February 19, 2016

It's all about the Eggs!!!

Hey y'all- It is the middle of February!   I'm pretty certain this year is going by faster than any others (I'm also pretty sure I say this every year!)  We are in the middle of what we call 'Stock Show Season' and it takes a lot of time and dedication to make days run smoothly this time of year!

In and among all of this we have layers around here- yep- those that just want to sit around- sometimes lay a bit.....

 I guess our girls can read!  I painted this nester with our Junk Gypsy Paint in Granny's Cornbread and came up with this cute saying! 
All 3 pens of girls are now laying- I guess it is ok for them to 'lay' around!  We are mighty thankful for their fruits and our little guys labor! 

Our little guy is responsible for all these girls every day- filling feed, water, putting out good scraps for them, cleaning poop, fluffing straw and collecting eggs!  He also takes several days a week to put the hens out to graze, grab worms and whatever else they can find!

 My new scale has been put to use quite a bit- Very happy to report that most of the eggs are in the Large to x-large size!
 This was the first official egg about 2 months ago!

 Picking up the birds after grazing to have some one on one time!
 This is the only egg to even remotely be on the small size of the scale!  It had only a white in it!
 I think this guy is so handsome- he is our Biofelder Rooster- his feathers are gorgeous!!

This is a daily haul- very excited that our little guy gets to appreciate what I did for so many years as a child!  He keeps up with how many eggs were laid in each pen everyday!  He has also started selling eggs, he learned real fast that we don't have enough scraps to keep them all fed and that feed isn't free! We use as many eggs as we can- but weekly there are still enough to go to other homes! 
This is such a great addition to our place- and we are Very thankful for special neighbors that 'pick' eggs for us when we are at a show- and they just happen to check the water and feed too!  Living in the country and having amazing neighbors is such a blessing - neighbors meaning anywhere from across the pasture to 10 miles away!

Hoping you have sweet neighbors to help your days run smooth when you aren't home- or sometimes just aren't available to get done what needs to be done! 

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