March 10, 2016

Farmville City Limit

Hey y'all- Happy March!  The year is 'marchin' right on!!!!

I recently was asked to take a personality test by a sweet friend- something that I gladly did!  I always think it's fun to see where I come out and if any of my tendencies have changed since college..... I tested out as an 'Entertainer' - Spontaneous, energetic and enthusiastic.... life is never boring around an entertainer! Utterly social, Entertainers enjoy the simplest things, and there's no greater joy for them than just having fun with a good group of friends. (Yep) Entertainers have the strongest aesthetic sense of any personality type- outfits to a well appointed home (that is the goal) know what is attractive when they see it (champagne taste on a Mogan David budget- at least me... not all entertainers are limited in their spending), and aren't afraid to change their surroundings to reflect their personal style (YEP!)

This is where today's story comes in..... Weekly we host families in our home to fellowship together.  They never know what to expect - the decor in the Sexton home is constantly revolving!  Some people decorate for the Holidays.... this gal decorates for 'seasons' in a unique way.  So when I read that my personality type likes to change their surroundings to reflect their style- I knew that part had me nailed!  It's interesting that as often as I change things, sometimes one little thing is what people will notice.

I'm going to invite you in to a few of my 'areas' as they are right now.  I traditionally have a few vintage items up for Valentines for a few short weeks- right after Valentines (day after) I like to transition to a Farm or Ranch theme depending on the year. The reason I choose these themes is that during this time of year we are in 'Stock Show Season' which means we hit major stock shows in Texas along with a few close to home ones....It starts in January, but I leave up the l.o.v.e till midnight Valentines..... So Right now- our home is all about the Farm!

Last fall was my and sweet girls first ever trip to Marburger for the Antique show (we have been to a Winter Prom with the Junk Gypsies  there- but not shopping) and a few vendors met or exceeded my expectations!  This sign- albeit looks small in the photo it is not... 4ft wide by 20" tall.... was a splurge at a vendor from Waco.  I knew as soon as I saw it that it belonged in our home.  I've been waiting 4.5 months to put it up!   After quick research it seems that there is a Farmville in Virginia and another in North Carolina... as well as our Home!

 I created this verse canvas right after Valentines- it was speaking to me.  God has given us this land to dwell in- We are cultivating faithfulness in our marriage, in our children and in the lives of those we mentor.  The promise in this is that by trusting in the Lord (good times and crazy times) we Will enjoy Safe Pasture- everyone's pasture may look different, however God will protect us.  His word fills our home and brings a joyful peace even in the most unique situations.

 All about Farm Fresh.... beef, bacon and eggs.... speaking of eggs- this was made by the kiddos yesterday- and yes it was Delicious..... the half eaten was for us- the other for some friends going through a challenging situation. I found it on Pinterest Mommas Egg Custard Pie is what she called it.  My Momma made one when we stayed with her recently during the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo and sweet girl loved it!  So, little chicken farmer has A LOT of eggs on hand right now and we thought this would be a 'sweet' way for them to use a few! That, and a dozen stuffed (deviled) eggs to take to Houston Livestock Show.... Stuffed eggs are not just for Easter lunch!  The difference between our recipe and the link above is that we used a homemade pie crust- do what works for you!

Speaking of eggs--- I decided to bring in and hang some of my vintage Purina Feed sacks!  This one is absolutely precious-  We don't have any chicks around here yet.... but when we do- Startena is the way to go!

The bottom of this Pig Startena still has the address from the General Offices- Checkerboard Square, St Louis, Missouri.  That is some serious 'brand image' there - Checkerboard Square.  So one of the guys that comes weekly for our fellowship time showed up last week with a mini checkerboard from Purina- he works for a company where they get little perks/give away goodies and he knew I would love it- super thoughtful- It is just the right size to be a magnet on our fridge! He knew I would love it because he is always noticing how I've arranged or redecorated (the whole Entertainer thing....)

 Speaking of Pig Startena...
This was several months ago when we introduced Lady and Sir Stinker to our place- and our Corgi introduced himself too! Sweet times watching these two grow larger while on our farm.

