August 10, 2012

A Walk Through Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquites

Here's an incredible place to stop for inspiration 
next time you're in Fredericksburg, Texas.
The sign out front says Laboratoire De Design - 
and that's a perfect description of what you'll find inside.
 I'm pretty sure I do not possess the appropriate vocabulary
necessary to describe this artist's antique warehouse, 
so I think I'm going to let the pictures do (most of) the talking. 

When I first arrived I asked if pictures were OK, and I got a green light! It's always best to ask before someone has to come grab your camera and ask you NOT to take them. That is embarrassing.
My girls and husband were with me on this trip, and they kept saying things like "Mom, what IS this?"
Or, "Daddy, look at THAT!"

I just kept nodding and clicking and saying things like
"I'm not sure, but isn't it cool?"

Somewhere about 10 minutes in to my visit, Tim (notice I'm on first name basis with him) came up and greeted me. Then he graciously offered me a bottle of cold water. It must have been the sweat rings from Trade Days he saw on my shirt. But I'm pretty sure this kind gentleman makes his way to every guest who visits and greets them in this manner.
  After I stumbled all over myself and declined his cold bottle of water, he asked me to walk to the front of the store with him. 
He had something for me. 
I was instantly flattered, of course.
For me?
Are you ready for this? 
He invited me to Provence! 

It seems that he and his wife are offering tours they call  
"a small gathering of like minded people who enjoy seeing foreign destinations, getting to know locals, and exploring the country area or region in an intimate way." 

How could he have known? 
I'm SO THERE! He had read me like a book.

 I wonder how humorous I looked as he handed me the invitation and I casually read a few lines. "...9 luxurious nights in an ancient Mas nestled in the heart of the Luberon Valley. Touring the hillside villages of Gordes, Rosillon, Goult, Menerbes, Bonnieux and Loumarin." (I was digging deep into the recesses of my brain to try and recall ANYTHING that might help me clue in to these names and places...sadly, nothing)

"...Private Tour and wine tasting of a local vineyard followed by lunch at the chateau with the vintner and his wife."

 It was too much. I skipped to the bottom line.  
$4500, Double occupancy.
That actually sounded kind of reasonable, considering.
Then I realized I would be responsible for my own airfare.

As I abruptly awoke from my Provencal dream I realized Tim had quietly disappeared and gone about his work pricing things and placing things about the warehouse. He was kind and gracious. I felt like a 12 year old girl who had just peeked into a prom I wished I was dancing!

 I went back to clicking my camera, 
fully intrigued by the antiques, 
the warehouse itself, 
and the totally off the charts artistic presentation 
of the goods in the store.

 Confession time. I shoplifted. Nothing big. Just a tag. I had to have one. (Let's face it - I'm probably never going to actually purchase anything from these world travelers.) It was sitting in a pile of blank tags next to a black marker. Tim had slipped away to greet a delivery truck, and I decided I needed a memento I could afford (steal). 

I love Carol's artistic design. She has tags printed, hole punched, and they use string, twine, or tape to attach. And the best part...she HAND WRITES descriptions and prices on her tags, just like we do! And it's not even beautiful handwriting. But it's personal, and I love that!
If it's for sale, it has a tag. A cool one.
Let this be a lesson, all you sellers of stuff. 
Take note from Designer in Residence, Carol Hicks Bolton. 
Brand your name. 
Create a tag.
Tie it or tape it.
Be artsy like Carol!
It can't hurt.
So here you have it.
Rusted Gingham's inspirational tip of the month:
Visit Carol Hicks Bolton's 14,000 square feet of 
magnificent antiques sourced from Europe and beyond. 
Fall for their selection of antiques from France.
Be dazzled by their bedsteads and linens from Belgium.
Find it all in Fredericksburg, Texas!

301 South Lincoln Street
on Warehouse Row
{830} 997-5551

Maybe you'll be invited to Provence, too!
♥ Tracy

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