August 14, 2017

Vintage on Main

Big News....

Rusted Gingham is now selling Junk Gypsy paint in more than one location!!!  Yes- We've added a Great place for other fellow crafty diy'ers to get their favorite Chalk and Clay paint!

We Love being able to partner with Junk Gypsy Paint and retail this fabulous blend of Chalk and Clay paint in 18 different colors!  The transformations that happen with furniture and special projects  are quite stunning!

This picture shows a china cabinet that had already been painted in a type of chalk paint. The owner of the store I've moved paint into asked if I wanted to use this for my display- my answer was a bit- let's say- Hasty.  'YES' is what I told her!

So yesterday after church I drove down to this little spot- It's one of my favorite little Texas towns.....

Her husband graciously (and I do mean graciously) took the cabinet apart and I assisted him wheeling it to where I was going to paint it (up the block!)

For some reason Junk Gypsy 'Flower Child' was calling my name on this piece... so I opened it up and started painting. The back splash that is- you can kind of tell this muddled splattered goldish effect that was going on with the back of the cabinet.  I didn't think that would highlight the paint very well. 
Well, once I got the lower back covered in the Flower Child I had an inspiration hit- Why not Ombre the back with pinkish shades....SO, I painted over the bottom layer with the newest color in the Junk Gypsy paint line- ' Guadalupe Sunrise' My goodness- she is a pretty color!  Next layer was Flower Child and topped it off with Gypsy Prom.  The color in this picture makes the Guadalupe look orange which it isn't... It lends itself to more of a coral.

Here she is in more of a natural setting so you can see her true color--- this is an old mirror frame that I painted as soon as the new color was delivered! 

Back to the China Cabinet-  the Ombre fade in before mentioned colors- it Totally Changed the way it looked!

So I did not take any of my 'artist' meaning little detail brushes with me- nor did I take any painters tape..... I had a 2" chip brush- handy dandy little things, I use them all the time.

Here is the finished product.... I left the aforementioned white paint and took time with Junk Gypsy 'Rebel Child' (black) to make the details of the cabinet really pop!  I think it kinda went from drab to fab- But I'm sure there are some of you freaking out that I painted over the white! The walls in this place are a cream color so the white wouldn't have looked too great.

No- She isn't for sale- it belongs to the owner and is a full on display piece.... And here she is at work displaying all the great paint colors....
The paint cans look awesome in her!  I think she needs a name---

So, would you like to know where else you can now purchase Junk Gypsy Chalk and Clay Paint besides Main Street Marketplace ........

Here we are------

Vintage on Main-- 108 E Main in Cuero, Texas!!!!! 

I met the ladies of this adorable store when they first became vendors at Barn Sale several years ago. They've come every year and love it.  There are other vendors in this store that have been accepted to the Barn Sale as well- you will NOT be disappointed! 

Mom, sweet girl and I have made many trips to this little town shopping the day after Thanksgiving- we DO NOT do big city shopping- we like to Shop Small- A-L-L the time if we possibly can!!!! There are a lot of great stores in Cuero- sweet owners and restaurants with delicious food.... If you are ever in the area take time to shop and eat your way around!

So if you are south of Gonzales and need paint- head over to Vintage on Main Cuero you might just find another project to paint while you are there!

Thanks to each of you for supporting my business over the past few years- if it weren't for each of you Rusted Gingham could not be what it is!  Keep painting friends!


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June 19, 2017

Summer Paint Class Schedule!

Hey y'all- It's full blown sum sum Summer time here in Central Texas!

We've coordinated the calendar with Main Street Marketplace in Downtown Gonzales, Texas-- and we have 3 dates booked for Paint your own Project Piece classes!!!

Open your calendar, write the dates down- call the store to book your spot- Space is limited!
830*519*4023  cost is only $20--- and for those of you that need some paint while you are there... well, I always offer a discount on the Two brands that I carry!  Junk Gypsy Chalk & Clay paint along with the Bungalow 47 Chalk & clay paint!!

 We've had SO M-U-C-H fun the past 2 classes!  Also- we've had kids join us- last class we had ages 7, 11 & 12 along with adults of varying ages!

 I enjoy teaching first timers- this little guy was a true first timer!!!

These ladies were working hard to get the right look for their pieces!  Each of them used Buttermilk Biscuit by Junk Gypsy paint!

 This little guy wanted 'Rusty Turquoise' for his project--- I loved that description!!!!

this young lady painted a piece she purchased that afternoon at Main Street!!  An old cutlery stand turned night stand!

This lady joined us from the Texas Jr. High Rodeo Finals at JB Wells Park in Gonzales, Texas!  She helped her sister get the outside of this media cabinet painted the perfect American Dream by Junk Gypsy!  Down low- this sweet 'tween' of a girl was focused on getting her new/old desk (that she had bought the day before at Main Street Marketplace) a new finish in Happy Camper by Junk Gypsy paint!

