November 17, 2011

A walk around the Barn Sale

You've been patiently waiting.
Waiting for pictures. 
Waiting to see Barn Sale Goods.
All the stuff you saw and wished you'd bought.
Or the stuff you didn't see but will wish you could've bought.

We've heard you.

We've got pictures!

And we just want to remind you it is 
good manners to take turns and share with your friends!

We'll be posting lots of pictures here and to our email readers. Today's first slide on the Barn Sale view master is a facebook album created by our event photographer, Amy Boland.
Amy managed to weave around all you shoppers and snag pictures of many of the vendors' booths. Come on over to our facebook page and you can go for a walk around the Barn yourself.

You can start your walk by clicking right HERE.

Oh, and this is just the beginning. 
We've got LOTS more goods to show you.

Believe me, we've got the goods!

Suzanne and Tracy
the girls at Rusted Gingham