September 01, 2011

Barn Bookshelves to Bright and Blue!

I always need more space to store things...Don't you???

I was delighted when my brother and Dad thought of me when these bookshelves were getting thrown out of a building! They stored them under a barn for a while- till they could stand it no more...they had to leave their premises!! So here they were......

I put them under our barn for a while and my cattleman used them for some of his things-- more dust...... So one day they needed to move! I picked two of my favorite colors-

and took a light brush and hose to the cabinets.

I like the 'unperfect' look- so the back of the shelves went a bright Turquoise blue. That was quite easy and fun- not having to make it perfect.... a few drops of paint even got on the shelves and I was ok with it!

Next were the ends of the cases- these are what you see when you walk into the room- so I wanted them to have an old barn red look to them. I just barely painted them- one little light coat was all it needed for the look I wanted! So here is the end-

Yep- pretty sure that white stuff got missed on the brushing and spraying off part- I'll blame that part on my two little helpers..... It was wiped clean after the project finished!

Now the shelves are filling up with Barn Sale projects!!!! Hope you can make it to the sale to help me empty out the shelves! Saturday, Nov. 5th in Gonzales!

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