April 25, 2015

It feels like Christmas Card time around here

 Typically right after Thanksgiving mailboxes start filling up with Christmas cards- family and friends wishing each other a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year- updates with happenings of family members over the past year.....

Yes, I know it's April. Around here, April is similar to December in that our mailbox has a few sweet envelopes in it everyday!  For about a month and a half the box has applications for Barn Sale coming in - Daily! The applications are like the cards in that they tell us what vendors have been up to during the year (what other shows they attend), pictures (albeit not typically of family- but of Junky/crafty/vintage goodness) and their wishes for fall 2015. 

This would be just a small sampling of what has arrived already..... Let me tell you- What we've gotten so far is GoOd!  App time is always so challenging --- trying to make just the right selections to fill the Barn!!!!

It is just over 6 Months from the Barn Sale!  That means- 27 Fridays.... Which means- It will be here before we know it!!!!

If you have not marked your calendar yet- Please do so- We would love to see you at the Barn!

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April 10, 2015

Vendor Applications up and available....

Would you or someone you know like to be one of these????  What are these.......

These are the 75+ amazing vendors that make the Barn Sale so unique!!!  If so, now is the time to apply. The applications flood in every year and it is truly the hardest part of this job... selecting just the right combinations that make the Barn Sale what it is. We take time viewing photos, reading descriptions, looking at blogs, Facebook and Instagram to see who has just what the Barn needs!

Applications are live! The Barn Sale is one of The Best Vintage Markets south of I-10. Will you be with us this Nov 6th and 7th at the JB Wells Showbarn in Gonzales, Texas?

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April 06, 2015

We Walked and Walked in Warrenton!

Warrenton has come and gone... all too quickly!  I was only able to make two trips- but made both of them worth while!

The first trip was with a group of dear friends after church on a Sunday afternoon- We stopped for lunch in La Grange and picked up some sweets to snack on for the afternoon- then we shopped till the tents closed.

 This was a fun group of ladies to spend time with- One had only been her first time for a few hours the day before- she loved Every minute of it! This oversized red couch had us all laughing.

Jill Suzanne was the background for this shirt promoting 'It's all about the JUNK- No New Stuff' and Next Stop.... Barn Sale!   Jill Suzanne has this nice permanent show house on the hill in Warrenton- you can normally smell her signature scented wax melts before you get in the door.... I had to stock up to last me till October!

I took this picture to appease my Dad- He always calls me Sanford!  Cracks me up- as I tell him that I had to learn it from somewhere........

I was Delighted to see my friends Laurie and Stacy from Two Bar West with an Awesome set up by Zapp.  I have enjoyed my packs and purses from them since the beginning of their business- quality Texas made Goods!

Sweet Janet couldn't believe this was really an outhouse- so she had to pick up the lid to check...Thank goodness Jolie and Amie make it look cute since their Junk Gypsies tent is right next to it!

We didn't even fill up the vehicle- with 5 ladies I was Shocked!!!

Onward now to the second trip.....
What you cannot see in this photo is the line of cars in front of us and the line behind us!  This was Thursday morning around 10ish..... traffic was moving- slow.  But alas we made it!

This photo shows us ready to go- you can see the line of cars in the back.  Note the footwear options- comfy flats, well worn boots and flip flops.  These are also friends from church - they had prior commitments on Sunday so chose Thursday to make a day of it!
Models we are not- but we do enjoy promoting the Barn Sale!!!  Nov 6-7th JB Wells Park, Gonzales Texas!  Also- if you are interested in one of these shirts we hope to place another order (these were all special order) by September.  Email us from the link on the website and let us know!  I purchased a beautiful pink petunia from this booth at the end of the day.

Linda's smile cracks me up- her work is always creative and she uses whatever her and Richard can come up with... I was so tickled by the Party Poopers sign at the Barn Sale I had to get in on it at Warrenton.   Texas Trash and Treasures is a great business and we are glad to be friends with them!  20 + years in the junk business and still going... keep it up!!!!

Old school desks- swoon..... Now the story. The girls were looking at these and the vendor tells them they came out of a school in Gonzales- Yep- We stopped in our tracks!  Neither one of them had a place for one, I could have used 2, Two years ago.... So we started racking our brains.... Then we see a sticker that has a name K. Ehrig - We all three recognize it as the initial for a teacher that is now retired from GISD.  The neat part is that one of my friends with me has that last name.  Then I thought about a darling friend that is pregnant and is married to an Ehrig and lives in the house of the former teacher listed Ehrig... so thank goodness my texted picture finally went through to her. She said 'buy it' and the deal was done!  It will now be in their home for their little one to enjoy through the years.  I LOVE being a personal shopper for all things Junky- and meaningful in this regard!

Old school clocks- another swoon!  I purchased a fabulous wood framed one years ago from Teresa at Garden Antqs Vintage. I was tickled by this display- and how amusing it was that the times were so different!  (I know it's not great quality.. I did not tote my camera with me) You can view Tokyo, Round Top, London and New York- I've been to 3 of the 4 and the thought of being on 'Round Top Time' made me smile!

