December 31, 2017

Happy into the New Year!

I honestly cannot believe that we haven't posted any blogs since Barn Sale week!  Leading up to Barn Sale is always W-i-L-d!  There is so much to be finished- little things- and things that are only in my head.....  that vision always has to be transposed to the amazing Tribe that comes out to make the Barn what it is when you walk in!

We at Rusted Gingham are forever grateful to our family and friends who make the Barn Sale what it is, to our vendors who come and set up amazing displays- the sale wouldn't be a sale without vendors, and to the shoppers who make this the best experience for us all!!!!

We are moving into 2018 Happy and Grateful!

Thank you for being on this journey with us, for encouraging us, for praying for us, for surrounding us with helping hands and gracious smiles!  The 10th Annual was wonderful- and we are already looking forward to the 11th!

If you haven't seen photos from the Barn Sale we have several up in our Facebook album- just click here to see what we have loaded- then check back often.... if you were here you just might be in a picture!  Please feel free to tag yourself or a friend, we want everyone to see how much fun was had and the Awesome GoOds that you all went home with!!!

This is the line waiting to get in on Friday- you gals and guys come ready to shop!! This makes our heart Happy!!  The facebook pictures are sweet- they show so much joy in your faces!!

Thank you for allowing us to continue this junk'n journey- and for being on it with us!  The tribe that surrounds it is Amazing and the Barn Sale would not be what it is without that group of people! Cheers to friendships that are orchestrated by our God and may he continue to bless them!

Happy 2018 to each and every one of you!! See you at the Barn Nov 2-3, 2018!!!


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