May 05, 2011

Junk O Rama Prom 2011

The Prom came and went in the blink of an eye! We don't spend as much time prepping and preparin' as what the high school prom girls do- but I bet we have more fun!!!

Suzanne dressed for Prom I enjoy vintage dresses so much- I even appreciated them before I was married....guess I've always appreciated a classic style. So this year I dug out of my closet a dress I bought 14 years ago at a Vintage Clothing store in Petaluma, California . To add to it- my 1960's custom eagle boots and a stamped leather belt with the name Stella that I hand painted. The belt was a Warrenton purchase last year- I had to have it......Stella was my great grandmother's name!

Stella belt

We met our annual prom dates and headed north to Warrenton for the evening- along the way we spied the best field of bluebonnets.....we spun the wheels around to snap a few pics!

in the bluebonnets
The weather was wonderful for the event-
couldn't have been better!
field of dreams

We spied a pair of boots on our way in (notice the short brown boots on the left in top photo)- so 2 booths in my friend headed back to the car to put away her daughter’s old brown boots- for an Older pair that were purchased for her feet! She danced the night away in them! She matched my daughter as I had just purchased a sweet pair of brown semi vintage kid boots from Mindy at The Primtique when we were shopping there a few days earlier! Now note tall brown boots in the photo below on the sweet girl on the bench!

new boots
It is always so fun to visit with the Gypsy family-
they are smiles all night long! We all are-even non family!
Gypsy Family dancin
Prom o rama

Music playing- The John Evans band honkytonk style, stars twinkle, pics in the old outhouse, shopping in the Gypsy tent and meeting and catching up with old friends while starting conversations with new ones as well!

photo booth

It's hard to describe- I just know it's one night that I love sitting back and smiling as my daughter and her friends dance and dance. Occasionally they give us funny looks in regards to other attendees’ choice of attire for the night- so we laugh it off and enjoy.

prom dancin
The girls with curls in Pink twirling as much as they can. I know it takes a lot of effort on the Gypsies part- so we are Thankful for their desire to allow so many to have such a fun time in Warrenton! Thanks Amie, Jolie, Mr. & Mrs. Sikes- we love your Junk O Rama Prom!

more prom dancin
On our way out we had to pose by Large Marge The Party Barge we Totally forgot to take our bumper sticker to slap on her- but we will get it to them.

large marge
Till September.........



  1. I seriously want to be a funky cowgirl like you guys! I love the boots and fun skirts! Sure looks like a great night!


  2. Hey Y'all!
    Oh my gosh!! These are the funnest pics ever! You girls are goregous, and the sassy boots just couldn't be any more perfect. THanks for sharing the Junk-A-Rama pics -- Hoping to make it to the September one fer sure!!

    Lisa and Sweet Girl :)

  3. LoVE! looooove this post! you, melissa, and the girls loook totally JuNKy-GLaM-chic! had a blast as always! thank y'all sooo much for being a part of such a magically fun night! XXOOXOXOO!


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