February 02, 2011

A favorite Barn Sale vendor – Marnie Garcia

 Miss Marnie's Booth.....

What can I say- I fell in love with her from the moment I read her application to be a vendor. She said she had been coming and shopping at the Barn Sale since it's first year! That to me speaks volumes when a person appreciates it so much that they want to be part of it!

To say that she had some goodies in her space would be an understatement- they pulled in with a horse trailer F-U-L-L! And when she left- well- let's just say it wasn't.

Goodness Gracious- look close to the left of the pink quilt- that cowgirl came and went before I could ever say Hello- I'm so sad.....I think she and I could have had many a good conversations over an ice cold coke.

Her wares were wonderful- it looked like a beehive for the first few hours.....and people just kept walking away with armfuls- and Miss Marnie- Well.....She just smiled the entire time she was here! From unloading the trailer to selling- to taking a brief moment to sit and relax with her sweet husband (who hung out all day and enjoyed some Frito Pies and tea) she smiled this addicting sweet smile! We were so glad she was part of the sale ---- and will look forward to having her back.

But before that happens........drum roll........Miss Marnie is hosting a show of her own! That's right and guess what- ---- She has asked the Girls at Rusted Gingham if we want to be part of it---- YEE HaW!!!! Load the Trailers girls and Lets Go!!!!!

We will be with Miss Marnie Saturday April 2nd in Historic Coughran, Texas just about 5 miles east of Pleasanton.

There will be more details to follow - for now- just know that there will be some awesome goods at this show and we are so excited to work with Marnie again!

Did you snag something wonderful from her at the Barn Sale? Let us know what you took home with you.


photo credits: our event photographer, Amy Boland, in San Antonio, TX.