October 13, 2011

Retreaux Girl

Retreauxgirl logoCome join us in welcoming one of our newest vendors this year, Retreauxgirl!

Say what? EAUX is pronounced "O"  so Retreaux sounds the same as Retro but with a little Cajun twist. 

You’ll love Leslie, a self-professed
Texas Southern Cajun Girl who’s a little crazy and a whole lotta fun!

take a peek
Leslie loves making Repurposed Jewelry, the South, and all things Vintage. We love what she creates! Look at these one-of-a-kind pieces.

pic of beautiful retro jewelry

pic of beautiful necklace
Leslie loves History and owning anything Vintage . . . 
it’s like holding history in your hands. I adore and collect Vintage Clothing and Accessories . . . and I love Vintage cowboy boots!

Leslie’s vintage designs totally grabbed us, so we grabbed her for the Barn Sale

Come Saturday, November 5 and see what Retreauxgirl has that grabs you! You just might need to take it home!