March 14, 2011

I've got a date for Prom!

You Read it Right--- I've Got a Date for Prom!!! 
The sweetest, most kind date, one that will smile all night and just be HapPy to be there!
Actually it's the same date I've had for the last 3 Junk O Rama Proms
 hosted by our Friends the Junk Gypsies!

We're gettin' so excited and ready to go. Just have to finalize what we're wearin!
This is a big deal- going to Prom. I look more forward to these twice a year events
than I EveR did for those from High School days!

Last year we were puttin' on pink, piling in the car, and heading for prom.
That's right- My date Wore PiNk!!!
(disclaimer- car not ours...I'm searching though for a nice 1930's-40's truck!)

Pretty in Pink- Don't ya Think!?!?
My Sweet Sweet Daughter- Looks so forward to Prom-
and her twice Yearly Date with her Mom!
My vintage dress- found in Warrenton!
Her dress was fashioned from a pink petticoat
we bought at the Gypsies warehouse sale last summer.

Always a great place to meet up with friends, listen to some great music, and have fun....
 Mom's and their girls- Sweet times making memories!
Dancin under the lights, breeze blowin, stars twinklin'- it's Magical.

Pictured in back is the John Evans band.
They play some really fun Buddy Holly rockabilly style tunes-
and occasionally light their bass guitar on fire!

It's OK to stay out late at Prom if you're with your mom!

I look forward to seeing how Amie and Jolie have fitted out the old OutHouse every year- 
Yes you read that right..... The look changes but the style doesn't....
always Thrift Store meets Honky Tonk Chic! It's the Hot spot for taking Prom pics- 
No silly painted on backgrounds for this Event! Party Pics don't get any better than this!

Our times there have always been sweet and fun- We smile all night- 
visiting with old friends and making new ones! 

Can't wait for my Date to Junk O Rama Prom
March 31st - Dusk at the Junk Gypsy tent in Warrenton, Texas.
Will you be there?


  1. How stinkin cute are ya'll! I bet that is a fun time..maybe one of these years we can make it. I'm just looking forward to being there and doing some shopping in a couple of weeks. Can't wait to see pics!

  2. It's going to be a fun time indeed and with a sweet date as your daughter how could you go wrong :) Can't wait to see just how pretty you both look!

  3. LoooooVE this!!!! love the pics! can't wait to see y'all!!! thanks soooo much for tha LOVE!

  4. I wish! It sounds like so much fun. Up here in the Pacific Northwest, though, we have the Ruffles & Rust Ball!

    Have a sweet time at the party!

    : )

    Julie M.

  5. Anonymous3/15/2011

    Suz, Can't wait to see you in Warrenton. This will be Carson's first prom. She and I are looking forward to dancing and hanging out with you and Savay! Can't wait to make many more great mama and daughter memories! Love, Natalie


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