March 10, 2011

Texas Size Tumblers

Most of my shopping happens at places like barn sales
or Warrenton, or at off the beaten path type shops.

It's not everyday that I come across something unique that I like for my house at a retail store- 
mainly because I don't frequent malls, or typical stores like normal people do!

So- When I came across these at the store I do frequent the most- 
our long standing grocery chain- 
and I do mean frequent, I at first passed them up. 
Then I thought to myself- I might not ever come across something like this again.

And- I have a blue and red bandana plate/bowl set from the same store a few years ago that I knew two of them would match with....but to get all 4 colors- wow-- they look really neat together! I could easily see getting sets of all the same color- but I like to mix and match things alot!

So- Here's to my favorite grocery chain H-E-B for carrying something neat! 
We will enjoy these Texas size tumblers for years to come!!

Don't you think these would be great gifts too? 
Maybe with a six pack of Coke or stuffed with 
some candy or tools for your favorite man for Fathers Day! 



  1. Lucky girl to be near an HEB!!! Miss that up here, except for Central Market, but its not the same as good ol HEB. Love the tumblers!!

  2. I do think they'd be great gifts or fun for a kid's birthday party and then they could take them home as party favors. I guess I'm in the party thinking mood because tomorrow is my oldest son's birthday. Have a great weekend, T

  3. Theresa,

    I totally Agree with you! After I did the post I thought the SAME thing- They would be great Party Favors!!!!
    Can't wait to see you in a few short short weeks!!


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