February 19, 2012

the girls at rusted gingham love Pinterest!


Pinterest is a great web tool that lets you grab pictures from the internet and organize them on virtual ‘pin boards’ that you can view, share, and reference forever. Each time you pin a picture, the source is also pinned, so if you want to go find the recipe that went along with the piece of apple pie you just pinned, it’s just a click away!

You can organize your pins any way you want. Here are a few of the pin boards we created for Rusted Gingham:

pinterest boards
We’re pinning things that inspire us, things we think you’ll love too, great how-to sites for crafty things, and all kinds of other goodies. You can browse all our pins by going to our Pinterest site. If you want to start one of your own (which you WILL if you haven’t already) then just request an invite.

Come take a look at the beautiful pictures you’ll see on this site. Follow our Pinterest site, or just follow the boards you’re interested in. It’s very easy to use and very, uhm, habit forming.  Here are three we pinned right away. Aren’t they just totally wonderful?

You can also easily pin great photos right  from our blog by using the “PIN IT” button we have added to the bottom of every post. (see it, it's right down below our names) Easy Peasy. Easy Pinning.

[Leave us a comment if you’re pinning so we can follow your inspiration boards!]

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Happy Pinning
Suzanne and Tracy