September 09, 2014

Tin, Terra Cotta, Steel Magnolias, Moonpie, JuJu, The Bag Lady and Glitzi

 This is a great group of gals we have up for you this week!

Each has something unique and stylish.  If you want a style all your own- see these ladies in the barn! 
Here we go.....
JuJu Crafts spends her 'spare' time keeping her hands busy- these were some of last year's GoOdS- wait till you see what she has been up to now....

 Check out these boots and chaps- I can just see a newborn  baby picture....

I can hardly Stand It- This is SOOOOO Cute!!

Ok- these are by far the most adorable baby shoes and look at that hat!

 From down the road in Yoakum, Texas the sweet smiling ladies of The Tin Shed will be with us again for their 5th trip to the barn!  They came and shopped with us when it was still at our barn in the country and enjoyed it so much they wanted to be part of it!  You can find them directly behind us this year- here is an idea of them and just one of their pretty displays!

Yes-those pillows would look great in my house...... these gals get the 'quickest' set up award in my book.  Every year it seems like they pull up to the barn and 'wha-la' gorgeous space ready to go.  I think they may have their own Mary Poppins way about them! So happy to have Naomi and Mandy with us! Refinished furniture, Hand painted signs, Stepping stones, Sookie Sookie jewelry and gorgeous Richard Schmidt Jewelry handmade in La Grange,Texas can be found in their bright and beautiful booth.

Back this year after being off for some serious surgery last year is Judy Spencer the Terracotta Clay lady!  Y'all loved her before and her things are just as vibrant and pretty!  Find her on Instagram @Terracottagirl and a Picture Trail for her too!  Her work is stylish for the yard, the flower garden or just as great little gifts.

 Steel Magnolias- if you are anything like me that name automatically conjures up several memorable movie lines in your mind.  That is one of my ALL Time Fav-o-rite movies!!!  Our next vendor will be bringing the "Glamper" to the barn- a 1976 Airstream converted into a traveling boutique! Steel Magnolias Boutique will be at the back of the barn in all it's shimmer!

 God Made, Texas Raised, Jesus Saved is one of her new shirts- sorry if you weren't raised in Texas (maybe she can get other states?!) We are All made by God- and Jesus died to save every one of Us no matter where we were raised- Amen! You will find costume jewelry, boutique clothing, metal decor and jersey t-shirts with fun sayings in the Glamper!

For a little more style and Totally unique jewelry you can meet Moonpie & Felicity Rose coming to us from Katy. They will be 2 booths behind us and unique is what she specializes in!
So many possibilities.....
Moonpie & Felicity Rose ( I cannot wait to get the story behind that name...) is self produced trend fashion jewelry- all One of a Kind!

Another unique one that I cannot get the pictures to load from the file are a mother daughter duo coming to be vendors for the first time- Glitzi Girlz from Edna, Texas.  Look for more fashion in this booth. Handmade gypsy/boho style bracelets, leather cuff bracelets, boot cuffs and a line of shirts where you will be able to pick your own print to have heat pressed on!  In addition to all the fashion will be treasures for your home as well- so be sure to find them in the middle isle of the barn!

This little bit of fashion is a bit of 'barn style' if I might say so.....The Bag Lady from Victoria, Texas recycles Feed sacks to make these great totes!  If you do not use recyclable bags- here is your chance!  Cattle, Horse, Rabbit, Deer, Chicken, Bird, Dog or Cat- any style can be yours!  These would make great gift bags -especially for those 'guy' gifts that you never want to put in a cute frilly gift bag!  

 Besides the cool bags- she has shot gun shell light strands- Oh Yeah!  Hunting season all the way!!!  I think anyone with a deer camp might just need to buy a few strands of these- just because!

Start making your list.....

Friday Nov 7th- 4-8pm
Saturday Nov 8th 9am-4pm

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