September 02, 2014

Silver, Red Rocks, Mesquite, Barrels N Roses, and Retro Repurposed!

 What an interesting six pack there!  Just so you know- there isn't any rhyme or reason to the order these vendors are going up on the post.  It is quite fun though to group all these unique names together each time!  Over the years our show photographer has been very good about getting pictures of the booth names, to which we are always impressed with how thought out some of them are!

Again this week we only have one 'newbie' in the group- the rest are returning vendors! 

Let's get started with Terry's Texas Mesquite. 
Terry takes old ugly pieces of mesquite and turns them into exquisite usable functional pieces.  We have enjoyed his work and his smiles over the past few years.  This is one of those booths you are sure to find something for the guy on your list!

 Next is another Man- Now this is another one of those 'man making man toys' kind of thing.  The first show that D&S Metal Works was with us they were a hit!  Everyone was talking about the barrel chair guy.....  Then last year he added to it- using old tail gates to make benches. That is right up the Rusted Gingham alley!!!


This one here enjoyed a bit of use Friday evening- I'm not sure that it made it through the sale before it found a new home!

Red Rock Porch is back for their 3rd year!  Camille and Buddy are very creative and I'm showing a pic from last year along with a new creation- I don't want to give away all the neat things they have been working on... you will have to come see for yourself! Red Rock Porch delightfully works at 'Bringing the Past into the Present'- which we highly agree with!  Find them on FB too Red Rock Porch

 This sign is Perfect for our next vendor!
SILVERLICIOUS offers hammered pure silver wire with a touch of a bit of funk and a little elegance made just for you!  I have some of her pieces and I LOVE them!!!!  We are happy she is returning for a 3rd year!

 If any of you read our Facebook page you might just remember that I commented on an application having a line of 'We turn Crappy into Happy.' Well, when something like that sticks out and makes me giggle- it is worth looking into for a new vendor!  So here we have Retro Repurposed coming to us for their first time!  They are not new to this type of business though....  they will be at Texas Antiques Week and frequent City Wide in Austin too. I think both of the following photos are of pretty happy furniture now!!

 Then on to the 'Roses' part of our post title for this week- Rose Sisters from Wharton is coming back for their second trip. You can find them on Instagram @weehamarek

I thought that punch cup chandelier was beautiful!!!

Speaking of beautiful- isn't this lady!  She just happens to be part of one of the vendors highlighted this week- come meet her at the Barn!

Here is a glimpse of what you will see when you are coming in from the south to JB Wells Park- Handmades was one of the words up in lights last year. When you see this sign you need to be in the right hand lane to veer onto Hwy 97 W. The first road to the right will take you to the park entrance!  Watch for signs and maybe a few cars with their blinkers on too.....

 WE (Rusted Gingham and ALL the vendors)  look forward to seeing you Nov 7th - 8th at JB Wells Park in Gonzales, Texas. Friday hours 4pm-8pm. Saturday hours 9am-4pm. $3 admission. Tell a friend or two or ten........

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