April 30, 2012

Warrenton Week and a Wedding

The girls at Rusted Gingham had a great time shopping in Warrenton last month, and we also attended a wonderful wedding in the middle of Antiques Week. We had to miss Theresa Cano’s famous blog party (recap from Kristi Day) and also the beautiful Picnic by Petticoats on the Prairie in Roundtop (recap from Lisa Harris). But this wedding was worth it!

Nothing could have topped the weekend better than to see our sweet cousin Kendra be married to the love of her heart, Dustin!
This was one of the most beautiful receptions I’ve ever been to. Kendra and her mom and aunt worked so hard to make it a beautifully comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

Kendra is a precious family girl, and she honored all her guests with such personal mementos. Every family had a special table and our names were carefully included at each place. We all felt loved that night!

Look how happy Mr. and Mrs. Masters look! And that’s one happy mom looking on – so proud of her daughter and new son-in-law.
I can’t write this without letting you know that Suzanne created Kendra’s beautiful wedding cakes. She amazes me with her talent. Her cakes are beautiful, but they taste divine! It takes a true artisan to accomplish both. (I’m just standing here in the picture because my blue matches the cake….)
Now look at this next awesome picture.
Two A&M grads, committing to a new life together. Whoop!
My favorite part of the reception was watching Kendra and her Daddy on the dance floor. You can just tell his heart is about to burst! 
Kendra’s face never stopped smiling. 
Here’s to a wonderful wedding with special family and a great week in Warrenton with great friends!
♥ Tracy

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