October 24, 2011

Junk O Rama Prom and Big Ol' Give Away!!!

Among all the gluing and cleaning and getting ready for our Barn Sale- I had to take a few breaks to go see some friends in Warrenton!! It just comes natural at this time of year- it's what I do, it's where I go!

This time around was such fun as I was able to hug friends Amie & Jolie and give them a big old ConGraTuLaTioNs on becoming the newest thing for HGTV---Yes you read that right!!!! The Junk Gypsies are coming to HGTV....sneak peek coming in late November. They have been hard at work decorating homes for the show- we are so happy that the world will FinAlLy get to see that it's cool to live with Junk!
I was up early that morning packaging some mini pecan (pe-cahn) pies for the HGTV crew- they just loved their goodies! So happy to share some southern goodness with them! The girls in the totally decked out tent were super sweet and super happy to be at the biggest and best flea market this side of the Mississippi!
I literally cannot walk by any booths that have vintage clothes hanging- I have to go and see what's there....this trip I found a super cute black gingham one piece dress- belt it with boots and away I can go! Then there was ThIs one- the one in the pic above- I'm not a yellow girl by any means- but this one just worked. And---I could get it zipped....so even though I thought I already had my prom dress picked out- this one took over! It was lighter weight and cooler for the evening than the other dress I had previously purchased (I imagine it will get it's turn in the spring!)
I also found a great petticoat for my date- it was black and worked great with her vintage boots. She was super excited to be able to twirl and twirl and twirl.......

We had new friends join us this year. They have recently moved to Texas- although we have been friends for a very long time (as in the kind that were there when you met your husband)! She has seen pics of Prom over the years and has been anxious to go- so we were delighted to spend the evening with them! Our typical dates had to be out of town- they and we were super sad that they missed the evening!
Here we are in the Gypsy tent--- see that great old French Horn behind us....it is a light!!! Look for it in an episode of The Junk Gypsies on HGTV- your's truly might just be carrying it around in an episode! The Gypsies are so creative in their stylin of things- it all looks so good together- whatever it may be....
Yellow and Pink- and big smiles- Amie and I both had big flowers and feathers on for the evening- mine in my hair and hers with a big feather on her dress! Jolie said she found her dress on the grounds as well- always wait to see what's there--- great way to shop! They both looked gorgeous and were smiles all night- forgive the fuzzy picture taken on the fly!

The John Evans band played their Pasa get down Dena style all night- we twirled and whirled the night away- well at least until our dates were tired! It was a fun star studded evening - literally under the starry Texas sky. We had a great time......and look forward to the next one!
In and out of all of this- we purchased some goods in the Gypsy tent during the show....but when I got home realized I missed out on a shirt that I REalLy liked. It says- 'Love me Love my Junk' pretty much sums up my life this time of year! So I ordered it and another that says 'For the love of Junk' are you getting the pic- I like JuNk! (well some people call it junk- not I!)

When the nice UPS man delivered it there were some extra goods in the box straight from Gypsyville ....Ones that the girls sent for us to do as a Give Away at the Barn Sale!!!! Yes! That's right--- Gypsy goods up for grabs at the Barn Sale! We were so tickled to have the Gypsies come visit us at last years sale and we cannot wait to share their goods with a lucky attendee! Thank you Amie & Jolie- Ya'll are our AweSoMe!!....Seriously--- ThaNk YoU for such COOL goods to give away!!!!

Want to know what was in the box??????????
How about; Love me Love my Junk t, Travel mug, koozie, bumper stickers- that's right make your ride an official Gypsy one and a super ooper cool HGTV We love Junk tote to put your barn sale purchases in! So if that's not cool enough to make you want to show up at the Barn Sale I don't know what is!!!!

The Gypsies are the coolest down to earth Texas gals- so glad to call them friends- if you haven't seen their stuff....by all means check them out!!!! And stay tuned for HGTV details on their show- it will knock your socks off, or boots or flip flops-

Treats to you- and hope to see you at the Barn Sale!

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