This vignette houses a disc stand which we sell at Barn Sale every year, cotton bulbs, a very vintage feed scoop (given to sweet girl by a neighbor when they were cleaning out an old shed on their place), and a cute sign that only needs the sheep traded for a hog!  The sign gives a definition for Farm- 1. A place occupied by a Farmer: A plot of land where produce is planted and cultivated
           2. A place where farm animals (ie. cows, sheep, chickens) are bred and raised.
The sign came with a plain frame- so I had to touch it up with some Junk Gypsy American Dream paint!  The Hereford is perfect as that is Cattleman's breed of choice- and what sweet girl shows.  Trade out the sheep for a hog- and leave the chicken on top!  I loved that it did not give a 'size' to label a farm.  My Funk & Wagnalls Standard College Dictionary (that I've had since long before college) says; Farm- A tract of land forming a single property and devoted to agriculture.
So, there you have it- we are farmers.  From fruit trees to vegetables, cows to chickens- we cultivate and produce agricultural products.
Sweet girl uses a scoop very similar to the one above everyday when feeding her calves.  The cotton reminds me of an uncle who raised cotton outside Lubbock (New Home actually) many years ago. And the disc stand- for all my uncles who spend more time on tractor seats than they do on couch seats!

An old window frame holds letters from a former Fertilizer Company sign and an assortment of vintage hoe wheels (I am missing one from here.... wonder who has it) all in colors that I love.

Below the disc stand are two currently functional items for the farm (and one for cakes/decorating) and two that were from 'back in the day.' The hay hooks are functional for what I used them for growing up- and what our kids can use them for now... throwing square hay bales!  (However, I've also been known to use them to hang on a wall as a hook for vintage dresses.....)  The other two items according to my chicken farmer work well attached to the back of his tractors as disc harrows (even if they are the wrong direction- it's all in the imagination) however, when Cattleman was growing up these were curry combs. We have some other vintage combs, but they are still in use at the barn!

Some of you know (especially if you've been in our home) that I am an avid collector hoarder of neat books--- relating to; farming, Texas, anything 'old school' (literally since I teach I mean old school vintage children's reader books) barns, and a few others.  (This has obviously rubbed off onto one of my children who has a mini library in their room) This particular book that is opened on the table right now is: Feeds and Feeding A Handbook for the Student and Stockman 20th Edition 1948. The first to ninth editions are by the late Professor W.A. Henry (1850-1932), who was one of the most eminent agricultural scientist of his period and was also recognized as one of the great leaders in the development of the American system of agricultural colleges and experiment stations. I graduated from a great Agricultural College that still today has many beneficial Experiment Stations in production/research.  The pages I have this book open to talk about Bedding and fertility in relation to using manure as a fertilizer--still great practical reading even after 60 years.

Speaking of Reading- We do A LOT of that in our home.... This is my new 'go to' spot for reading.  Early morning Bible reading, lunch read aloud time (currently we are reading Corrie Ten Boom- Keeper of the Angels' Den- yes we are studying WWII), evening newspaper reading.... It's become my favorite spot. 
This is the vignette above- I was at a friends house a while back and she had lights strung around family photos- I enjoy lights... year round!  I think it has something to do with us needing to 'be the light of the world!' Lights are always festive- and I want our home to be festive (there is that Entertainer thing again) The shelves are made from the floor boards that were in the barn where my Cattleman grew up- Yes- 2" thick wooden floor boards! We salvaged them many many years ago and these shelves have seen many a different decoration on them over the years. The FARM OFFICE sign was a Warrenton find many years ago that I gave Cattleman as a gift. The Beef Cuts Chart was a recent gift to Cattleman- we like beef and we cannot lie!
Speaking of beef- One last goodie that was a gift to Cattlemen as well (Yes- I buy things 'for him' and then use them to decorate) is a perfect Polka Dot Range Meal feed sack with none other than an iconic Hereford Bull for it's image! 

So there you have a 'peek' into some of the vignettes gracing our home right now. In about a month or two it will be totally different...... It's just the way I am.  We have many other vintage farm ephemera around here--- they just didn't all make the photo shoot.  Speaking of photos- I'm sure you can tell- I am no April Pizana  or Lori Raabe .... just a quick snap with the camera or phone for now!

We have more 'Stock Show Season' to go- but it is winding down.... Next post I'll try to show you some pics of the JB Wells Showbarn  being used for our local Stockshow!

Till then...... From our Farmville to yours- Enjoy your Pasture wherever it may be!

Suzanne @ Rusted Gingham

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