July 27, 2014

BARN SALE- First Vendor Peeks- caution; Drooling ahead

 Howdy Friends!  Beautiful Warm day here in South Central Texas! 
So, I am a bit 'freaked out' that this week is the beginning of August--- Where oh where has this summer gone?  Seriously, my 'to do' list hasn't even gotten started!  We are 4 months away from our Big event that we work toward all year- yes- 4 months!

 I am full of excitement over our list of vendors that are filling the barn for our 7th Annual Barn Sale. I know each year you hear me say that this is going to be the 'best yet' but I truly mean it- each and every time!  The vendors Really put time and effort into their GoOdS and their displays are Amazin...... Which means if you have not yet marked your calendar for Nov 7-8 at JB Wells Park in Gonzales, Texas it's high time you do it!

I figure it's only fitting to start sharing with each of you what and who we have up our sleeves... we will start giving Vendor peeks here on the blog and I have been SO GIDDY to start sharing with y'all!!!!!

 You might remember a few weeks ago I took a trip up to Round Top to see some old friends and visit with a new one that just might be a new BFF (although she doesn't know it yet)!  A super talented vendor from last year whom I will mention in just a bit shared with a fellow friend that if she wanted to do any 'weekend' show that the Barn Sale in Gonzales was the place to be! That made me H-A-P-P-Y, just to think of the time put into our show and how many of you truly appreciate the venue and what it has come to be!  Thank Y'all for making it what it is!!!!

Ok- so here we go....First up--- You have NO Idea how ecstatic I am to welcome a New vendor to our show- But she is NOT new to the world of pure GoOdness.... This gal (my new BFF) whom I met a few years ago at the parade in Round Top (yes- the ones that gave us pie bites for breakfast...) Tara Royer Steele... YEP.... of the Famous little place in Round Top Texas otherwise known as
 Royer's & Royer's Pie Haven

Yes- you read that Right!!! Royer's will be in the BARN!!!!

 Pie Love- Yes I do!!!!!

 Get'em by the slice----- Oh yes Please!!!!  I will take a sampler platter!

 Or a whole pie..... Royer's ships pies year round and does a ton o' business at the holidays- so this will be the perfect time to sample a few flavors and figure out which ones you want gracing your Holiday gatherings!  Previous pics compliments of their FB page- go give em a Like and tell em Rusted Gingham sent you!  You can also find them on Instagram @thepiequeen
Warning: may cause drooling

 See how Delighted Tracy was with her gingham wrapped pie box - yes it had a ROYERS pie in it- Christmas a few years ago.... I slacked and did not have the Amy's ice cream to go with it, but she still loved me!  And boy oh boy did she say she loved me when I told her Royer's was going to be in the barn!!!  I'm pretty certain I will know where to find her at any point.  I am excited since Royer's will be close enough for Ms. Tara to sling a slice of pie my way!

And here we go with the next one- My oh My.... This booth was B-U-S-Y last November!  You may have heard of a little booth called TeXas TrASh & TreAsuRerS. Linda and Richard are absolutely delightful to work with!  They have been in the 'Rust, Dust and Unnecessary Stuff' business for over 20 years!  They are so Creative- Talented and Energetic!

 Linda has done shows for so long and has been a mainstay in Warrenton for as long as I know!  She was curious of 'our little show' in Gonzales and wanted to try it out- By day two she gifted this sign just for me!  Boy did she figure out me and  my colors out quick! Her and I have some future plans simmering... Needless to say- they LOVED the Barn Sale!  She was all smiles the whole weekend and was ready to come back!

 In case you haven't figured it out- TTT Texas Trash & Treasures was the reason that Royer's is excited about coming to the Barn!  Thanks Linda for your kind words, your enthusiasm, your passion for what you do, and our friendship!  I look forward to your and Richard's smile in the barn again this year!  Find them in the same locale as last year- Stocked and ready for all of YOU! You can keep up with them on FB as well.....Tell em Rusted Gingham sent you!

I hope this first sampling of vendors is enough to get you as GIDDY as I am!!!!  See you Nov 7-8 in Gonzales, Texas at JB Wells park!  Friday hours are 4-8 and Saturday is 9-4.  Free Parking $3 at door.

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July 03, 2014

Happy Birthday, America!

