October 04, 2011

Tin Shed

take a peek at who's coming

Here's a little sneak peek into The Tin Shed. (We love peekin' inside of tins sheds of all kinds don't you? . . . You never know what kind of treasures you might find!)

picture of the tin shed
This bold and bright Tin Shed is from Yoakum, Texas. These girls really know how to fancy up a shed! Their bright colors and bright smiles make for fun shopping in a shed!

The Tin Shed specializes in items from Texas artists- which we appreciate so much!!! It is so awesome to showcase items from other artists in and around our great state! They make several of their items themselves- Talented girls!!!!

The Tin Shed was with us last year and had a great time. They have doubled their space this year, so there will be even more goodies for you to shop!

Time to start thinkin' Christmas. We bet you'll find something from these girls that will be perfect for someone on your list.

We are delighted The Tin Shed will be with us once again!!!!!!!!

Come see The Tin Shed 
at our fourth annual Barn Sale.