January 31, 2011

L-O-V-E - An Easy Valentines Craft

I love to decorate for most 'seasons' of the year and I get highly depressed when Christmas decorations have to come down- so I was glad to get out what few Valentine things we have!

This was a fun idea I saw last year in a Scholastic magazine. I keep ideas filed away for the day I can actually get around to them! We've been studying 'L' things this week in school- so it kind of fit right in (at least for me!)

I thought this was a fun and Easy Peasy (as my niece would say) way to use up some printed scrapbook paper I just had to have (an addiction I'm slowly working myself out of.)

Then I dug in my idea folder and found a way to use 5 sheets of scrapbook paper or 1 sheet and 4 smaller pieces of paper!

    Supplies Needed: 1 12x12 sheet for background
    4 other papers that coordinated with theme- This one was LOVE!!!!
    The barn wood background paper worked perfect for our home- and the other papers 
    work well with it. Our home does not lend itself to pinks- so the darker reds helped!

     I simply measured about 4.5 inches wide by 5 inches tall for each letter- making the 'O'
     special by cutting a heart in the center. Then using a brown ink pad I inked the edges,
     centered them, taped them to the paper, then taped onto a sturdy piece of
     board to prop up as new decoration.     Voila - Love is in the air ♥

Hope you or your kids could enjoy something like this! This is a great way to use up scraps- and would be sweet to make small versions of this on postcards or note cards for valentines!


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