I took a little trip to Round Top today to visit with old friends and meet some new ones at Royer's Round Top Cafe, and it also took me on a little trip down memory lane.

See, a couple of years ago, The Girls headed to Round Top with a shiny maroon truck and parade aspirations. They came home with a first place ribbon from the oldest running Fourth of July Parade.

For all you folks out there that love small town Texas and especially small town Texas parades, you'll love this story. Here's how it all happened - the parade - THE TRUCK - the blue ribbon! (continue reading

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April 10, 2014

Application Time!

Ahem, ahem! Attention, please!

This is for all of you wonderful Barn Sale shoppers that have ever told us, “We just love
this place and want to have a booth at this show!” Or maybe you have just thought it. Or possibly you know just the person that needs to be a vendor at our show. Or... you have heard from other vendors that you need to be a vendor at this show.

If you fall into any of the above, NOW is your TiMe!!!!

That’s right! You read it: NOW is the TiMe!!!!

Applications are posted on our site (just click HERE) and it’s time for you to fill one out--or share it with a friend! We have previous vendors already filling the mailbox! I am loving opening to such wonderful goodness each day! (Yes, we love them and give them a few days heads up--or try to if their email doesn’t boot us out!)

Remember, we are vintage-loving, antique-admiring, recycling-relishing, handmade-honoring, and all-around unique! So if you fit any of those, we would lOvE to hear from you!!!

Make your plans NOW for November 7th and 8th, 2014, the best is yet to come! We have some fun stuff in the works!

Look at all these happy, happy, happy 2013 vendors! That could be you this November!

Come see us at JB Wells Park in Historic Gonzales, Texas.

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March 04, 2014

Yes Virginia, It really is a Showbarn

It is always amusing to me when I tell people that our annual Barn sale is held in a show barn. A good percentage of those people (some potential vendors) aren't real sure what I'm talking about. So, when I explain that they have Stock Shows there and horse stalls for rodeos, they typically get the idea.... I decided to 'bring to life' what a stock show is like in the barn!

 This past weekend was our local show, held at the JB Wells showbarn. Above is the daughter of one of my sweet friends.  She was super excited about her Reserve goat! Behind her is the 'entrance' door where all of our wonderful shoppers come in for the Barn Sale. 

Big smiles at the auction- such a fun time for families, friends, and the community to come together in support of 4-H and FFA kids that have worked so hard with their projects!

 Here a really special little girl gets a last bit of encouragement with her steer 'Friendly' from her Daddy, whom I am pretty smitten with.

The top of the top in the hog drive. Such anticipation and determination!  I am always impressed with how well hogs do in a show ring- you can Really tell the ones that have been worked with for the past few months!

 Here, the same special little girl gets heifers ready to go in the ring (she cannot hold both at once, so Daddy is assisting during the wait). They are standing right one the edge of the dirt floor. The section of poles just past them is where the asphalt starts for those of you vendors that are on the hard back surface of the barn. During the stock show it is mainly covered with sand and shavings for all the different livestock being shown!  I really give credit to the crew at JB Wells for always having the barn clean for us!  They do a great job!

 Same sweet little girl with the Champion heifer- Yes- I was one excited Mom!!  This is looking to the back of the barn- very different feel when there aren't 70 plus booths set up in it!
And then there is this little guy, with one of his friends- doing what he normally does at the Barn Sale; roping a dummy calf and playing in the dirt (some things never change)!
 These three boys figured out they could run the bucking chutes in the big arena since there wasn't a rodeo going on- One giant place F-U-L-L of dirt = heaven on earth for these three!
And, getting to man the roping chute in the warm up arena= happy, happy, happy! During the Barn Sale the warm up arena has always been full of kids warming up their horses for their events- We sure hope it is that way this year too!  We Love our Region 6 Rodeo families!!!

And my main crew- at the end of a very busy weekend- still all smiles.... just like at the end of the Barn Sale!  Sweet girl has on her new buckle and vintage boots, little guys roping rope right behind us (it was coiled right after the photo!) and we are standing where the middle isle is for the barn sale.

So, hope you appreciate all the changes that take place when we bring you the Barn Sale- I know I do! 

See you at the Barn- Nov 7-8, 2014!!!!!

