August 06, 2012

Fredericksburg Trade Days

Fredericksburg Trade Days - a fun place to shop in the dead heat of a Texas summer – NOT! But if you go visit all the sweetest vendors in the place, it will be worth your trip, even in July! (Trade Days is open the weekend of the third Saturday every month.)
Sisters Treasures was full of shoppers! 
First stop for us was to visit Betsy and Elaine with Sisters Treasures. They are always so sweet and their space is FULL of great finds! (My girls filled up a paper bag full of little things they loved!) You can be sure to find them at our Barn Sale, having fun and bringing you great finds!
Next stop was the back of a barn to find sweet Theresa Cano with Garden Antqs Vintage. Theresa has some kind of fairy godmother-like magic...and her spaces are just dreamy…even on the Hottest day of JULY in TEXAS!
Tracy with Theresa Cano and Amy Boland 
I was super happy to hear that our good friends Amy Boland and Kristi Day were also sweating shopping this day in Fredericksburg. I found Amy at Theresa’s space. She always gives big hugs and smiles! But Kristi had already jumped ship and headed toward cooler places – she may have been the only clear-headed shopper among us this day!
Theresa Cano's beautiful vignettes 
Here are a few of the things Theresa had for sale this weekend. So precious. 
Theresa Cano's pretties 
Theresa is super excited to be blogging for and selling at Marburger Farm Antique Show this year! She has been an inspirational anchor for years outside Zapp Hall in Warrenton. Now you can find her at her new home at Marburger Farm – in the Gulf Warehouse. Can’t wait for Fall!
more of Theresa Cano's pretties 
Next stop was to visit with Stephanie Moreno with The Chicken Coop.The Chicken Coop 
Look at all that awesome furniture! Love the colors! Stephanie lives near me in Floresville and is one of our favorite new vendors for the Barn Sale this year! She’s another one that doesn’t stop smiling – EVEN in the HOT, HOT sun of Trade Days in July! You’ll enjoy visiting with Stephanie at our sale in November!
Tracy with Stephanie Moreno of The Chicken Coop  
Just as I left The Chicken Coop and headed into the next barn, I ran into this famous duo, Brandy and Mickie of Accumulations. They are always laughing about something, and I can never stop smiling when I’m with them. (see my cheesy smile below)No telling what was just said before the camera went click.
Tracy with Brandy and Mickie of Accumulations  
Accumulations joined our Barn Sale back when we were still at Suzanne’s barn – and they’ve been a favorite vendor every year since. You’ll find them laughing and giggling at the Barn Sale this year, and you’ll LOVE their beautiful vintage displays. They are the best at creating vintage eye candy!
Next to meet was Esther Thetford with Some Things Shabby. Esther will be a new vendor at the Barn Sale this year, and you’ll love her beautiful antiques and shabby furniture. 

Esther was like Julie the Cruise Director on the Love Boat (does anyone remember her?). She took me to all the people I needed to meet and was such a gracious person. Can’t wait to see how well she does at the Barn Sale.

Esther with Some Things Shabby 
Across the way from Esther was Sharla Swain of Wild Blue Yonder. Oh my, Rachel and I had so much fun meeting Sharla and her daughters. Look what Rachel came home with for her room!
Sharla Swain with Wild Blue Yonder  
Sharla loves to paint. She paints on, well, anything! I loved her style 
and her sweet personality just shows in all her creative artwork.
Sharla Swain's artwork
Sharla is joining our Barn Sale for the first time this year, 
and she’ll have a little bit of everything for everyone!Sharla Swain's vintage finds
Look for her beautiful paintings and her warm smile at the Barn Sale. 
Sharla Swain's paintings 
Sharla Swain's painted water can  
Across from Sharla is another totally creative group of ladies that had the cutest seating ever! Carrie, Jenny and Vanessa create for “A Wing and a Prayer.” So cute! You can find them on facebook.
 cutest chairs from "A wing and a prayer"
At this point in the day, we realized the four of us, (my husband and two girls) had not had anything to eat. We were so busy drinking, and SWEATING, we didn’t feel hungry. My husband found a vendor that had FREE SWEET TEA REFILLS all day long – so he beat a path back and forth as the girls and I kept shopping and talking.
Meet one of my new favorite friends, Nancy Diamond. Isn’t she beautiful? I was hot and stinky and sweaty in the barn, but Nancy was just glistening! She makes the most creative, beautiful woven scarves – totally upcycled from the most unlikely textiles.
Nancy Diamond modeling her shawl
Nancy modeled her scarves and shawls for us, and I picked out the one in the above picture. Lots of pretty greens and browns. The longer we visited the more we loved Nancy and her work. At some point, I crossed my fingers, said a quick prayer, and invited her to our Barn Sale. Two days later, she had cancelled another show, rearranged her schedule, and we were confirming her booth space at our Barn Sale in November!
 modeling Nancy Diamond's scarf 
I know you will be just as amazed as we were when you see what she weaves. One of a kind pieces of wearable art! Can’t wait for you to meet Nancy and see her work.
Trade Days is full of fabulous artists, junk lovers, and hard-working craftsmen. This man was one of my favorites. Gilbert Nuesch, from Weatherford, TX. He tears down old houses and barns and uses the wood to make the most beautiful frames.
Tracy with Gilbert Nuesch 
You can find him at Trade Days and also at Warrenton Antiques Week, in the first field on the right. I love how he reclaims material and turns it into art! I left with an armful of his frames for my living room.
Sometime around 3 pm, we finally decided to make our way to the air conditioned van. My youngest had melted and was dripping all over, and we were all getting hungry for lunch/dinner!
 But just before we left, we stopped in to say hello to Patty Jett of Old Glory. Patty and her daughter Megan joined our Barn Sale last year and were a huge success! Can’t wait to see Megan and Patty again this year. Megan has a very eclectic style that is so unique. You’ll find all kinds of vintage goods from these ladies at the Barn Sale.
 Tracy and girls with Patty Jett of Old Glory  
So we shopped Trade Days in Fredericksburg in July, and SURVIVED! Although I recommend Trade Days and all our favorite vendors there, I would suggest visiting in the cooler months of the year. (Unless you don’t mind sweating glistening a lot).

We missed Deidra of Junkyard Dog on this trip, but she’ll be at the Barn Sale too! Hope you plan on coming out to see us in the barn during the cool days of November! (no glistening).
map to the barnsale
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