April 27, 2011

Wishing for more Warrenton days

Warrenton, Texas sign
Seems like forever ago we were walking and laughing and shopping in Warrenton . . . .  could it only have been a few weeks ago?
If you made the beautiful drive to Warrenton and Round Top in April, then you’ll know why we are wishing for more!

There weren’t many wildflowers to be seen this year in Texas. A very dry Fall and no rain for months does not fare well for spring wildflowers. But there WERE patches of bluebonnets on the way to Warrenton! Just another reason we love to travel to Warrenton!

Texas bluebonnets

A quick trip up on a cloudy, cool wishfully damp morning. So cool that we added on whatever extra layers we could find in the car- grabbed our ice teas, new found rolling cart (purchased the day before at a garage sale for $6!) and off we went!

Suzanne shopping in Warrenton

By the second booth Suzanne found a pair of semi-vintage (Suzanne made up this word) cowboy boots. 

Shortly after we bumped into our friend and photographer Amy Boland! We knew it was going to be a Great Day!!! 
 Amy Boland

We had planned on joining Amy and her mom at Legal Tender for lunch. It’s hard to stay away from their brisket sandwiches or homemade pimento cheese with like 233 varieties of cheese inside!

Legal Tender BrisketLegal Tender Pimento Cheese

It was harder to stay away from Amy! We started laughing and giggling early in the day and it just lasted throughout the afternoon, into the blog party that night. We’ll tell you all about the blog party in our next post.

vintage bumper

You never know who or what you might bump into at Warrenton. And when you do find something, you just might be like us and spend forever thinking of all the things you might could do with whatever-it-is!

vintage letters

In and out of booths we went- lots of looking, running into friends, lots of talking and laughing. Not so much buying, and not so much photographing. It was just too much fun talking and Tracy didn’t get her camera out much.


Here are a few more snaps of our wonderful day at Warrenton. 



Yes, those are lampshades you’re seeing. You’ll likely see them again if you come to the Barn Sale, but you probably won’t recognize them once Suzanne gets her hands on them! (Ask Suzanne how many pair of boots she managed to pack inside that cart ♥)


Wishin’ you could enjoy some of this Warrenton fun? We’d love for you to join us on our next adventure! The next show is in the Fall. Subscribe to our blog with your email, add us to your Google Reader, or follow us on Facebook. We’ll let you know about the next one.

Suzanne and Tracy


  1. I already miss Warrenton. Great post!!

  2. Anonymous4/28/2011

    There's nothin' like the fun of shopping there. But, FYI the community of Verdi which is between Pleasanton and Floresville has a seven mile garage sale on May 7th! Keep on sharing, live the pics and vintage news...


  3. Thanks for posting the great pics! Makes me wish it were already time for another great Warrenton week!! We so enjoyed meetin' y'all -- and something tells me we have many great junkin' adventures to look forward to. :)

    Peace, love, and all the greatest stuff to y'all!

    Lisa -- The Garden Cat

  4. I was so glad to meet the 2 of you at the Blog Party! And would love to come check out the barn sale in November! I just did my post about the part (can you believe I am so far behind)? Hope you'll stop by & see it & yourselves mentioned. Have a great weekend.

  5. Oh I forgot to ask... may I borrow that last photo of the tents set up along the highway for the next post I'm gonna do? I never got a shot like that. Thanks

  6. Drooling over here! Are those metal letters in those fun colors? Love em!
    This sale looks fantastic. Love those shades!



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