  A few of the 'finished' project pieces by our happy Painters!  I'm so excited to be able to share this with all of you- It is such a fun way to get a project piece painted!  I love hearing the chatter amongst attendees and the compliments and suggestions that go around too!
So- Here are the dates.... Wear paint clothes! ;-) And-- when you call to book your spot please tell the ladies what you plan to bring so we can account for space!

See you soon!!!

Saturday June 24th 10a-1pm  (Bring snacks and drinks!!!!)

Sunday July 23rd- 2p- 5pm (bring drinks and snacks if you need 'em!)

Wednesday August 16th -5p-8pm Pre back to school Wine Wednesday Paint Class
   (bring your favorite wine and glass!)  We will plan to have some snacks!

Go ahead- dig out that project piece that you said you'd get painted this summer and come downtown to paint with us!!!!

Treats- Suzanne

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April 19, 2017

Paint your own Project Piece!

Hey Y'all!!  I'm so Excited to Announce this----
Main Street Marketplace in downtown Gonzales has Expanded!  The head honcho of the cool little Vintage/Antique/Handmade shop where we have our paint and some of our vintage GoOds has acquired the building next door, knocked out part of the wall and doubled the size for your shopping pleasure!

In addition..... there is a dedicated craft/painting room in the back!  Yeppers- you heard it!

 ZAC's room we just might call it!
This room is still getting some attention... so forgive the bit of extras in the pictures! But just know that the brick wall may very well stay that way!

SO, mark your calendars-
The last Saturday of this month- April 29th we will be hosting a First Ever- Paint your own Project Piece!  Yes, Yes- that cute little side table you bought for $10 at a yard sale 2 years ago that you haven't done anything with yet, or that gorgeous frame that 'needs some love' or the 2 chairs you salvaged from the neighbors trash pile at the end of their driveway.... You know, all the little pieces you've wanted to paint but haven't made time to- or are too scared to try.  Well- Now is your time!

Call to book your spot- 830-519-4023, and to let us know what type of piece you will be bringing to paint!  You can also head to Main Street Marketplace sometime in the next few days to find that just special piece if you don't have something in mind already!

  Super easy to find this great building in Downtown Gonzales!  A cool thing about the day is the class will be from 10a- Noon!  So when you are finished with your little project piece you and your friends that come with you can walk to one of 6 restaurants all just a block away in different directions in downtown!
It's only $20 to book your spot!  In addition to that I will have a discount on all paint - Junk Gypsy paint and Bungalow 47 paint- and paintbrushes purchased for the class and on any you want to buy to take home as well! It will be a fun morning!  Bring your go-go juice of choice... coffee, smoothie, water, coke etc- We will get busy right from the start! 
If you have a favorite paintbrush go ahead and bring it- otherwise we will have some for use! Come enjoy all the treasures that Main Street has to offer while making one of yours even more special with a new coat of paint!

Get your Paint On....

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April 07, 2017

10th Annual Applications!

When this Barn Sale started I don't remember that I dreamed of it getting to the point that it is.  WoW, Here we are at the 10th Annual!!!

In the beginning my Cattleman had to move hay out of the barn for us to use the Barn for a purpose 'not intended' when it was being built! Although, I did have him leave some for aesthetics!  My goodness- this man of mine has put up with a lot of ideas from me!

 Here are a few throwback pictures to year 1.
Children, do not try this at home...... We were moving small loads in the back of a small trailer attached to a mule.  No- none of our husbands were around for this- just 3 wild and free mommas! Well, not really wild and free- we all 3 had small children at the time! 😅

Speaking of which- this little one has literally grown up amongst the rusty, dusty, chippy, peely things that his Momma loves!

Kids and dirt have been part of the barn sale from the beginning and we don't plan on changing that anytime soon!  God gave us all these precious ones to love- and to raise... So what better place to be raised than in a barn!  And when it comes to the Barn Sale it is one filled with joy, laughter, creativity, and a lot of hard work- a place most of us want our kids!

Something else that has been with us since the beginning.... This beauty......and we plan on having her come show off for us for a Long, Long, Long time!

It's time to mark those calendars.... Get ready to ride- in whatever way you can to the
10th Annual Rusted Gingham Barn Sale!
Nov 3-4 J.B. Wells Park Gonzales, Texas
**New Friday hours 4pm-9pm!!!!  Extra hour of shopping!

Why a post with all this nostalgia?  Well, at the beginning of April each year we post applications for hopeful/potential vendors!  As most of you know, you see a lot of the same faces year after year in those fabulous booths.  But occasionally, things do change.  We like to keep a fabulous mix of the best selections for you our shoppers! So, if you or someone you know has ever thought of wanting to create a perfect space in the Barn, now is the time.

Click here to download the application.

It takes Pretty Special people to be in this group.....

 And to take part in this.... If you don't know what's happening in this picture feel free to ask me about it.  It's one of my Favorite parts!

However, if you don't want to be a vendor because you love all the Cool Goodness already prepared for you... Then by all means, we want you as one of these....

Yes, we want shoppers and Lots of them!  so spread the word....
Sweet Goodness, these dear people are ready to get their GoOds on!  Love seeing this!

The Barn is calling and we must go......

