October 04, 2010

Our youngest vendor

 What’s a 6 year old girl to do when she has a crafty, creative mom and 100% of that craftiness has been passed down to her?

She designs. She beads. She knots. Then she makes another, and another.

That’s what my daughter has been doing since last year’s Barn Sale . . . getting ready for this year’s sale! We thought it would wear off and she would get tired of it after a while, but she has designed and beaded over 50 necklaces and bracelets to showcase and sell at this year’s Barn Sale . . . and she says she’s not through yet.

Some of her designs are only being saved for the Barn Sale. So you’ll have to come see them for yourself. But we snapped a few of her beauties so you could start thinking of the little girls in your life that need some awesome handmade jewelry.

She began beading after watching me create necklaces, earrings and bracelets for myself and friends of mine.  She asked if she could do something and I let her- being very glad that I had purchased some smaller beads and they worked great for her!  She sat down and started laying out patterns immediately!  Barn Sale 2009 she had 25 necklaces and sold all but 1- which she so graciously gave to another vendor’s daughter!

She gets her inspiration from anything!!!  Her favorite colors--- like most girls include pink--- so several have hints of pink, or are full of pink!  Others are based on shirts that she likes to match colors- and others she just sits and picks out beads that flow beautifully together!

Her style is typically symmetrical.  She loves to have a ‘middle’ as she always calls it- and has a very hard time doing ‘random’ beading!  Which- also makes a mom happy to know her daughter can easily work with symmetry!

Along with her beaded jewelry, our youngest vendor has also been creating her own style of hair clips!  She loves finding flowers and putting colors together…some clips were made to match necklaces….and of course- some necklaces will be made to match the clips!  She is awfully busy- and a small part of her conversation everyday has to do with things for the Barn Sale!
So --- being the proud Mom that I am- I hope you can stop by and tell her Hi!  She’s been practicing her math problems using money so she can make correct change for her customers!  She can’t wait to meet you and show you her creations!

She’ll be there, ready to go at 9 a.m., Saturday, November 13th. Will you?