty bright colors.  The idea was to make it look like aged shiplap that had been on a wall for years and years......

Fairly certain I was able to get that look accomplished!  At least to the customers liking!!!!

Using Junk Gypsy Paint was just the touch it needed along with a crackle paint technique I think I've 'perfected' over the last few months.  These two whites are just enough different on the shades to see it when looking! Buttermilk biscuit and Dreamcatcher were the 'go to' colors for this!

 Yes, Yes- Getting closer to the look they wanted!  I hand picked each board for where it would be placed and to what point it would be cut- You cannot have shiplap cut at the exact same spot on every row...... no no- it must be different!  The vanity top came from wood that had been rafters in a house and previous to that they had been barn rafters..... Nice and aged!  You can see the black marks along the front- that is where the square nails were pulled out.
A solid cast iron sink straight off an old trailer bed from a contractors previous house renovation- quite perfect for this bathroom!

 Cabinets... Well that light pine color wasn't quite the Farmhouse feel the client was going for....


 So again I opened Junk Gypsy Paint in Buttermilk Biscuit and Dreamcatcher- really a good combo for a farmhouse feel.  After two coats and a once over with the clear coat they were ready to go back up.

Oh- And super cute hardware...  Hobby Lobby had a sale 50% off on hardware and the clients picked these pretty glass knobs for the drawers and sturdy pulls for the cabinets- I think they did a great job!!!!  I was in love even more now!

My carpenter put a bar top finish on this counter-top- just what wood needs in a bathroom!

 Getting there..... by this point I was in love with the shiplap wall and wanted to do my bathroom wall in it!!!! 

 The beveled glass mirror was pulled carefully from an old shed months ago-- just waiting for it's new life! I love it when I can put finds to use for customers!

 Most perfect door header purchased from Jill Suzanne during Warrenton in the fall.  Again- another piece that I'm so happy worked for this client... Scraping it to have some wood showing amongst the original paint works very well in this room!
Oh- and did I mention my carpenter is awesome?!  I gave him this old piece of 'venting' from a smoke pipe and also gave him my vision for a light fixture... a few days later he showed up with this-- Exactly what I wanted!!!!  (I'm sure venting is not the correct word- feel free to email and correct me.) This piece has the Perfect amount of rust and galvanized combination- a little spray of clear coat and it was ready to go!

Ready for the 'Reveal'   --- I have a picture of the client seeing it all for first time- but they didn't want me to show them.....


 Pretty Awesome compared to where it started!!!!

Oh- and in the mirror--- do you see that neat steely grey color-- that is at the bottom 3 ft of the other walls in this tiny room- and then a nice 'chair rail molding' to cover up where the hole in the sheet rock was!  This really finished it off and gives a dressier farmhouse feel!

I was loving this reno when I remembered a sign I had purchased from Sisters Treasures 
a while back.  This is one of those old County Fair Carnival looking signs- from when they were all hand-painted.  This one is quirky in the way the hand is upside down of sorts- but it is fun and unique and different- much like the rest of this little room now!

So there is the finishing touch on the little Bathroom with 5 doors that has a totally new/old look. God can do the same with us!  He can peel back the old- in this case the baseboards and door trim and put on a new exterior when we come to have life with him!  When we transition to this new life we renovate our previous life and discard some of the things that aren't pleasing to God.  We do this not because we 'have to' but because we 'want to' in order to show Him to others.  We should be like the mirror in the above photo and reflect 'Him' to all we come in contact with.  As the storm continues may we be able to share God's love through helping hands in our communities or those around you affected from this storm.

One renovation at a time.....

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