October 15, 2016

Vendor Intros! The Coundown is ON! (With Photos!)

Well, technology will get ya every time if you let it! Just when you think you've got it all figured out, somethin' comes along and puts a bit of a hitch in your giddy up! In case your email did not contain photos from the last post, here they are! Live in living color!

Full intros and info are in the previous post (here), and you can stay up to date with intros as they're live on Facebook and Instagram as well--you don't have to have social media to follow along!

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October 14, 2016

Vendor Intros! The Countdown is ON!

If you've been following along on social media, you know we have started sharing the vendors who will be bringing the GoOds to the barn November 4th and 5th. If you're not following along, head over to Facebook or Instagram to do so now, or keep reading for a round up of who we've shared so far!

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October 10, 2016

She who is Brave t's

Hey y'all-- We've been mixing minds with our friends at Queen Moose TX.

We have a specially designed t-shirt that we are offering at a special price for you- our readers....

When we saw this 'doodle' by our friend Tara we knew we wanted it!  I had just recently re-read the story of Lydia in the Bible and this just jumped out at me! Since most of our readers are women we think this saying might hit home and resonate with you as well as the story of Lydia! We've referenced her story on the shirt!

As women we have the opportunity to earn income and/or provide extra income to the family budget (if a stay at home mom, said tongue in cheek as most stay at home moms don't really stay home!)  Lydia was a worker- she was not 'at home' as most women of the day were. She was out earning money- and not just small amounts- she sold expensive Purple cloth, the Bible does not hesitate telling us exactly what she did! So many of our readers have full time jobs, part time jobs, stay at home jobs-- Entrepreneurial jobs!  You should not hesitate to tell people what job God has put you in. He has you where you need to be at this point of your life.

Ladies (and our guy friends) --- Lydia worshiped God, however, it tells us that as she 'listened' - the Lord opened her heart and she accepted what Paul was saying (which was God's word!)!  A lot of people claim to be a 'Christian' used as a noun- we need to be Verbs--- walking the walk and talking the talk.... When we take in His word and apply it to our lives we are Truly FREE!  However, as women we also need to be BRAVE to understand how His word plays a role in our lives.  His word stays the same- However, it has a different effect on each of our lives!  How we put it to use is for Him to tell us! 

She who is BRAVE is FREE---- Just like Lydia. She was Brave to be able to sell among the men of the day, yet when God opened her heart and she accepted Him she was baptized!  Then she would not take 'No' for an answer from the disciples-- she told them in a very kind way- "Guys- if you agree that I really accepted God and believe in him then come have some BBQ at my place and stay a while- Oh and I won't take No for an answer!" (Well, that is the Southern version of what she said!)

Honestly--- We've got to read and breathe God's word in order to be truly FREE from the lies all around us and the desires of the evil one.  Be BRAVE when reading God's word - ask Him what he wants you to understand from it.  And if you are working somewhere in life right now and you don't know why- Ask Him!  He will show you why you are where you are!  Think of the people that Lydia influenced once she was Baptized!!!! I can only smile thinking of the conversations she had with people after her encounter with the disciples--- I bet she was selling the expensive Purple cloth right and left!

So we want to share this shirt with you at a Pre Barn Sale Special Price!  Share God's word with others through this.... Your Story Matters and it might change someone's Life!!

Send us an email to order one and you can have it shipped for a small fee- or pick it up in person at the Barn Sale!!!!  They are a unisex fit with a V neck which is flattering on all women!  email us here Rusted Gingham and let us know how many and what size!!!  Pre Barn Sale Price is $32  --- they will cost you a few dollars more at the Barn!  Final pre sale date is Oct 20th!!!!

t shirt treats to you.....
Suzanne @ Rusted Gingham

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October 07, 2016

It's Almost Barn Sale Time! Really--- It's almost here!

Can you believe it? Barn Sale is just 28 days away! November 4th and 5th is fast approaching, and we are so excited! We are looking back through some of our favorite shots from the 2015 Barn Sale, and the excitement is welling!

