May 02, 2012

Junk Gypsies on HGTV!!!

I absolutely love the twice a year visits we make to Warrenton for junkin, for Junk Gypsy shoppin, Prom o Rama, and THIS year my trip included a big ole HGTV Premier Party! Here's how it all happened...

This view to me is serene to say the least.  It is, by far one of my favorite drives in this beautiful Lone Star State.  I've always wanted to take a picture of it- and have never slowed down enough to make it happen.  Well, as you can see- a few weeks ago I had that opportunity!  I had been shopping in Warrenton the day after prom (those pics coming soon!) and headed by the Junk Gypsy tent to visit with the girls.  They were headed out to get ready for their big Premier party that night.  Jolie asked if I was coming back for the party- How can I say no?!?!!!!  Of course I would go back!

It had been a wonderful day shopping with our friends that went to prom with us- and throughout the course of they day they all started shaving out heading home- including my parents, aunt, Tracy and her oldest- so my daughter was able to head out with them leaving me to shopping by myself!

So- I thought to take a break and drive up toward Round Top-  cool breeze blowing through the car, bottle of water and some road tunes.  Funny thing was- a bit earlier all the traffic was stopped headed south.  However- when I turned my car north headed to Round Top- it was literally stoooooppppp and a little bit of go!  Hence- the gorgeous photo above!  I guess it was worth it to finally get this photo.  Now- if only we owned that place!  Oh to dream............
Then- as timing would have it- going back to Warrenton the traffic was - you guessed it- Stoooooop and go.

I made it back and did a little more shopping in Bar W before heading back to Junk Gypsies tent.  Although- it looked quite different than it had just two hours previous.....This is what I saw- the most giant big screen - with the exception of a drive in screen of course! 

We ate, - Pork sliders with coleslaw, balsamic cubed watermelon, mac n Cheese and something else that was really good that my mind cannot remember at the moment....Drinks- all I could handle at the time were a ton Ice tea refills- although I was really wishing for a little sangria from Miranda Lamberts Red 55 winery booth. I visited with a few friends that I did not get to visit with at prom, and then- it started getting dark outside.  Then it was dark enough for this- The HGTV preview!

Yep- there they are - on the Big Screen- Literally!!!! The showing was wonderful- what these girls have done in the homes for the shows is beyond cool.  Everyone that I've heard from that they've decorated for has left everything the way the girls did it!  That speaks volumes for the way the girls know their clientele-  and for how they can put Junk to work in all the right places!

Ok- So if you haven't heard- the Junk Gypsies are coming to HGTV!!!!  Mark your Dvr's for this Saturday- actually just be at home by 6pm to watch it.  You will appreciate their skills!  I pray they use these God given talents to inspire others and share in the gift he has graciously bestowed on them.

So- DVR the Kentucky Derby and watch the girls- you will enjoy it- our whole family will be watching, with some very special friends!!!


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