December 14, 2014

Some of the Barn Scenery.....

It is always a surprise to me how fast time goes after the Barn Sale... when I think I'm going to be able to sit and get a note out to our wonderful shoppers and vendors here via the blog and now it is the middle of December- Yikes!  Better late than never, right?!

 To Start off with- I know we have already said 'Thanks' but we can never say it enough!  We here at headquarters know the sale of all sales would not be what it is without each of you- Blog readers sharing this with friends, vendors, shoppers and 'tag alongers' (yes I just made that up) because some of you have just 'tagged along' to the Barn Sale yet find yourself enjoying it!
(If these little turkey hot cocoa bags don't make you smile just stop looking....and by the way- The Cocoa Koolers were Amazing once again! Hope you were able to enjoy some!)

Here she is shined and ready for her Big Day!  This truck greets more people in its two days at the barn than I think see it all year long- SO Thankful to the precious couple that are more than gracious to allow us to make her the centerpiece as you come in the barn!

Not to slight the 'old rusty truck' - It had center stage in the Rusted Gingham booth upon entrance to the barn!  How cute are these two guys sneaking a peak through the window?  There was a chandelier hanging from the roof of the truck- but it sold before we could get a picture of it!

Welcome to the Barn sweet Barn thanks to precious Jill at Soul Sentiments Now I feel like you are ready for a tour of the place since you have been officially welcomed!

True Texas above- Love and Home on old barn wood with rusty tin.... classic Barn style....
And mesquite- how much of that have you seen growing around barns?  (at least in our part of the world)... I know other states don't have to deal with- admire it's beauty when it is cut down!
Such unique creations from both of these vendors!

Terra Cotta art in pretty shapes and sizes right across the alley from fabric file folders and beautiful photography on canvas!

 Silverlicious- Oh yes- always Cute display.... I have a friend at church who has worn her gorgeous silver chandelier earrings every Sunday since Barn Sale- I think she is taunting me as I did not get to them first!

Amen to this- we typically think of children with pure hearts and unaffected by this world.  However, we are all born into sin so it is up to us to have a relationship with our Saviour and ask for this pure heart on a daily basis! I haven't a clue which booth this was in- so kudos to whomever created it and purchased it!

And lastly for this post- I will leave you with this...... Joy to the World- our Lord has come- Let earth receive her King!!!!  May you have a blessed Christmas season!

Thank you for sticking with us all year and for your anticipation for the Barn Sale annually- we are truly Thankful, Honored and Blessed to host it.  We anticipate it so much and look forward to our family that greatly expands that weekend each year! 

We will continue to post pictures... lots of pictures!  And we will post them in our Facebook album as well!

Suzanne & crew

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December 01, 2014

Rusted Gingham on the Road

This Weekend Rusted Gingham will be traveling to a spot in the road called Verdi- This is a worthy little spot as we will be part of Vintage in Verdi!  The gals that host this are absolutely precious and we are glad to be there with them!

Last year was downright 'bone chilling' but I am happy to say that the forecast for this weekend is in the low 70's for the high!!!  Woot Woo!!!
 Verdi is just down the road from Pleasanton, Texas. So if you missed us at the Barn Sale- come out here and say Hello!

This year there promises to be a ton of cool vendors- several I am excited to say were at the Barn Sale- so maybe I can shop their Goods here in Verdi!!!!  We are supposed to be toward the 'back' on an isle... look for our white tent with Rusted gingham goods all around!
This was Kate and I last year at the end of the day- did I mention it was cold?  How about 28° Cold!!  

Yet- there were shoppers all day- A fabulous turn out for a First time event and Blustery weather!  The coffee and cocoa booth was rockin' last year- and I am sure they will be again this year!  

Hope to see you in Verdi!!!!

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November 18, 2014

A BIG Thank You and a Date to Remember!

First of all, thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This year's Barn Sale was one for the books--record crowds, tons of fun, and great shopping for all!

Thank you to each one of you who shared and invited friends. We couldn't do it without you! 

We can't wait to see you November 6th and 7th, 2015! Mark your calendar now! 

Stay posted as well for pictures... pictures.... and more pictures!  Our photographer was worn out by the end of the sale by trying to capture all that happens in the Barn!!

Vendors and those hoping to become vendors, be sure to sign up for our email list so you don't miss applications for the 2015 sale! 

November 07, 2014

Shhhhh... I'm Huntin' GoOds!

Today's the day, it's officially here--time to hunt GoOds! Barn Sale 2014 kicks off this afternoon at 4:00 at JB Wells Park in Gonzales!

The barn is cleaned up, shined up, and being FILLED UP as our vendors arrive to unpack their GoOds! 

Grab some girl friends, gas up the truck, and come shop with us! 

JB Wells Park 
Gonzales, Texas 
Friday, 4:00 to 8:00 pm 
Saturday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
$3 admission | FREE parking

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November 04, 2014

From the City to the Barn

We want to invite our city friends to make the quick trip to Gonzales this weekend!

Where is Gonzales, anyway?

Well, it's just south of I-10, about an hour from San Antonio and Austin; two hours from Houston. 

FAQs about Gonzales: 
Is it in the Valley? 
Nope, but Valley friends, come on up!
Did you say Dallas? 
No, but it's a common mistake! Really.
How long will it take me to get there? 
San Antonio and Austin friends, it'll take you about an hour; Houston friends, we'll see you in about 2 hours!
Is it a tiny, one-horse town? 
It's not as tiny as it once was and there are some great options for food, shopping, and sleeping while you're in town. Check them out here.

Come see us this Friday and Saturday, November 7th and 8th at JB Wells Park in Gonzales! 
Friday 4:00 to 8:00 
Saturday 9:00 to 4:00 
Free parking! 
$3 admission (exact change, please) 

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