November 07, 2011

Junk Gypsy Giveaway Winner!

Who's the new biggest Junk Gypsy fan? It's got to be Becky Baker! Becky is the winner from our Barn Sale drawing, and she'll soon be sportin' her new Junk Gypsy t-shirt, bumper stickers, Dirtroad Dreamer travel mug and HGTV shoppin' bag!
We want to send the Junk Gypsies a big-o- huge THANK YOU for sending this awesome goody bag and for being great supportive friends! If you haven't met the Junk Gypsies, then you need to click on over to their site and hang a round for a while. Let them know the girls at Rusted Gingham sent ya', then make sure you mark you calendar for their BIG HGTV premiere on November 25th on Facebook is what we've been told..... If something changes we will try our best to update you!

Miss Becky was so excited to be at the sale- she had found me to be sure and let me know how much she had enjoyed our blog posts- that were being forwarded to her by a friend! She also found a great sign that was in our booth and just 'had to have it'- I was glad we had something that was meaningful to her and will make her smile for Years and Years to come! So when her name was pulled from the bucket full of names- I was super excited for her! I know she will be back at the barn next year- and will now enjoy cruisin with a 'Junk Happens' sticker on the tail end of her truck!

Happy Trails Becky- Thanks for supporting the Girls at Rusted Gingham!!


  1. The Barn Sale was so fun and a huge success for our 1st adventure on the road. Thank you for a very organized & well attended day. Sisters' Treasures is planning to be a part of the next show!

  2. The show was wonderful. I had a great time as a vendor and hope to come back next year.


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