May 07, 2012

Junk o Rama Prom

In life there are some friendships that we really cherish. Those friendships that you know God created to help you through this journey he has laid out for you.  For me, two of those friendships were started while in college.  One friendship blossomed thanks to an amazing class and projects that we had to do together.  Then the other friendship came about through the first friend- and amazingly- we all jive together.  Two California girls mixed with one Texas gal made for a really amazing trio.  That friendship is still going strong- even though we don't get to see each other daily, or even talk daily- we still make it a point to spend time together.  We are spread by miles- but our memories keep us close!  We gathered a few weeks ago to spend a night out at Prom........Here we are about to jump in the car!!

The following pics are of our time together at Junk O Rama Prom hosted by our friends the Junk Gypsies! We each have two kids- in similar age ranges, which makes for really fun times together.  As you can tell by these pics- we are missing two.....they are the boys- this is a Mother Daughter night out---for now!

These girls were ready to dance- they could not walk fast enough to get there!!!
Below is a Pre Prom pic at the backdrop of Malissa from  Pent Up Photos.  We thought this was a great way to fit us all together!

They couldn't quite squeeze in the outhouse- so we opted for this pose instead.
Below you will see my vintage gown- a sweet friend cut it 'shorter' for me and hemmed since my machine has been broke for a few months.  With the extra from the cutting- she made sweet girl a matching skirt!  We loved that idea- as it might be about the only time we (she thinks it's cool to match her mom) get to do this!

Fitting the three of us girls into the outhouse was quite the deal- I loved the beads, just had to move them back a bit!  So- they were California girls growing up--- but now both reside in Texas and are raising their families here!!!!

We are totally cracking up----One of us is really tall, one in the middle and one a little shorter- so here the tall one is squatting- the middle is standing normal and the 'shorter' is on her tippie toes!!!!!  

We enjoyed listening to the John Evans band and twirling/swinging to his music.  The little girls night was complete when they finally lit the Bass Guitar on fire- My sweet girl had seen them do it a few years ago and told all her little friends to keep an eye on it- finally she asked Mr. Evans if they would do it and he said 'yes'.  I think something about there not being a 'Burn Ban' in Fayette county this year had something to do with them being able to light it!!! Oh- it's lit flambe style- it goes out really quick!!!
It was so fast- I couldn't even get my camera turned on in time!!!!

This fun pic was from my sweet friend Natalie who makes me laugh so much- she is always full of stories and we share the same humor as well- so catching up with her and another college friend Beth was an added treat to the evening!

We hardly were able to visit with Amie and Jolie- but said Hellos and gave hugs- and all were able to dance and enjoy the evening!  

End of night lights- They only wanted to leave come 10 o clock because they thought they were going to get to go swimming where we were staying the night!  
Another successful prom-
Till Fall- when we hope our Previous Prom dates can come along......
Treats- Twisting and Turning to John Evans,
Suzanne & crew......

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