Now to the above.... It was about 5:45 when we loaded the car to start making our stops at the vendors where we needed to pick up items. We were all surprised daylight could be seen out the back window! As we were pulling out one of the ladies says- 'Hey, We didn't make it over there!' (I would really hate for her to know just how big the WHOLE place is....) I said- 'Nope we didn't'
Then it hit me- It was Thursday- not just any Thursday... PROM Thursday!  Junk Gypsy always hosts Prom on the last Thursday of the show and the Bubble Lounge at Zapp is hopping so I told them we could pick up the rest of our Goods and come back for late night shopping if they were up for it. As you could guess- they were.

This was one of the first things I saw when we started shopping on 'Round 2'- I literally Laughed out Loud and hoped she had one in my size- a favored color combo and a perfect saying- it was a win win!  You cannot see it in the picture but the elephant is loaded down with Goods.  This is funny to me as well since I used to travel to State Fairs and County Fairs all over the U.S- not with the Carnies though!!!!

This neon made me smile- we don't eat much 'Junk Food' around here- but the Junk part we can handle... The colors were right up my alley- however, it would not fit in the vehicle...so I left it and the Texas Taco Co sign seen in the back for someone else to purchase.

Said no cowgirl ever, 'Boots, I have too many.' You surely will not hear those words come out of my mouth.... I am Always scouting for another pair of boots! There were boots all over the place. Unfortunately- none came home with me.

We truly Walked and Walked in Warrenton- from the South side to the North side.... We smiled, laughed, walked, ate, drank, walked, shopped pulling a wagon all day (thank goodness!) and did I say walked?  It was a wonderful time- both trips!

Here was the clock when we got back to Gonzales Thursday night- I could not believe it! I had not shopped a day like that in a l-o-n-g time!  This was after finding out that ALL eating establishments in LaGrange are closed by 10pm with the exception of the EXXON gas station that Thankfully had 3 pieces of pizza left for 3 very hungry shoppers!  It was near midnight by the time I made it home- What a Day of Walkin in Warrenton!  Thanks for taking a tour with me!

Don't forget- if you are interested in ordering one of the 'It's All About the Junk- No New Stuff' shirts to give us an email!!!

As I'm finishing up I look at the date and realize it is officially 7 months until the Best Barn Sale south of I-10 happens in Gonzales, Texas!

Be Back Soon.......

It's All About the Junk- no new stuff-

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March 29, 2015

Walkin' in Warrenton

So here we are... it's Warrenton time!!!!!!

We'll be out walkin' in Warrenton in our Love to Junk shirts! See one while you're shopping? Snap a photo and share it using #barnsale2015! 

Some of you may be wondering where on earth in Texas is this Warrenton place?????? I know I talk about it all the time... Well, it is located between P * Q and 18 * 19 on the Texas map hanging on our wall! It is just northeast of La Grange, southwest of Burton due south of Dallas and due north of Port Lavaca! Hope that helps some...

It is the Mecca or Mother Load, whichever you prefer, for antiquers and junkers alike! You may not see anything *you* like for 5 booths, and then there it is... and you stand and stare and measure and contemplate... And then later you help a friend do the same thing... Then you talk about who bought what and where and don't forget we have to pick that up at the end of the day and laugh at some of the things for sale along the way or smile as something makes you think of a memory from your past...

It's my natural high... You know the things that keep you awake at night but you are never tired from that kind of awake because your body is sooooooooo excited!!!!!! That is ME!!!!!

So our friends the Junk Gypsies did their 411 of the Junkin Trip and we thought we would do a little one as well- for all of you that haven't been but are dying to go!!
We come from the south, so we always stop in good old La Grange for a snack, sweet tea and restroom break before getting to the land of port-a-potties! From there we are wheels a turning, eyes itching just a waitin' till we see the sweet sign- Warrenton!!! 

We made it! We are here! Oh did you see that? Oh my gosh--we have to go to that booth! Oh--I've been looking for one of those, Oh--I have a friend that said they want one of those... and these are just comments in the car!!!!
So get ready to find a parking place that you will remember where you park. Plan to pay about $5 to park. That is your 'entry fee' of sorts!

So- here is our 'low-down' on your day or days of junkin!!!!

wear comfy shoes- (unless you are like me and can wear the old vintage boots - OR - new ones....) Depends on the weather too, ya know--flip flops to mud boots. You just never know! 

