February 01, 2011

Sweet Valentines YOU can make

When I think Valentines, I think chocolate, hearts, red, pink, XOX. I love putting little valentines together for my girls, my girlfriends, teachers, and family. Here are some of my favorites from the past few years I want to show you.

I’m all about the packaging, all about chocolate, and making it SIMPLE.


How to: These little hearts were so pretty and very easy to make. I purchased the little tins, used 1/8 in satin ribbon I had on hand, paper scraps from my stash, and filled the tins with M&Ms and heart shaped Gobstoppers.  I trimmed the paper to the width of the heart and used double sided tape to adhere the strip to the tin. I tied my ribbon and attached it to the top of the clear acrylic lid with a glue dot.

SuppliesSpecialty Bottle is my favorite source for tins, but I have also bought from PaperTrey.  These cost me less than $2 each to make.
Now for the Chocolate Nuggets

How to: Aren’t these beautiful? Super, Super Easy, too. You can do this. I buy Hershey Nuggets. I prefer dark chocolate. I use pretty 12x12 scrapbook paper and trim it into 1 inch strips. I then cut the strips 3 inches long. Remove the chocolate wrapper, and replace with your pretty wrapper. I use a tiny piece of double-sided tape to adhere the label. I package these in little tins. Sometimes I line the bottom of the tins with paper. I have used square and rectangular tins. I also make a little card using the same scrapbook paper, and a matching envelope. It is such a nice touch and very pretty. I like to use the tins because they can be repurposed for other things. And they’re just so darned cute!

SuppliesSpecialty Bottle is my favorite source for tins, but I have also bought from PaperTrey.  Hobby Lobby carries the hugs and kisses ribbon in little rolls in the scrapbook section as well as the XOX paper. I just love that combo. ( You can make 48 wrappers from one sheet of 12/12 paper.) A 12 oz bag of nuggets holds about 36 chocolates, and are priced around $3.50 a bag. Tins average $1 with tax and shipping. So these are another adorable, yet very thrifty gift.


My girls and I have so much fun making these. Everyone loves them. Who could resist a hand wrapped gift of chocolate? Not me. (hint, hint)
Hope these inspire you to do something SIMPLE yet special for your Valentines!

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