February 14, 2012

Who was Saint Valentine?

Saint Valentine was a Christian priest who lived in the city of Rome about 300 years after the birth of Jesus. The emperor of Rome refused to allow people to be married in a Christian ceremony. Valentine ignored the emperor and continued to perform marriages in the Christian way. When the Romans found out, they executed Valentine.

Later, February 14 became Saint Valentine's Day, a day to honor the priest. Still later, it became simply Valentine's Day, a day for sweethearts. In remembering Saint Valentine who allowed love to take hold and perform marriages for those who wanted to commit their lives to each other- we hope you have a fun day and maybe just maybe get a chocolate or two out of the day!

It's fitting that Valentine's is such a popular day for engagements and marriages- following Saint Valentine himself.

People started writing valentine love letters in the 1400's. Soon, some began to draw pictures on their letters. They added lace to make their valentines prettier. Once, people sent valentines to show their love only to their sweethearts, but today, people send valentines to friends and family too!

Valentine's Day is very popular in England, France, the United States and Canada.

Happy Valentine's Day friends!

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you both!!!


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