Seriously, we love y'all for being part of this journey!  Thanks for allowing us to mark our calendars for the 10th time. It's humbling that so many people appreciate the love that goes into this event.

See you in 7 months!

Suzanne & Rusted Gingham crew

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March 28, 2017

For Benefit Of

I've written :FBO a few times on checks or envelopes- however, never has For Benefit Of shown quite as much definition as this past weekend.

Back last year I shared that a few family members had gotten some unexpected news. Well, one of those was one very close to me- we grew up as close as cousins could.  Not many days went by that we didn't see each other and spend some form of time together.  Seems like a lifetime ago on some days- and others I can vividly remember us making mud pies and decorating them with blooms from Grandma's yard!

This past year a diagnosis came of - you guessed it- cancer.  That evil word that so many of us shudder at.  Growing up that word was not part of our family dinner table discussions- I mentioned that to some friends this past weekend and they asked- 'What's changed?' My response- 'our diet'  Plain and simple more Cancer diagnosis coming daily than ever before.  Diet is the only thing that has changed drastically in the past 25 years.  I'm sure that I'm not the only person that's noticed there are fast food restaurants on 'every corner' available- and lines of vehicles in them!  I was quite taken back the past 2 weeks while in Houston for Stock Shows to see that every night while heading back to our hotel that E-v-e-r-y Single Fast Food place I drove by had Lines-- Some even 2 Lines of people waiting to have their late supper handed to them out a window.

I shall digress on the issue of diet and get back to 'For Benefit Of'
This diagnosis has come with months of appointments, surgery and more appointments- all putting drugs into a body that wasn't quite designed to have all this 'stuff' put into it.  My kids were learning about cells and germs in science in regards to our immune system. We were able to discuss how a healthy immune system can fight away bad germs- and how 'shot' the immune system can get when overloaded.  So this cousin is a teacher - married to a teacher- has 4 kids and a schedule that keeps them running in more directions than I can keep up with.  I'm one that likes some margin in my life and not totally overwhelmed with activities (although some of you that know me are wondering what the heck I'm talking about...)  I do believe all the kids activities have kept this cousin going through some really difficult days.  I know there was one time at the beginning when at a treatment and they witnessed another patient come in for chemo that was pregnant- any pity party that was happening on my cousins end pretty much stopped right there. They realized they already had 4 healthy kids at home and this person was having to go through a stage with a child growing inside them. wow.

When asked how they were doing the response would be 'good'- never any complaints.  I cannot imagine.  What a great example this person has been for others- and a great friend too.  This was all put back to a blessing this past Saturday.  I'd like to think we held a 'For Blessing Of' kind of event. This cousin is not the type to Ever ask for help- period.  So when friends and family members started speaking of a benefit to assist with medical expenses (because I don't think you can ever really pay off those sorts of bills) they of course did not want any part of it.  Too proud to 'ask' for help- so this was not their idea by any means.  I listened for 2 months as my Mom spoke of progress of the event. Hours of work went into the planning and preparation- all for a cause to bless someone who by the end of the night told me 'I don't deserve this' to which I responded.... 'That is Satan telling you that and you can kick him out of here.'

Y'all- I cannot begin to express the love that was poured out for my cousin.  Several of you even donated Items  and purchased raffle tickets- and you don't even know them- but you've known someone else who has battled the disease and wanted to honor them by supporting this cause- and for that I am forever grateful. We come from a big farming family- so there are connections from generations of families working together, connections from my cousins in high school/college/ teaching careers, connections from their kids and their activities- 4-H/sports/stockshows all of this came together with a hall full of people wanting to show their support of this family.  Multiple times Saturday my eyes welled up with tears. 

Anyone wondering where the good in the world is today- I saw a whole lot of good Saturday evening.  My cousin was amazing on the microphone thanking people for their support from the beginning of the diagnosis- then they said something that humbled me.... They thanked everyone that had been praying for them and said that they don't pray for themselves but for everyone else they know struggling!  Selfless- turned their situation over to God to handle and live life as best as they can. 

Y'all have heard me be thankful for my  'tribe' and encourage each of you to 'find your tribe' - well a Giant Tribe pulled together to Benefit a very special family and help them in their time of need. Over and over we see family and friends pulling together to bless others- whether from fires or famine- use your gifts, time, talents and resources to benefit others less fortunate than you as often as you can.  Treat others the way you would want to be treated.

There was definitely a Benefit for my cousin Saturday night- but I think everyone there was either blessed or benefited from being part of it.  When you are part of something bigger than yourself God shines through! 

My cousins kids and mine get to play together now at family functions- although I don't think they've ever made mud pies together- but they are making memories together.  One memory is watching their parents support and encourage each other through different stages of life. Have you encouraged someone lately- if not- take the time today to do it!

This cousin of mine has come to several Barn Sale's- they would not allow the photographer to get a picture of us last year- said next year.  So, I am fully expecting to take a picture with them this year- when the hair is all back and hopefully a clear prognosis has been made.  Only time will tell. For now- I am thankful 'For Blessing Of' family and friends.  I cannot imagine life without them.

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