December 30, 2015

Happy New Year! Thanks for 2015

Howdy & Happy New Year

 Well- here we are at another changing of the calendar year.... I do believe '15 has gone faster than any other! Last weekend I unloaded the last bit of the framework from Barn Sale- yes- a month a half later...... weekends and weekdays have been Full since the Barn Sale (that and Cattleman didn't need that specific trailer....) so we are unloaded and now to re-organize!  Seems like that is never ending- moving certain pieces here and there to work better for different projects..... on and on

I thought I would take this time to......

GIVE THANKS to each of you!  Rusted Gingham would not be what it is without the dedication, support and love of SO many!  This little venture has turned into something that is such a treat and honor to share with thousands!  Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to share a bit of our life with you. Psalm 143:8 says 'Show me the way I should go for to You I lift up my soul.' We fully have Christ in charge of what goes on around here- it is our prayer that you see that in what we do.

I want to take the time and show you some of the 'backstage' photos....A lot of what we give thanks for..... This is how the Barn Sale happens (and these are just the day before and of.... none of the pics of months previous.....and missing a lot of the people at work on these two days even.......)

 Burlap- and LOTS of it come into play to decorate the barn...... I am amazed at the friends that show up with smiles on their faces ready to do whatever needs to be done!
 More burlap- and a little bit of Gingham!!!

 Caught these 3 judging whether the burlap curtains were just right- they were- but the 'Sandwich Shed' wasn't - so it had to be moved- just a little they said!

I told these two guys to be sure and eat a hefty breakfast before coming.... they worked non-stop!!!

No Barn Sale would be complete without PuMpKiNS!!!!  Super duper Thankful for my Dad- he loaded that entire trailer of pumpkins by himself!  We also had a vendor supply some gorgeous Cinderella pumpkins this year----- it just wouldn't be a sale without the pumpkins!!!

Sweet precious Mr. Ploetz and his famous orange truck- Such a joy- he really does smile!  I think I have pics with him almost all the years he has brought out his truck!

 This banner was quite a bit more complicated than normal- thank goodness for friends that know where to buy H-E-A-V-Y duty magnets!!!!  IF you happened to come Saturday you didn't get to see this pretty display- it was moved Friday night when we left and Thank Goodness..... Rain showed up for Saturday that was completely unexpected!  We are very thankful that there is more than one entrance into the barn- we moved it down the hall for Saturday to keep the rain from blowing in the barn--- quite an exciting morning for all of us!!!!
 I'm thankful for sweet vendors that bring sweet little girls to our booth to select a special sweet treat! Yes - I used the word sweet 3 times in one sentence- hopefully it got the point across!

 I'm always thankful for Photographi by Shelli as she comes at the end of the Barn Sale and grabs us to make sure we get our annual photo!  We never know what to expect- the kids always crack me up! I also cherish being able to catch Cattleman in a Fun Pic- he works so hard right alongside me the week of the sale (my 'yes' man) and is where needed when needed! Being able to host this annual vintage sale with family and friends is the highlight of my year- we see so many and hug and catch up.....from near and far. And, needless to say- this sale would not happen without the help of so many family and friends!!! We have pics of some of these reunions in this Facebook Album- (click on the link- you don't have to have Facebook to see the pics!)

 I'm Extremely Thankful for these 2!  Cattleman and I's greatest blessings- Psalm 32:8 says- 'I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go; I will counsel you with My eye upon you.' God is constantly teaching me still the way which I should go- and Cattleman and I are instructing these two... in Bible, in family, in lifestyle, in farming, in business, in junkin' and whatever else we need to guide them in!  These two just might be my biggest supporters - from September on most conversations at some point come around to using the words Barn Sale and I pray that their memories of these Barn Sales travel with them throughout their lives as great experiences!
 And I'm thankful for pics like this- Through this Barn Sale I've met some of the most amazing people- A Lot of them ladies- Fellow Believers, Fellow do'ers, Fellow dreamers, Fellow make it happen'ers and All around Fabulous People! This sweet lady is Tara from Royer's Pie Haven who has had a Sweet booth right across from mine the past 2 years.  This sweet lady has been a stronghold for so many- and we've come to be friends building each other up as the Spirit leads us. Whether slingin pies or sellin junk *upcycled dignified junk of course* there is a magnet as to why certain people are in the Barn- I know for sure and certain that Prov 3:6 is in full force-' In all thy ways acknowledge God and He shall direct my paths.' I have no doubt that this Barn Sale is successful and I have a tremendous 'Tribe' of Amazing friends because of my love for Jesus Christ and letting Him direct my paths.
Thank you for traveling and crossing our path- at the Barn, in the fields, on the road, in town and on social media- May 2016 bring blessings to you!

Thanks for riding along with us!
Suzanne @ Rusted Gingham
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