June 28, 2016

A slight re-cap

Hey there- the calendar is flipping to July- Really..... I cannot believe that.  In this case that means that the best Barn Sale south of I-10 is happening in 4 months- 4 months, Oh my goodness!  I cannot believe those numbers just came out..... Eeek! Hope you have it on your calendar!!!!

Here is a little peek at what we've been up to around here....

Yep- those are applications... laid out in the shape of a heart because, well- y'all we Love our vendors! If it weren't for them this Barn Sale would not be what it is!!!!  We've go the 'map' of the barn planned out.... It's full of Awesome!  So be sure and certain that you have your calendar filled in for....
Recently we had the honor of meeting Chet Garner, aka, The Daytripper!  He spoke at our Gonzales Area Development Corporation Luncheon- the theme was- 'What's YOUR piece of the puzzle?'
Chet being the cool-special guy he is was gifted a puzzle piece sugar cookie.... from, well- you know from who!  Sweet girl won a door prize- hence the cap I put on for the Pic!  He gave a very engaging speech that kept all our ears perked!  He highlighted the 'things in our backyard' and encouraged us to see them and invite others to do so! I am so glad to be part of Rusted Gingham and that the Barn Sale helps draw people to our historic Texas town every November!

Speaking of 'drawing' people to Gonzales.... Oh my- our city has been fortunate to host the Jr High Rodeo finals for at least the last 8 years- every year the staff and some volunteers of JB Wells park meet up and 'stuff' buckets to be handed out to the more than 400 contestants!  Talk about a draw to Gonzales!!! The JB Wells park turns into a full blown neighborhood for the last week in May- it is the coolest thing to watch!  Our city explodes with people from across the state coming to cheer on their kids, grand kids, family, friends, neighbors- it is such a rush to see all the excitement at the arena! Rusted Gingham dropped a Save the Date card in --every--single--bucket!  Hoping to see some of those sweet rodeo families at the 9th annual Barn Sale!

Speaking of Barns.... this just happened.  Instead of just one kid showing calves- we now have 2!  My oh my--- little brother has been watching for the past several years- and now it is his turn to join in the ring!  These two make a good pair doing chores together!

We have had some exciting things happen at the Chicken Coop- I have a few other 'Chicken' pics of sorts... those will come soon!

Recently sweet girl had a delivery to make in Round Top with the ever sweet Tara the Pie Queen of  Royers' Pie Haven and since she can't drive yet I had the honor of taking her!  So I took some cookies to Tara- you know she is around P-I-E ALL Day L.o.n.g and well- sometimes you just need a sugar cookie!  

Speaking of P-I-E.... sometimes a friend calls you and tells you to clear your calendar- and oh by the way, bake a pie...... What?  Um, Ok.  So, I clear my calendar and show up to meet up with some other cool friends- all toting pies too!  Let's just say we had a little pie-down throw-down.... Mine are those 'cutie pies' in the front... Tart Cherry pie- just in time for 4th of July!!!!

Sometimes I try projects on Pinterest- do you ever do that?  (insert laugh here......)  Well, this is a pinterest 'fail' that I think is absolutely Perfect!!!!  You cannot see this up close- but there are issues with it.  However, I cannot help but put it in perspective.... my short 'fail' here at pinterest perfection is
n-o-t-h-i-n-g when it comes to my Forever! 
I've said it before and I will say it again- if you don't know where you are spending eternity it's time to figure it out.  I'd be glad to visit with you if you don't know that there is an eternity- there are two choices for it.  One is perfect, the other- misery. 
This saying really hit me today- I've recently had some family members get some unexpected news. It is not up to us to understand The Master's plans- only to live out our lives according to His plan as best as we can - every-single-day.  We are never promised a length of days when we are born- we don't choose when we are born, we don't choose to be a boy or a girl when we are born.... all that is already planned.  Enjoy the plan He has for you- and if you don't know what that plan is, ask Him.  It's pretty cool when you talk to Him a lot, he talks back!  You might be one conversation away from getting your answer.......

We are taking summer day by day- and the days are flying by- even though we have more daylight! Enjoy your summer- get outside, go to a park, play a game with kids/family/friends/neighbors  (recently we were out to eat and had a deck of cards with us- it was shocking to everyone else in the place that we were playing cards- with each other, not playing on our 'smart devices!' -- we were not gambling), watch and old movie together, clean out closets (I know that isn't fun) put up garden treasures with a group of family or friends (isn't everything more fun with family & friends!?)
My momma gifted me this book since she knows I like to carry on the tradition of canning like my Grandma did..... I attempted spicy pickled okra for my first time ever!!!  We can eat some pickled okra in this house, so I am really hoping this recipe works.... ask me in about 2 weeks when we crank the first one open!
And then- with summer comes crock pot- What?  Shocking.... I know- but some days I just don't want to turn the oven or stove on, so the beautiful crock pot gets used!
Who can deny (insert hubby cattleman here, and a few of his friends) a crock pot full of soft chicken breasts so tender they can be shredded with a fork..... Super easy peasy and it lasts this little family for several meals! 

I'm off to make cookie dough for some friends- which means I do have to turn the oven on! 

Treats to you....

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