Have a back pack or a light weight purse, bag--something to hold these necessities:
cash (lots of vendors prefer this)
checkbook and id (most vendors will take these)
credit card (some vendors have access to these machines)
Lipstick or Chapstick--can't go without it!
Germ-X or your choice of hand sanitizer!!!!
Measuring tape--my friends always know I have mine with me!!! (of course have any measurements from your home if you are looking for a piece to fit a certain spot!)
Bottle or two of water--or a good iced drink to start the day out with
We usually pack a cooler of drinks--water and maybe more tea to re-fill during the day as we take packages to the car!!!!
Put your sunscreen on early--and wear a hat--it's bright and hot--not too shady either! Under the tents is ok, but other than that it's good old Sunshine!!!!
Sunglasses--you will be happy you have them!
Snack or two (trail mix, m&m's, peanut butter crackers, pretzels--something easy!)
Hand wipes--As previously mentioned, it's port-a-potty land--just so ya know ahead of time... This is set up in a pasture, fields, along front yards (cannot enter houses) so there aren't any normal restrooms!
I've usually got a list of my own of things I'm looking for! Then--there is always the 'other' list I take with me. I'm a personal shopper of sorts! People ask me to come help them decorate their homes, and in the process ask, "Next time you are in Warrenton can you look for..." So I have a few 'clients' that I'm on the hunt for items for them as well! Need something? Let me know--I just might be able to score it for you!

When you shop, enjoy yourself!

Know these people that set these booths up do this for a living--they are trying to give you the best deal. This is not Pawn Stars do not try to go back and forth dickering! You can kindly ask, "Is this your best offer?" if they say yes, leave it at that... If they allow you to give them a price, do so.
There are plenty of places to eat and drink--take our pics from Legal Tender. Oh, good gracious... the sandwiches can feed two (unless you are S-U-P-E-R hungry!). We've had the best laughs on the porch at that place. It's our meeting place with friends! There are all sorts of food places--and cold drinks abound! There might be coffee drinks around, but I'm not a coffee person so I don't pay attention to those!

Another great place for info on Round Top Antiques Week is Cactus Creek Daily. Check out their site for lots more information on famous vendors, favorite booths, and friendly maps.
source: Cactus Creek Daily Round Top Guide

So we hope you can find your way to Warrenton sometime in the next two weeks and score a great find. Tell us about it if you do!!!! There are SO many amazing vendors, we've become friends with several over the past few years--kind of an extended family thing!! Hope we can see you there--and if not, hope we can see you at our place: Friday and Saturday, November 6th and 7th in the barn! 

Don't forget--be on the lookout for lovely ladies wearing our shirts in Warrenton this year! Snap a photo and share using #barnsale2015 if you see them! 

Treats on your Treasure shoppin!!!!

Save the date for the 2015 Barn Sale
November 6th, 4:00 to 8:00 pm
November 7th, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
JB Wells Park, Gonzales, Texas 

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March 10, 2015

We're Back......

Confession-~~~~- For a month and a half I've been trying to get a blog post done....'What?' some of you say- 'It cannot be that hard-can it?' Well, not really and yes really..... I started one with all sorts of great pictures that I had uploaded from the 2014 Barn sale and then the weather changed- as in the weather forced the computer down and all that was on it (at that time-not forever gone!). So after that we've been gone to stock shows for the better part of a month and when I have been home I've had a date with the washer, dryer and iron rather than computer! I know I'm not a full time blogger (well- maybe in my dreams I am....) but for now I have to re-commit to making this a part of my job!  So, We're back.... (actually we still have a few stock shows left) but for the most part posts should come a little more regularly!

We really do Love Barn Sale--- The truck greets like a huge smile on a warm day!

Not only do WE love Barn Sale- but all these people do as well- This is our AmaZinG group of Vendors from 2014--- The show would not be possible without them...... we are missing just a few that were last minute prepping their booths!

 This picture makes me smile- Dad and daughter hanging out waiting on Mom.....

We were able to jump on the Rusty Truck for some family pictures before the Saturday fun started!  GoOdS were All over the Barn!!
Don't these beautiful ladies look 'HAPPIE' to be in the barn- They truly were!  Royer's Pie Haven was slingin' pies all night Friday and all day Saturday.  We were Delighted to have them in the barn and I know the shoppers were too!!

Speaking of Shoppers- This precious group of ladies has grown over the years- they add another one or two to the group each time.  Armed and ready- they also come in several SUV's now (after a previous experience when they didn't have enough space to get everything home from the barn!)- This year another shopper was so amused by the groups purchases and stood in the parking lot just to watch them try and load all their GoOdS into their SUV's!  Talk about fun and memorable trips!  I've gotten more than one email or call from them asking me to keep my eyes peeled for specific junk throughout the year- and a few times I've been able to find what was asked for!  Their smiles say it all- they L-O-V-E the Barn Sale!!!

Ford Junktion has some Love in their booth too!

Sweet Sisters from Ford Junktion with more Barn Sale love..... This was their first show and they are totally hooked----

And last but not least for this round of 'catching up' on the blog... It's almost Spring- we've officially 'sprung ahead' as my body is trying to figure it out....  time to think of the outdoors, gatherings on the porch, good ol' parties and trips to Warrenton/Round Top.  This sign was one of my Favorites in the Barn this year- thanks to the ever creative and talented duo at Texas Trash and Treasures .  We sure hope all these amazing vendors are getting ready to fill out applications for our Nov 6-7 show this year!!!

 I personally will follow the turquoise arrow- I love to visit and have a good time with friends!

Until next time (not 3 months from now I dare say.....)

Keep up with us on Facebook if you can- we've uploaded a whole lotta' Barn Sale pics in an album there- Rusted Gingham.

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