July 23, 2012

Rusted Gingham was Smitten in Fredericksburg

This girl was Smitten in Fredericksburg Texas.

What is smitten?
It means to be affected by something overwhelming; "awe-struck" 
synonyms: crazy, enamored, infatuated, taken-with

Yep. That pretty much sums up ME while shopping at this brand new, adorable shop just off Main Street in Fredericksburg, Texas. 

Take my word for it. 
You can't step in smitten and not be, well, smitten!

 Everywhere you turn, there's more to be smitten with!
 Lots of shabby

Lots of vintage

 The kitchen was what I was most taken-with.
Actually, this tea towel was the main focus of my affection.

Don't look for it if you go to smitten.
It's not there.

It's now hanging at my house in MY kitchen!

But there's lots more there to be taken-with, or taken home!

This CHOCOLAT canister was 
screaming oui! oui! at me.

But I opted for something else that I'd love to show you but it's a gift for Suzanne, and if I show you now, then she'll see it and the surprise will be over. So just close your eyes and pretend you're seeing the totally awesome other THING I bought. Oh yeah, and there was another thing, too. No pictures of that either. I'm waiting until her birthday, so just cool your heels a bit - she's a September girl.

How about I end with three tiers of smitten that will make your heart melt. When I saw this, I wasn't sure if I wanted to eat it or bathe in it. I'm pretty sure either would have worked for me!
There is absolutely NO excuse for you not to go to Fredericksburg and NOT experience pure infatuation at smitten.

Find smitten at 401 E. Auguste
across from Inn on Baron's Creek

You can park right by the door. 
Infatuation will only be steps away.
You'll be warmly greeted and graciously taken care of.
Your merchandise will be wrapped and tucked with care.

I'm going back.

Until then, I'll visit the next best thing to smitten,
which is smitten on facebook.

Click on over and let them know
this girl at Rusted Gingham sent you!

More on Fredericksburg shopping to come soon...
Trade Days
Das Peach Haus
Carol Hicks Bolton
Barn Sale vendors
Famous people

But for now, I'm just still smitten.
Have you been [to] smitten?

Tracy @ Rusted Gingham
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