March 12, 2012

Winter Prom Junk Gypsy Style

Yes- It's Prom season again..... Girls around here are already dress shopping, getting hair and nail appointments and booking restaurants.

Well- Please forgive me on this one, I am more than a 'bit' behind sharing my Winter Prom experience with you. Our friends the Junk Gypsies hosted a Winter Prom in December for their upcoming TV show on HGTV. That day was a wild one- and the weather too, a front blew in making it a real 'wintry' day!
The Gypsies had decked out the old Legler Dance Hall moved from Plum, Texas now at Marburger Farm.  It was so cool from the inside (even literally) as you could see light from outside through the wood.  I love love love old dancehalls- they make me HaPPy!! The girls made the evening complete with the ‘red’ carpet- it was pink and covered in glitter!!!  The Gypsies paraded guests down the carpet and into the hall-----

We were so delighted to spend the evening with our past prom dates!  They looked so stunning in their fur stoles from Grandma and Great Grandma respectively!  And- they were able to keep partly warm too!

I was delighted to find this green ball gown style dress from our friends at Sisters Treasures.  I added one of my vintage brooches for extra shimmer by the bow at waist.  My sweet girl and I each had feather flower pins in that we had made to match our dresses!

John Evans rocked the night away with Pasa get down Deena- we enjoyed listening to them, and they enjoyed playing!!!!  The huge crown was made just for the Gypsies, can you see the colored disco ball in the right corner??  The girls had made the coolest vignettes all through the hall, every time I turned around I saw something else that was super neat!  We could tell they put a lot of time into it and it looked inspiring!

This was just one of the cool vignettes the girls had set up in the hall- and one of my favorites!  Love the old music sign all tinseled out.  My sweet girl enjoyed her sprawling vintage petticoat, whether sitting or twirling in her vintage boots!   The white and silver combo of this area was very pleasing to my eye!

Fun- did we have fun??  Yes- of course we did!  Dancing and twirling, laughing and smiling, enjoying admiring all the other gorgeous vintage styles that were there.  It’s so neat to see such cool clothing being enjoyed once again- some things just don’t go out of style!  These old black and white photos were old prom pics- How cool is that???  It was truly a treat to be able to be part of the Junk Gypsy winter prom!

I want to show you all the rest of the awesome vignettes there and their famous photo booth, but you'll have to wait for their HGTV show to see those! Don't miss the show. It will be amazing!

I think I might be wearing silver for spring prom……

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