April 07, 2013

Goods for Rent!

I had a wonderful time in Warrenton with my friends- two trips up....not my normal 3 or 4 times- and Sweet girl and I missed Junk O Rama prom- first time in 4 years that I haven't been there!  That was a weird feeling- so I missed seeing several friends that night!

Over my shopping trips I had school and weddings on the brain- I guess it is because school is constant around here, and I have been in wedding cake mode since February! So, one of my purchases was a set of chairs for the school room from a guy who said 'Names Jimmy- what do you wanna gimmee?'....interesting way to start the bartering process! I purchased 5 salmon colored (they will get spray painted) chairs with racks on the bottom for books! I wish I could show you a picture- but they wouldn't fit in my car when we returned...so I have to make a trip to my girlfriends house to pick them up- Thanks to her sweet husband for letting us take his truck that day!!!

I toted my camera around both days- and did not take a single picture!  ugh.....so sorry!
After much looking- I finally settled on these.....LOVE letters- Truly!


My plan for all of you out there- is to Rent these little letters for weddings!  What better style for a vintage kick than to have these letters propped up some where for a wedding or reception- or photo shoot for engagement pictures!!!!!

These HOWDY letters can also be rented for weddings- Think sign in table....or graduation parties- for my Aggie friends......or just a good ol' Texas bbq kind of evening.....

Thanks to sweet Lori Raabe for this picture!  I could have sold these letters 20 times at the barn sale- but I think they will be best used for renting to make people feel welcome at parties for years to come!

So if you are interested in them shoot me an email at thegirls@rustedgingham.com

Onto more vintage.......
Here is a little look into a wedding I was honored to have the cakes for this past weekend.  This couple had contacted me about cakes last year.  At some point the bride texted me and said 'do you think there would be any vintage stuff we might could use at our wedding at your barn sale?'
My quick reply- 'Totally' you need to be there I told her!!!  And they both came, and they both shopped, and they were both very happy with the trip!
 Her gown and headpiece were very vintage inspired. Burlap and lace on the cake- simple and rustic.

 Beautiful Bride purchased these super cute clutches from a
 vendor at the barn sale- if you are reading this please comment- I want to know who created these darling little goods for all of her bridesmaids!!!! The bridesmaids were all in yellow- each had on a different necklace and hair piece- super adorable!

 I thought this use of old books was brilliant for name places at reserved tables- gorgeous drawing prints with the family names printed and graced with a touch of lace. Super simple, super easy- super elegant!

 below- Wrapped in burlap, ribbon, lace and buttons, simple soup cans were elevated to centerpiece status! 


 The couple found doilies at the barn sale and used them with abandon on all the guest tables!  They were all so beautiful- the groom burned Song of Solomon 2:16 on wooden frames with their photos for a take home favor.  I do not have a photo of this- but he also burned the names of the groomsmen onto wooden clothes hangers for their suit coats to hang on at the reception!  Hand poured candles with more gorgeous doilies and milk jugs with added pizazz atop simple stained pieces of wood made the vintage decor really stand out.  I totally forgot to take a picture of the back end of the old truck which was used to hold their gifts- it was too perfect! 


 A little taste of the grooms cake- he is an 'old Chevy' kind of guy....this was a replica of a gauge from a 1950's ish truck that he had sent as an example. The groom was really proud of it- he really loved the odometer with their wedding date!  I was pretty tickled with it myself!

 There you have it- letters for rent and a great sampling of a vintage inspired wedding- what a combination for a blog post! Hope you have a great week- and for all of our vendor friends returning home from Warrenton and Round Top- have fun unpacking and start thinking about applications for barn sale....hint hint the time is near! 

Also- Mark your calendar- April 20 two weeks- find Rusted Gingham at the Coughran Hall Market Day just outside Pleasanton, Texas!  9am- 3pm under the oaks.....


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