October 21, 2011

Delicious Tamales

If you've been to the sale in the last two years and had the pleasure of purchasing tamales from Granny's Cafe, then you've tasted Delicious Tamales!

Here was my conversation with Granny last year- (mind you- I'm PicKy about my tamales)

me- 'Oh my gosh, these are DeLiciOus! Where did you get them?'
Granny- 'Delicious Tamales'
me- 'I know, I said they are delicious- where did you get them?'
Granny- 'From Delicious'
me- 'What do you mean from Delicious?'
Granny- 'Delicious Tamales in San Antonio'
me- (Cracking up) 'Oh- you mean there is a place called Delicious Tamales? Well that's perfect- because they are DeLiciOus!

And here we are at 2011 sale---- Granny has decided to team up with her sister and have a booth of their own goodies (sound familiar?) so this left an opening for a food vendor. Because we know you have to have food when you shop!

So- A great opportunity arose........
Our Local A&M Club decided to take the food booth with a limited yet delicious menu..... They will be selling Delicious Tamales (RealLy believe me- they are Delicious!) They will also have chili and fritos so you can have your choice of plain tamales, tamales with chili or Frito Pie. The weather is typically perfect for this type of food! They will also have tea and water and lemonade

All of the proceeds from this Chili and Tamale Fandango that the Club is hosting will go straight into their scholarship fund! You can pre-order tamales by the dozen by calling 830-672-8676 and letting them know what you need! Call by Oct 31 to get your order in!

What about other food???? Throughout the Barn Sale you will find vendors with snack mix, fresh baked breads of all sorts (think kolaches, loaf bread, scones, banana bread, pumpkin bread) sugar cookies and some super sweet little girls will be selling cold drinks. And if it's even the least bit cool outside, they're promising some steamy hot chocolate!

So- we hope to have you covered. And if you have a hankerin for a great burger- then you can find one a few steps away over at the Arena. Have we mentioned yet that there will be a Jr. High and High School rodeo over at the Arena? You can go rest your legs and watch some great cowboys and cowgirls compete in youth rodeo! So for our friend Susan who was so delighted last year that our sale really was in a barn that she took a picture of some of our stock (cattle) you can still see calves and horses (just not ours this time!) and we are still in a barn (this time with bathrooms)!

Goodness gracious- We are gettin Excited!!!! Hope you are too!!!! Can't wait to see you!

Plan ahead and pre-order tamales by the dozen by calling 830-672-8676 and letting them know what you need! Or just stop by Saturday the 5th and we'll have plenty for you!