May 13, 2012

Sacrificial Love on Mother's Day

Sending a little Mother's Day greeting 
                     to all our bloggy friends!

Mother's Day is one of those celebration days everyone can connect with. Either you are one, or you had one! 

Suzanne and I both have our moms still with us, but neither of us got to spend the day with our respective moms. I did enjoy the day with my mother-in-law and a nice afternoon tea with cake. The girls had a ball serving us tea with creme and sugar. "Keep your pinkies out" they kept telling us. We look forward to having the whole gang together next weekend to celebrate again. 
I missed my mom in Dallas who I'm sure had a great day celebrating with my sister and her family. It's hard for us to spend all the holidays together, but we try to get together when we can.

Suzanne and I both lost grandmothers this past year. This was our first Mother's Day without the presence of Grandma and Gran. Their memories flooded my mind all week as the day approached. I had an awareness that they were missing, but a sweet peace that comforted me knowing they are praising God in heaven. Both were Believers in Jesus Christ and both had accepted Him as their Savior. They became daughters of the King many years ago!
 Moms know what it means to sacrifice for the ones they love. Our grandmothers each lived that sacrificial love out during the happy times and the hard times of their long lives. Sacrifice is a natural part of Christ-like love. It's not hard. It's automatic. It's what Jesus does in our hearts when we invite Him to live there.

I have no idea how long my life will be here, but I aspire to become more and more like those two grandmothers who honored God and loved their families well. 

This morning as I got ready for church, I saw my Gran's wedding band sparkling on my counter. It has been there for almost a year, and I seldom pick it up. But today I slid it on my finger and felt her love-presence all day. I was blessed to have a Gran who showered her love on me my whole life. Sometimes it must have been sacrificial, but most of the time I think it was pure joy.
Wishing you pure joy this Mother's Day.

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