July 22, 2016

18 Colors of Paint

Does that sound like too many colors to choose from?  18- Road Tested Colors as my friends the Junk Gypsies like to call them!

In case you haven't heard, Rusted Gingham is a retailer for the Junk Gypsy Chalk and Clay paint!  We have every color at our booth at Main Street Marketplace  in downtown Gonzales, Texas!

 We still have a booth upstairs with our Junky, REmadE, HandMadE GoOds--- but we were fortunate to get a Primo, Perfect, Slim little spot for the Junk Gypsy Paints after we took down our window display.....  This was what it looked like when we first saw it----

Then we took out the cabinet that was screwed to the wall- and the shelves... and we were left with this peach of a color.... So we asked our Insta and FAcebook followers to shout out some ideas- and they did!  Donna Koehler was the winner of an 8oz jar of paint- her choice for playing along with us!  In the end we chose- Happy Camper!  What a great subtle color to use as the back drop for all 18 colors!!   My youngest had to get in on the painting....

In between paint projects I took some time to bake some goods and create a space at our local Farmers Market!  What a great morning- I think next spring I would like to make a habit of this....
Toasted Pecan Banana Bread and Onion Zucchini bread were quick sellers- oh and some sugar cookies- which kind of disappeared rather quickly..... Grandma's tomato, cucumber, onion 'salad' was  a treat for many who said their Grandma used to make it!   

This bread is Delish- but doesn't use up near enough zucchini....

And toasting the pecans makes a world of a difference when it comes to baking- especially in this banana bread!
The shoppers were all so sweet- and excited to have things locally grown and hand made!
 I made some bouquets from everything that was flowering in our yard, fresh picked tomatoes, eggs from the younger's chickens, earrings from the older, potted Aloe Vera and even some ground beef from Cattleman- so I was representing the entire family!!!

For those of you that know me- you know I can't do just a table and my GoOds.... it had to look pretty and good enough to eat- and I will say that it did!

This little piece here has sat in the house for a few years- yes all scratched up!  I loved the barn reddish color of it- but since I'm in this 'brightening' things up mode.... I decided it was time to give it a little sprucing up. Mind you- I have to leave some of it scratched up.

In comes the Junk Gypsy Wanderlust for outside and insides, topped off with Buttermilk biscuit!  I left the shelves their natural color- they are going to be filled with family photo albums/scrapbooks.... 
In case you are getting geared up to pain and want a good sampling of all the colors we have to choose from....
 Buttermilk Biscuit, Gypsy Prom, Dreamcatcher
 Dirtroad Dreamer, Happy Camper, Wild Oats

Hippie Highway, Free Range, Wild Blue Yonder
 Landlocked Mermaid, Faded Jeans, Free Spirit
 Wanderlust, American Dream, Rebel Child
Flower Child, Granny's Cornbread, Singin' the Texas Blues

And what about that booth space that we painted.. well take a look here and see ---- click below
 our booth at Main Street Marketplace

Happy Painting!!!

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