October 14, 2011

gettin' ready

Oh my goodness! It's time to put the finishing touches on our stuff for the Barn Sale. We are spending the weekend together paintin', hot gluin', tyin', staplin', measurin', and every kind of gettin' ready you can imagine!

We're even puttin' the kids to work and so we're hoping for all kinds of Rusted Gingham Super Hero power to blast us through this weekend!

It's all for you guys, our favorite Barn Sale shoppers! Vendor spaces are being assigned, flyers are goin' up, ads are being printed, and the barn is gettin' all prettied up just for YOU!

We always need a few extra hands around this time of year, and this weekend we need yours! Would you put your hands to the keyboard and spread the word to all your friends? We'd be tickled if you would!
Super easy directions are HERE.

(by the way, in case November sounds far away . . . it ISN'T! The Barn Sale's only three weeks away. Like 21 days. YEP. Don't let the weather fool you . . . it's Fall and it's Barn Sale time!)

Suzanne and Tracy
the girls @ Rusted Gingham