May 10, 2011

Buttons to Baubles

I've always enjoyed making jewelry-- something I started back in my 4-H days of Clothing project. Which lead to Fashion design- which meant accessorizing was part of the Project! Wow- I loved it!
I started buying a couple of things here and there- and now y-e-a-r-s later....I'm still beading and binding in whatever way I can. The best part- my love of accessorizing and creating is showing in my daughter.
Well- the new rage is mixed media in jewelry making. I haven't totally been able to do all the things I want- I've bought and found many little pieces to make some really cool mixed media accessories. I will get around to them at some point.
A few years ago I saw a great idea in either Country Home or Country Living- forgive me for not remembering....but it was for a shank button bracelet. I had ALOT of old vintage shank buttons. So- off I went making the coolest 'charm' bracelet I've ever owned!


Then a few weeks ago when we were visiting with Lisa @ The Garden Cat I commented on this sweet necklace she was wearing. 'Oh they are old shank buttons- isn't it neat!' Why Yes- It's wonderful I said!!! So......when I was set up at Marnie's Coughran Hall show she had this sweet pack of vintage shank buttons on cool button cards. I picked them up quickly-knowing exactly what I would be doing with them! I've had this silver chain for sometime and thought it would work great.

So- Here is what I did- I think it's sweet and can't wait to wear it! I think I will pair it with my button charm bracelet! Hope if you have some of these laying around you can put them to use as jewelry- unless you have plans for sewing them on something!