August 26, 2014

Cherishing bottles & hardware while gleaning at Owl Creek

Well, If you are in this world then you have noticed that 95% of K-12 schools are back in session.
That number includes us- we have made it through the first two days very successfully! I find our time spent so focused (which tends to help me in the few remaining months pre Barn Sale!) and really keeping up with tasks.  I am glad to be back in the 'routine' of school- did I just say that?!

I am excited to share a peek at 5 Vendors- Only one of whom is new!

There won't always be huge descriptions of each vendor that is highlighted, but enough that you will be anticipating them! So, Howdy! Welcome back to the Barn!

Cherished comes back to us this year after having been off for the birth of a new baby last year!  We are so excited to have them again- their 2012 display was fun and the projects they have been working on will not disappoint!
Next is the 'newbie' as I will call him. We had more new men vendors apply this year which is always fun to see what they 'do' with their spare time.... @jaydorrough will find this one on instagram. I think he is using his spare time wisely... using old whiskey barrels!

The next vendor has been with us the past few years and comes all the way from Farmer's Branch!  You will find her with a smile and beautiful glass all around her booth.  Monika uses bottles to create wind chimes and upcycled functional glassware. She absolutely loves our small town show- so be sure to smile and enjoy her creations.

gLeaNinGs will be back from lovely Lufkin, Texas!  I was so impressed with their photos a few years ago I could not wait to have them as vendors! Their wares and displays have not disappointed either!  I have a few vintage Christmas goodies that I pull out each year that were purchased from gLeaNinGs.

*see- her booth name is with capital and lowercase letters- it's not just me!
This photo makes me smile every time I see it......

 And, since all the shoppers that come to the barn (well certainly 90%) are in the mode of thinking about decorating for Christmas at some point in the month following barn sale we will bring Owl Creek back for their 7th trip!  Yes- they have been at ALL the previous Barn Sales!  If you want to hear stories about it under my barn- ask them......
Love their western inspired decor that can be Christmas or anytime!
I know it is really hard to think about Fall and even Christmas when it is still 100° outside (at least for those of you 'round Central Texas)... but we are one day closer to cooler weather and one day closer to it raining!  So, while we wait for the weather to cool off we will continue to show you beautiful inspiring vendors that will fill the JB Wells Showbarn in Gonzales, Texas November 7th and 8th! 

Hope to see you at the Barn!

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