October 06, 2011

Famous Husband Wife Duo

 Fred and Wilma. Ricky and Lucy. Ward and June.
Remember them? 
(If these do not ring a bell in your past, 
then your past is shorter than Tracy's
 and she will be sad you missed out on this 
golden era of vintage television. ) 

Cartoons had Fred and Wilma. 
Television had Ward and June. 
And the Barn Sale had Brad and Lesha

barn sale sneak peek 
Brad and Lesha are indeed famous and unforgettable. At last year's Barn Sale, Brad was the Cowboy shaking hands, tellin' jokes, and tying bows!

"No way! HE actually did the bows himself?" 

Yep. We watched him. We were impressed. 

Not only with Brad's bows, but with the enthusiasm and personality that he brought to the Barn Sale! He brought lots of electricity - bundled up in these beautiful bow covered cubes for Christmas.

Christmas cubes

We're thrilled to tell you Brad's back with more colorful cubes for your home this year! You'll know him when you see him. He'll be the Cowboy shakin' hands and tyin' bows! Only at the Barn Sale!

Lesha is the unforgettable pregnant mommy from last year that kept us all warm with her spiced cider and delicious soup. She's back again without the baby (happy grandparents will be sitting with their crew) but with more delicious food for your holiday entertaining and gift giving. She's bringing Tastefully Simple Foods, which are convenient and easy-to-prepare items, designed to help you spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the people you're serving. Perfect for the upcoming holidays!

picture of tastefully simple

Brad and Lesha will be pullin' their trailer all the way from Granbury, Texas, full of Christmas lights, Beer Bread mixes and lots of other items you'll have to come see. They're packin' it all up just for you! They're dedicated. Their devoted. They're a dynamic duo.

Come see what Lesha's got cookin' this year. And maybe if you time it just right, you might get to see a Cowboy tie a bow! 

(hint . . . come early!)