Here is an album of 2015 photos....  Just to get you excited!

Have you marked your calendar?

Have you invited a friend? (Or all of them?)

Have you started cleaning out your car trunk to fit all your new GoOds?

We'll see you November 4th and 5th at JB Wells Park in Gonzales, Texas!

Planning on making the trip? Check out the other events at JB Wells that weekend as well as some Gonzales goodness here.

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September 11, 2016

Junk Gypsy BLT

Hey y'all---- my friends the Junk Gypsies spent almost half a year putting the pen to the paper- or the fingers on the keyboard to document for us what they've done as a family for the past 18 years.  The girls holed themselves up at The Wander Inn and wrote, wrote and wrote. Story after story after story. Their lives, their course (or not so much) dirtroads, blacktop, roadtrips, junkin, DIY, flea markets and their love of family- which is by far the biggest part of their business and the reason they have a business..... It was grueling work- really.... for two free spirits to be holed up day after day.....
On one of my trips up there I took some treats to keep them going.....

Yes- Sugar Cookies.... The girls may or may not have been on a sugar high for a few days.... anywho- I digress.... this book they've written, Yes, it is finished, complete, coming off the press.....  And guess what-----
Well, I've often wondered how some people get to 'read' a book before it's actually out for sale- like some of the authors I enjoy are always blogging about their friends 'so and so's book is so great....' and on and on.  Recently I received notice that the girls were needing people to be part of their 'BLT' and I'm not talking Bacon Lettuce Tomato (although that sounds ReaLLy good right now!)  I'm talking Book Launch Team!  So I filled out an application...and....guess....what...........
I was selected to be part of this team!

Completely Excited to be part of this team!!!! The Junk Gypsy Book Launch Team was given first digital read of this 'guide for junkers, dreamers, and gypsies' of all sorts.  It is an honor to sit at night when all is quite and read through it- but  Let me just say- the artwork.... well- you can see for yourself!  Quotes like Crazy throughout the book... as in ones you will want to write and hang on a wall, in your journal or just on a wall!! 

I'm kind of giddy getting to read this before it is released to the rest of the world- Oh and the cool part- YOU can enter to WIN a Weekend in Round Top- stay at their Wander Inn, airfare, Lunch with the girls, and a shopping spree worth $500.  Yes, you just read all that correctly!!!!  I cannot enter- so I'll gladly give you the opportunity- go to Junk Gypsy Book and enter!

These girls have stayed true to their roots through this entire 'ride' that they've been on.  I haven't seen them change yet- and I know that cannot be said for many people that have had success in their businesses.  This family is R-E-A-L and they Live life!  Come share in their journey... Pre- order your book today.... It comes out at the beginning of October- just in time for fall- curl up with this book and a warm cup of whatever you like to drink and get ready to laugh, cry and dream....

These pics are from a fellow BLT member... However- Pics in the book are from our friend April Pizana who is down right FAB with a camera!!!!  She caught one of my sweet girl at Junk O Rama prom y-e-a-r-s ago- that was my first opportunity to see her work, and let's just say I fell head over heels for it! April shot pics of our Barn Sale last year- what a treat to have her in the Barn!

Writing a book takes a l-o-t of time! The girls poured out so much for this- they want all of you to enjoy it for years and years and years to come!  Go ahead and go to the link provided earlier in the post and pre-order your copy today!!!

 Speaking of Junk Gypsy Prom O Rama.....  Here is a throwback ---

Just a little throwback to a Prom about 7 years ago..... Texas Antiques Week/s is upon us.... are you headed to Round Top, Warrenton, Carmine, Burton, Shelbyville or anywhere in between???  Let us know!  We will be out and about. We are most excited about the evening of September 22nd.... The Gathering at Round Top is in it's 2nd year and we are thrilled to not just 'be there' this year- but to 'be part' of this year.  God has been putting words on my heart- I pray they will bless those with open ears to hear them.

I hope you have a fabulous week!  I'm headed back to my 'reading chair' to get more of the book read!!!  Go ahead and pre- order yours........

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