November 06, 2011

We Had a Huge Crowd at the Barn

Wow! Here was the view out the back of the barn at peak shoppin' time yesterday!  Y'all were the best crowd ever, so patient to make your way into the barn! Thanks to everyone who came out and made our 4th Barn Sale the best sale ever!

We've got lots of pictures coming and fun stories to tell you about the sale. But while the dust settles around the barn and we give our selves a little well-deserved rest, we thought we'd ask you all to take a sec and give us YOUR barn sale highlight. What went home in the back of YOUR truck? What was your favorite part of the sale? What new friend did you make? Who are you bringing Next Year?

Leave us and our great vendors some encouragement on the ole' blog and we promise to put up pictures and highlights SOON!

Suzanne and Tracy
The (tired) girls at Rusted Gingham


  1. The vendors were soooooo nice and interesting to talk to. This leave Gonzales trade days in the dust! We took home nesting boxes (which my birds love), baked goods (which our waistlines loved), some books, some jars, and a cute beer mug in the shape of a boot (which my husband snuck in). There were some other things. But I loved what they had. I can't wait for next year!

  2. Carla McDaniel11/06/2011

    I love how the cool breeze brought the wonderful smell of the A&M Club chili and tamales all the the way to the back of the barn!!!! Thus me bringing home 2 dozen! The vendors were wonderful and such a variety of goodies. Lots of which came home with us. It was a great day for the ladies in our family to spend together.

  3. Tracy @ Rusted Gingham11/07/2011

    @Carla McDaniel I also LOVED the tamales and chili! We were there late Friday setting up and all we could smell throughout the barn was that CHILI cooking! We heard the A&M Club sold ALL the tamales, so we know their scholarship fundraiser was a GREAT success for them!

  4. Anonymous11/07/2011

    Well- I made alot of new friends! I'm digging my new chain bracelet that was customized by Retreaux girl herself...I purchased a neat bauble at another vendor, took it to her and she added to my pick of bracelets! She was SO Sweet!
    Found a Fab bag at Sisters Treasurers that one of my girlfriends already wanted to buy off of me!
    And have been enjoying the delicious baked goods from Simply Sisters and the Mendez sisters for the past two days! My head wrap from Wool Blossom is so unique- I can wear it plain or dress it up.
    All the vendors that I visited with were so super sweet and had a great day- and want to come back next year!!!

  5. Even though I was a vendor and hoped to bring home as little as possible, I did score a great vintage school desk for a sweet young friend named Amber. I was Amber's 4th grade teacher and now Amber is the mother of 3 precious children who loved the desk. Thank you, Leslie Venable, for selling the desk to me and making Amber and her children so happy.


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