March 26, 2012

People and Places we’ll be visiting in Warrenton

Suzanne blazed her trail to Warrenton today. Wonder what she found? 

Make sure you go see:
Theresa Cano with Garden Antqs Vintage just outside Zapp Hall.

Leslie Venable with Retreaux Girl behind Zapp Hall/Royers.

Junk Gypsy by Zapp Hall.

Betsy and Elaine with Sister’s Treasures in Dillard's Field, across the street from the Lutheran Church. Our favorite sister act!

Megan Jett with Salvaged in Dillard's Field.

Karly Woods with Gypsy Treasures in Bar W Field. Last row before Renck Hall, all the way to the where the road curves. Pond is diagonally behind her.

for food and such:
Royer’s Café in Zapp Hall – Pecan Pie Heaven!
Legal Tender Saloon, Warrenton, TX
Legal Tender Saloon for mile high pimiento cheese sandwiches to die for.
Happy Belly for a snack (recommended by many friends – this will be our first visit)

This may help you get around a bit.

map of warrenton

So when are you headed to Warrenton/Roundtop? We’re making several trips over the next two weeks. Will we see you?


  1. I am headed to Warrenton/Round Top on April 5th and staying until April 8th :) It's going to me my first time (but not my last!!) I am SoOoOOoo excited! AND!! I am planning on coming to your barn sale this year too!! Woohoo!!

  2. You dang well better come see me! I will probably only be there prom day. Have a new, awesome backdrop and set. Come get your photo made!


  3. Hey there! Thanks for including Salvaged in your write up - I feel so special! Anyways, just as a quick correction-Salvaged and Sister's Treasures are in Dillard's Field. But definitely across from the Lutheran Church! Can't wait to see you ladies again! :) It was great getting to run into Suzanne today!


    1. Anonymous3/26/2012

      OOps - so sorry for putting you in the wrong field, Megan. I'll go fix that right now! Just talked with Suzanne and she was telling me about seeing you today!!!! I can't wait. Tracy

  4. OMG, I can't wait to be back there. We leave tomorrow. Woohoo. I'll be seein ya there!!!

  5. Thank you ladies! RETREAUXGIRL is very fortunate to be found in Red Neck Chic tent in Zapp Hall Field.............Come and say howdi :-D

  6. We used to have a country home out in Ledbetter...way back when these markets were teeney. It's still the best place in Texas. Enjoy picking! -diane


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