November 01, 2010

Cupcakes and Ponies

Just in case y'all think we've got it all under control, we're running around like chickens with our heads cut off! Well, at least girls with a Barn Sale to host! We're crazy busy, but we know how to have fun while we take care of business.

Take a few weekends ago, for instance. Suzanne was busy "doing business" in Warrenton - one of our favorite place to spend a day, walk a lot, see friends and shop a lot. And then when we need a bite, there's Royer's Cafe. Famous for it's personality and ApPle PiE. But look where I found Suzanne "doing business" when last in Warrenton . . .

Her explanation?  "It was the day after the Junk O Rama Prom and I needed some S.U.G.A.R. to keep me going!!!" Business in Warrenton. Sweet.

My business took me to Main St. in Fredericksburg for the weekend. That is, the business of leisurely strolling down the streets of one of my most favorite little inspirational towns. This weekend I was inspired when I came upon a sweet little girl in a pony tail selling tiny bottled Dr. Pepper for $2. I HAD to buy one. Not just because it was cute and tiny, and not because it was a Dublin Dr. Pepper, but because she was trying to raise money to buy a pony! For REAL! We did business.
(The candy store in the background was purely staged for the photo. I NEVER stepped inside the store...)

I thought this quaint view of Fredericksburg was a great summation of our upcoming Barn Sale . . . Antiques, Jewelry, Everything. Well, almost everything. I mean really . . . is it ever possible to have Everything? I hope not!  But we will have a lot of Things at the Barn Sale!!!

We've got a couple more sneak peeks coming your way, but there's no way to visualize the Barn Sale without coming and seeing it in person. The peeks are just for fun, but the booths our vendors are putting together will be loaded full of goodies.

Come in person and taste the goodies, smell the aromas, see the lights and hear the jingles. It will all be here waiting for you and a couple of your good friends.


You might find cupcakes and a pony.

November 13th
9 am - 4 pm



  1. I am getting excited! I know several people who are loading up vehicles and are making the drive to come!! I can't wait to see everything and start the Christmas season:)

  2. Great Post! I'm glad that you take a little time for fun while slaving away and shopping til you drop!
    That's so CUTE that the girl was selling dR. Peppers for a pony. Hope she makes her goal! See ya'll soon!

  3. I live in Fredericksburg - you should have posted - I would have walked with you...

  4. I had a great time with my husband this time ♥


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