January 26, 2011

A favorite Barn Sale vendor–A Thrifted Market

Tiffani’s A Thrifted Market was one of our favorite vendors at our 2010 Barn Sale.
She brought totally warm and inviting things for your home
at totally inexpensive prices.

A thrifted market

She had banners and lettered signs, beautiful centerpieces, plates, and homey décor.

a thrifted markeat

Everything was so reasonable she kept being told her prices were too inexpensive!

a Thrifted market
A thrifted market

This adorable basket of pumpkins was calling my name all day. I managed to snag three pumpkins full of personality that fit nicely with my collection at home.

a thrifted marketDSC05522

Those red pillows didn’t last long, nor did most of her unique centerpieces.  

   a thrifted market           image      
Tiffani took a break from her regular business to spend a day with us at the barn sale.
Her full-time work is home design and decorating.
Take a look at some of the clever things she’s shown on her blog lately.  

 before                                                                                        after
    Pantry beforeOn the left . . .     pantry after  
 Tiffani’s pantry before she got her hands on it. Gold and fairly normal looking pantry. (Already neater than mine has EVER been...)

On the right . . .
After, she has neutral walls, white shelving, and she actually decorated the wall! Unbelievable. And check out the chalkboard labels everywhere. Very cool. I want some.

She’s good with different styles, too. Interested in a modern pink room? This gal needed pink and leopard in her bedroom and just couldn’t find anything that worked. Tiffani did her thing and produced just what the doctor ordered! On a shoestring, I might add.

a thrifted market

A thrifted market
Tiffani Boren - Interior Decorator
     Tiffani is a decorator to the core. When other people might be watching a football game, Tiff is rearranging the furniture. And it gets better every time she touches it. She has found her love in personal expression through decorating,  and the best part is that she doesn’t charge an arm and a leg. Just a pinkie or two!
     Decorating on a budget is what she does best. She paints, she refinishes, she does personal shopping, she is great with color schemes.
Why not connect with her if you’ve got that urge to make some changes. She’s probably got just the thing you need stashed somewhere in her magic bag! She’s as cute as can be and EASY to work with. Promise.
     Tiff has done ‘leather’ walls in both of our houses and we were totally thrilled with her work. She can texture, she can roll, she can faux paint anything. Give her a call next time you need some advice. She’ll have great affordable ideas for you. And you can count on her to finish the job to your satisfaction.

Thanks, Tiffani, for helping make our 3rd Annual Barn Sale so fun! You can find Tiffani regularly on her blog, at A Thrifted Market. She's always up to something. Stop by and tell her we sent you! If you want to talk to her about decorating, you can reach her HERE. Tiffani works in the San Antonio, Texas area, but has been known to travel as far as Tennessee for a customer in need ☺

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