April 16, 2013

Now Taking 2013 Vendor Applications

Potential Vendors---- Now is the time......
    You have been waiting for it........

The link for the applications is here- ready for you....Print it off, Fill it out, mail it in, send photos and please wait patiently!  Hooray!!!!!!!

I've waited until after Warrenton to make sure all potentials could have time to get home, read their mail, catch up, unload, get back in the groove of things......So- if you are a Barn Sale shopper (not potential vendor) don't feel like you need to read the rest of this- unless you want to pass it along to a friend! 

A casual reminder of what we look for- if you have been part of our show you already know this....Vintage, Antique, Unique, Re-made, handmade and other Goods--typically in that order. 

November will be here before we know it!  I have had potential vendors emailing for the last few months asking when they could apply- so I need every one to fill out an application and send it this way if you are interested in our show!  Applications will be dated when they are received- so don't delay!! The review process is going to take several weeks- confirmations will start going out the first week of June. It is pretty busy around here- so I have to make time for everything!  Once you are selected- your payment within 10 days will confirm your space!

I cannot wait to see what starts showing up in my mailbox....We have had Such creativity over the past few years, and it just seems to get better!  I look forward to reviewing the applications and getting in touch with everyone.  Please Please Please put viable email addresses that you check regularly.....that will be the Main form of contact/communication!  Write legibly- names and phone numbers too, we want to get everything off to a great start!

In advance, Thank you for your time and your desire to be part of our show- we look forward to November 1-2, 2013 and seeing all of you!

Click HERE to read all about becoming a Rusted Gingham vendor for 2013.

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Treats and Thanks,

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