November 01, 2015

Little peeks and Big press

Oh my- Today is November 1st!  As we were headed to church this morning my little guy announced that it was the first day of November... Well, yes it is- and that means we are just 5 days away from the Best Barn Sale ever!!!

If you need ANY info about the Sale, Gonzales, sleeping accommodations,  restaurants, things to see after the Barn Sale... check out the Home page of this site- We have a lot of things listed!!

So last time I mentioned sweet girl was working on something pretty cool- well I managed to snag a picture to give y'all a little sneak peek... I have a feeling these are going to go like hot cakes...

Leather drop earrings- They are Stunning!!!  She has almost every color you can imagine- and there are plenty of solid ones and another set that are accessorized as the ones shown below. ( I have seriously asked her to make me 1 pair to wear... just one- that's all I'm asking for...) Hopefully when you see me at Barn Sale I will have a pair on!
 These also come in 2 sizes- so you can do a Mommy and Me match kind of thing... or some people just like their earrings a bit smaller while others (me) want them to show!!

 She has also been working on these popular beaded/tassel bracelets- in assorted colors!!!

Sweet girl is getting older and has been working to make sure she still has a lot of choices for the little girls that come in her booth (she has a lot of things for them to choose from) yet she wants to appeal to a teenager, young lady crowd too!  I will certainly be wearing some of her work - even though I don't fit in either of those categories.... so you can too! ;-)

In addition to her booth she will also have a table for Sole Hope 
Here you can help trace or cut denim to be used to make shoes for children in Africa.  There will be a jug for 'donations' that will assist in the fair wages of those making the shoes in Africa! This project is a huge effort- we hope you can join in blessing children across the ocean.

This next photo makes me happy- Cattleman found my stash of old hinges all by himself.... 'why' you ask?  Well- what they are hiding is a pretty cool project that our little guy and one very special Aunt will be using at the barn sale... You will have to come to the barn for the big reveal!

 Big Press- We say Yes!!!

 The tourism committee of Gonzales ran a FULL page ad in Texas Highways magazine... y'all- that turquoise spot in the middle- Yep- Barn Sale advertising!  The lady that designed the ad called me a few weeks ago and told me to be watching the newsstands.... We are Extremely Thankful that the Tourism Committee wants to help promote this very unique & special venue that we host!

WE are Thankful for all of YOU that come from miles away and enjoy your stay here in Gonzales.  WE cannot begin to stress how important Small Business is to the lives of a huge majority of Texans- by you driving or flying in- you are supporting Small Business which is still the backbone of our towns!  So come for the sale and stay for the hospitality- we have fabulous Inn's and B&B's here in Gonzales along with several restaurants that rival any big town eateries!  (Again- check our home page for that info...)

These two- they will each have their own booth at the Barn Sale- Yes, I am one proud Momma.... But beyond that, they are my biggest supporters and helpers. On this day several weeks ago they both learned how to use a t post driver.... this was after Mom had the first one in the ground and the second almost finished.... and they did a Great Job!!!  Not sure if you can tell- but they are both smiling amongst the loud clanging of the driver.

And this is what they helped with- not just this banner but another one as well! We have three of these banners out and about...
One is located at the office of our Vendor Sponsor State Farm Agent Scott Dierlam
this one photographed is just across from JB Wells at the Circle G/Willie's Grill at the intersection of Hwy 183 South and Hwy 97 South, and another one at the intersection of Hwy 80 South and Hwy 90 West in Belmont at the soon to be Goss gas station!  We are thankful all 3 places let us promote the Barn Sale on their property!

If you are headed to the Barn Sale on Saturday be sure you......

  Texas Revolution Team Roping  
will be happening at the Arena on Saturday and Sunday (but we won't be in the barn Sunday......)
So watch out for horse trailers and Cowboys on horses....  We are very happy to share the JB Wells park with this crowd and hope they come and enjoy the Barn Sale in between rounds!!! 

Ok... that's all for now!  I might try to get in another post with a few pics of what you will find in Rusted Gingham's booth.....  back to my 'to-do' list.........

Happy Day to you!!
Suzanne @ Rusted Gingham

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