August 20, 2014

Soul Sentiments on the Blacktop Junkies singing Lala

(It appears I accidentally hit a button that sent this post out blank... please forgive me!)

Now that we have that out of the way- Howdy!!!
I was just out to the mailbox and thinking about the saying 'the dog days of summer' which made me ponder easy days, warm temperatures and kids running around playing quick pick up games outside.  Right now in our area and most of Texas we are not in warm temperatures- it's plain Hot!  Open the door and it feels like an oven- we are dry and need Rain! WE are praying for a good soaking here!

Thinking of it being Hot- hitting the blacktop... We are doing a little round about with our vendors this week. From Comal, Fayette, Tyler and Atascosa Counties.

First up are these two adorable gals better known as Black Top Junkies they make me smile every time I see them!  They have a unique assortment of GoOds- Custom window screen photos, lamps, vintage goodness, women's clothing and accessories (many handmade) and more!!!   So happy they are back with us again!

Next is Soul Sentiments joining us for a second year.  She has been Busy, Busy and then Busy getting great things made to fill her booth this year!  Hand painted signs and furniture, home decor and shabby chic girls clothes (that I wish could fit me...) are coming to her booth.  Here is a glimpse of her work!!

*Precious girl nor spotted dog available for sale*  Cute clothes- Yes!

Next we have the super talented and super sweet (are you starting to figure out how much I love and appreciate our vendors that I have come to know over the past few years???) LaLa Designs. She found us via Flea Market Style Spring 2012 issue where the Barn Sale was listed in the top vintage sales in Texas.  So we knew that she had good style just because she reads a cool magazine! Her work is so unique and creative- I have a few pieces in my collection!

And a totally different look for this post is custom built barn wood furniture. The Mross' booth will have it and so much more!!!  They are packing a Big trailer of furniture, home decor and western accents for their spot in the barn!

Do you know there are only 11- Eleven- XI, once, elf, undici, jedenascie, onze, elva- any other language... it all means 11- More Friday's till Barn Sale 2014!!!!!!!

See you soon.....
Suzanne @ Rusted Gingham

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