November 18, 2011

shoppers of all kinds

Our 2011 Barn Sale shoppers came in all shapes and sizes! 
No judgments here, just observations! 

Here are some of our favorite pictures 
of you shopping all over the barn.

Wonder what they were all smiling about?
This looks like a family reunion! So sweet.
Decisions, decisions.
This little guy made the rounds and then some!

"Yes, I made this . . . will you buy it?"

This one is my favorite! Just look at her in her little boots and jeans, blond ringlets all over pulled up with a bow. Standing in front of the pink flamingoes and pink fancy lacy blouses . . . dreaming of how they would look on her and planning the special place they will hang all flowing pretty in her closet.

Little girls never grow up. 
We all still do this!

she's a pro!