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February 12, 2014

Love is...

1 John 4:18 says 'There is no fear In LOVE'

I have to say that is totally true!  When you love someone or something you have no fear of it!  As Valentine's approaches- may you Love without Fear!

Over the past 30 years or so the word Love has been tossed about as if it is a toy that can be used and then tossed away.  Around here we teach the word Love is a strong feeling, not something that is going to go away tomorrow.  We want our kids to understand the meaning of Love. I guess that is partly why we chose to allow them to join us on our celebration of 15 years of marriage!  Some of you are saying- 'What?'

 Yes- we took them with us to celebrate our Anniversary- at least for part of the night! Our kids are always so excited when we go through downtown San Antonio and watch for the blinking light of the elevator taking people to the deck of the Tower of the Americas! We decided it would be a treat for hubby and I as we have both been there- but never together- and the kids would love it too!  If you have never heard of this Tower it is unique in that the outer dining area is encased in glass and rotates a full turn in 60 minutes. We enjoyed it close to Christmas as we could see lights all throughout parts of San Antonio! 
If you are ever in the area and have something special to celebrate I highly recommend it!  The food is good and the view is amazing!  My company that night is what made it the best!!!

God has richly blessed us in our 15 years married.  Has it been roses every Valentine Day- absolutely not!  Valentine's always falls in the midst of my Cattleman's busiest time of year.....it took me some time, but I am slowly starting to get used to it. Besides, why do we need just one day to celebrate our love with all the hoopla from stores??  Back to my point- marriage isn't easy. When you are dating that feeling you get when you see them stirs emotions in you and over the years those emotions change based on our circumstances- but what keeps that going is deep Christ like Love.  Having Christ in our marriage has been the number one reason we are who we are!  Before we were married we took several marriage counseling classes- yes before we were married!  These helped us to learn a lot about each other, you know those questions you might not normally ask someone...thinking oh, we can just work that out when we get to it. (I do NOT suggest that method!)  One of those things was-'What is you opinion of divorce?' I sat there- how are you supposed to answer that to a preacher? The textbook answer or the heartfelt one?  My fiancee didn't pause long- his response, 'It's not an option' Oh my Gosh!  That totally goes against what America says- is this guy for real????  Yes, he is!  That has run through my head so many times over the years (not for myself) but for others close to us. When those first feelings and emotions ran out, they ran away...... I don't suggest that either.  When I was struggling with my role in our marriage we ran to a marriage conference- The best thing we could have done!!  ( I highly suggest that!) 

This is what we have for sticking with it- two wonderful kids with hearts for God. Learning how to Love one another. We all have ways of showing that Love. When we realize what those closest to us respond to best - you will have no fear in Loving them!  The 5 Love Languages is an awesome book that I highly recommend- it will give you insight to all the relationships around you. There is even one for kids!

This is what else we get for sticking with it- a relationship. One that God joined together- who are we to try and put it asunder?  No thank you- We enjoy our laughs with each other, our time together, learning about each other (still....we change you know!), and our time with our kids.  This is what makes us who we are.
For all of you that have encouraged and supported us in our relationship over the years- Thank You! 

This photo is so cool- If you spend all your relationship at the peak, you can't appreciate the view from down below.  If you spend all your relationship in the valley, you forget to look up. If you are always in the middle then you are not growing and changing.  I will take the peaks and valleys- it makes you appreciate the views from both sides!

Love is patient, Love is Kind, Love does not envy or boast, It is not rude or self seeking, It is not easily angered, It keeps no record of wrongs (a personal favorite of mine), Love does not delight in evil (great to explain to siblings...), Love rejoices in truth (great to teach kids), It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always endures, Love never Fails.  1 Corinthians 13:4-8

If you haven't heard of the book of 1 Corinthians just comment on this with your email- I' ll be glad to let you know where you can find it!

So as we come upon Valentine's I hope you delight in Love and have no fear of it. Whatever that may be in your life right now.  Some people have different things to celebrate their love for; their church, their job, their spouse, their parents, their kids, their friends, their things that matter.  The things that you truly feel as though if you lost them you could not live- That is when you know you Love something! 

Around here- we will be spending the day as a family, that is what matters to us!  WE give Thanks to God for his never ending Love!

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